Designer Kenneth Cole, Billy Baldwin Tweet Support for Ex-CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo

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Ousted CNN anchor Chris Cuomo got a nod of support from fashion designer Kenneth Cole, his brother-in-law, on Friday.

Cuomo was fired by the network in December, following an internal investigation of his actions to help his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), overcome allegations of sexual misconduct. CNN said the review revealed “additional information;” the New York Times reported the network was informed of an allegation of sexual assault by the anchor unrelated to the Cuomo brother inquiry.

Cole’s tweet came in response to a post from Billy Baldwin, who wrote that “Chris Cuomo did what any other honorable man would do…support his brother when he was in trouble.”

“Chris is better off without CNN,” Baldwin wrote. “They don’t deserve him. Believe me… there will be many, many new and incredible opportunities for both Chris & Andrew in the very near future.”

Baldwin is the brother to Alec Baldwin, who is currently involved in an investigation into the fatal shooting on the film set of Rust. Billy Baldwin has not directly commented on the shooting, but recently another brother — Daniel Baldwin — said he was a scapegoat for the accident.

Baldwin’s tweet received support from a number of celebrities, including Cole, who tweeted a thank you to him and Chris Cuomo.

Dolly Parton‘s sister Stella also replied to Baldwin’s tweet, calling the Cuomo brothers’ respective resignation and firing “a takedown.”

Alec Baldwin and the Cuomos are friends, and it was reported earlier this week that Cuomo advised Baldwin not to speak out about “cancel culture” amid the inquiry into Andrew Cuomo.

Baldwin nonetheless did, saying: “Regardless of what you think of Cuomo, this is a tragic day. Party politics in this country draw ambitious but ultimately isolated, even socially maladjusted men and women who, given the current cancel culture, will likely have their shortcomings exposed and magnified.”

Chris Cuomo said the reason he advised Baldwin against speaking out was that he was “trying to help my brother and [Baldwin weighing in] just didn’t seem that helpful to me.”

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CNN’s Stelter and Acosta Bash Hannity Over Jan. 6 Texts: ‘If I Were a Sean Hannity Fan Club Member, I’d Want My Money Back’

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CNN’s Jim Acosta and Brian Stelter took a swing at Fox News host Sean Hannity on Saturday, accusing him of saying different things about Jan. 6 in private versus on-air.

The House select committee investigating Jan. 6 released more text messages between Hannity and former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, in which he wrote “no more stolen election talk” as part of a five-point plan for dealing with former President Donald Trump after Jan. 6.

Texts between Hannity and then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows were previously revealed by the committee.

“It seems like everything that we learn that’s new about how much these Fox personalities and hosts were intertwined with people inside the White House, it just gets more and more remarkable,” Acosta said. “And I guess my question is do the viewers of Fox not know about this? Because it seems me that would cut, I mean, to the core of a very important issue in how, you know, so many of them just frauds.”

“I’ve known Hannity for 15 years, we used to be buddies,” Stelter replied. “Let’s just pretend I’m the head of the Sean Hannity fan club, okay? If I were the head of the Sean Hannity fan club, I’d be really offended because he has kept his fans in the dark.”

Stelter continued, claiming Hannity has tried “to be the guardrails, try to stop Trump from destroying everything, but on-air, he’s letting his guests crash the car.”

“He never told the audience about what he was saying in private, he never told the audience he was conspiring with Kayleigh McEnany to try to control Trump,” Stelter said. “So if I were a Sean Hannity fan club member, I’d want my money back. I would be ticked off.”

The Jan. 6 committee sought information from both Hannity and McEnany, the latter of whom appeared before the panel virtually on Jan. 12.

Hannity previously rebuked committee member Liz Cheney (R-WY) for publicly reading text messages he sent Meadows, calling it “a weak attempt to smear yours truly.”

“I said to Mark Meadows the exact same thing I was saying live on the radio at that time and on TV that night on January 6th and well beyond January 6th,” he said. “And by the way, where is the outrage in the media over my private text messages being released again publicly? Do we believe in privacy in this country? Apparently not.”

Acosta then brought up Hannity’s recent interview with the former president, claiming that “he’s a Trump adviser all over again.”

“He’s trying to figure out a way to get Trump back into the Oval Office and yet he was texting to Kayleigh McEnany that we’ve got to keep the crazies away from him and that the 25th Amendment is real,” Acosta said.

“It shows how far Hannity has fallen, and it also shows how little Trump respects Hannity,” Stelter said.

Watch above, via CNN

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