Trevor Noah Rips Trump’s Sons for Complaining About Hunter Biden and Nepotism

The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah called out Trump’s adult sons for complaining about Hunter Biden receiving special treatment because he was Joe Biden‘s son.

Noah started off by admitting that Biden’s famous last name was no doubt helpful when it came to scoring a position.

“The truth is, your name could be a big reason that you get a leg up in life,” Noah said.

He added it was not a “good look” that “a Ukrainian company hired Hunter Biden just months after Joe Biden became the Obama administration’s point man on Ukraine.”

He added: “Because it looks very much like he got this business because of his father’s position.”

The Comedy Central host then stressed he understood why some people would complain about such nepotism, just not Don Jr. and Eric Trump.

“If there was ever an example of people who got opportunities because of their names, it’s these two,” Noah continued on, pointing out Don Jr. was paid $50,000 to give a speech.

He then noted that at least Trump’s adult sons — who at one point he referred to as “Beavis and Forehead” — did not have official White House positions while still conducting family business, like their sister Ivanka Trump and brother-in-law Jared Kushner.

“I’m not defending Hunter Biden. I don’t know him. I don’t know about his business,” Noah then said before concluding, “I’m just saying that the last people who should be talking about the blurred lines of family names and political influence are the people currently running their home office from the White House.”

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Chris Cuomo Clashes With GOP Rep Over Syria: ‘You Did a Double Wrong’ By Siding With Trump!

Things got heated on CNN, when Chris Cuomo battled GOP Rep.Tom Reed (NY) over Syria.

It all started when Cuomo asked Reed — who was one of the Republicans who voted against the bipartisan resolution against Trump’s withdrawal of troops from Syria — if the message he wanted to send was “it was okay to abandon our allies.”

Reed said it was not and the message he was sending is “Congress needs to do its job.”

Cuomo was unconvinced that was the case.

“We use the #doyourdamnjob here,” Cuomo shot back. “But I don’t know that I can give you credit on that because, one, when he bombed in Syria, you didn’t say not to. I can’t find anything about you on that. I get not wanting troops in Syria. That’s a principled position, I’m not going to attack it. But abandoning your allies is the best way to get troops out of Syria? That’s what you wanted to see?”

Reed replied that he understood Cuomo’s concern but members of Congress have “an obligation to those men and women who are going to risk their lives.”

Cuomo then shot back that Americans felt betrayed, not just the Kurds.

“The men and women on the ground, you’ve seen the stories about how betrayed they feel,” Cuomo said. “I’m not talking about Kurds, I’m talking about the Americans. This was a chance for you in Congress to say, hey, Mr. President, I don’t know what’s going through your head but this isn’t the way America behaves. You sent the opposite message.”

Reed repeated that he understood Cuomo’s concern but repeated that he stands “with the men and women of the military”

“You can’t double the wrongs,” Cuomo then scolded. “You did a double wrong here!”

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Fox’s Neil Cavuto Confronts Gregg Jarrett on His Pro-Trump Positions: ‘Do You Fault the President for Anything?’

Gregg Jarrett, a fixture on Fox News opinion programming, made a rare appearance Wednesday on one of the network’s news side shows, and was confronted about being an apologist, more or less, for President Donald Trump.

Appearing on Your World with Neil Cavuto, Jarrett — promoting his latest book titled Witch Hunt — was grilled about his position that the president bears no culpability in the Russia and Ukraine probes.

Cavuto began by grilling Jarrett for his criticism of the media.

“A lot of it you blame just on the media in general,” Cavuto said. “You say ‘therein lies a serious problem, journalists or hosts who are not schooled in the law felt no reticence in drawing conclusions on air about criminal conduct without having the requisite education for efficiency or experience in the law.’ In other words, they just shot from the hip. They were lazy.”

“Yeah,” Jarrett said. “The facts, the evidence, and the law is available to them. But none of them wanted to bother. Because they were driven by two things, hatred and bias. Hatred of the president, and a liberal bias that I think influences the way they pick stories and the way that they tell those very stories.”

But Cavuto pressed Jarrett on Trump’s role.

“Now the president would call that fake news,” Cavuto said. “But he’s gone back-and-forth on that.”

He added, “Do you say that the president doesn’t sometimes confuse people? He says something and then says something else?”

Jarrett cited a chapter in his book where he documented what he calls “media malpractice.”

“I get that,” Cavuto replied. And you well-researched that and documented with great detail, and it is impressive. But do you fault the president for anything?”

Jarrett chuckled.

“Well, the president, I suppose, bears blame — as he will tell you — for appointing Jeff Sessions,” Jarrett said.

Then came this exchange:

Cavuto: I know you’re a great lawyer, Gregg. But does it not just look weird to you that he just survived the whole Mueller investigation and accusations that he was working with the Russians to fix the election which was proven untrue. But once again. he talks to a leader of a sovereign nation in another U.S. Election.

Jarrett: We spent two-and-a-half years looking into Russian meddling. As I explain in the book, there was actually Ukrainian collusion involving the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton.

Cavuto: Mothing in the phone call, nothing in the transcript of the phone call would dissuade you to view that, at the very least, it was improper?

Jarrett: No, it’s not improper to ask them to help William Barr in his ongoing official Department of Justice investigation.

Cavuto: About a guy who could challenge you for the presidency?

Jarrett: As to Joe Biden … you’ve got Joe Biden on videotape bragging about a clear quid pro quo —

Cavuto: I’m not denying any of that, doesn’t look bad to you?

Jarrett: It looks bad to Democrats. It doesn’t look bad to me.

Cavuto: Nothing?

Jarrett: Nothing is wrong. The Department of Justice looked at that conversation and said there was no crime. No campaign finance violations.

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Megyn Kelly Shuts Down Tucker Carlson’s Shot at CNN’s Jeff Zucker For Focusing on Impeachment: ‘It’s a Big Story…’

Megyn Kelly returned to Fox News for the first time in three years for a sit-down interview with Tucker Carlson Wednesday night.

At one point during the interview, Carlson tried to get Kelly to join in when he took a shot at President of CNN Jeff Zucker.

Kelly, though, shut him down.

“Two days ago, this report comes out from Project Veritas and CNN and in it, whatever you think of their methods, they have the head of CNN, Jeff Zucker instructing his employees [to report] impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. We are hitting impeachment no matter what, “Carlson opined. “Impeachment is the only story that matters.”

He added: “Sounds more like a political campaign than a news judgment.”

In response, Kelly noted that impeachment is, in fact, big news and defended the CNN head to the Fox News host.

“Impeachment is a big story,” she replied. “If the president of the United States is going to get impeached and possibly bounced out of office, it’s a major, major story. So, I think that’s defensible on the part of Jeff Zucker but I do think the hyperfocus on by most media at the expense of all else is not new.”

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Megyn Kelly Calls on NBC to ‘Release Any and all Matt Lauer Accusers From Their Confidentiality Agreements’

Megyn Kelly called on NBC to release “any and all” Matt Lauer accusers from their confidentiality agreements.

In her first appearance on cable news since she was pushed out of NBC, Kelly spoke to her former Fox News colleague Tucker Carlson about Ronan Farrow’s allegations that NBC shut down his investigation into Harvey Weinstein.

Kelly discussed Farrow’s reporting that Weinstein threatened to expose the allegations against then-NBC star Matt Lauer if the network went forward with the investigation into his own misconduct. She claimed that in her final months at NBC, she reported out Farrow’s claims, speaking with victims of Weinstein and “getting to the bottom of what NBC knew while I was there.”

NBC has denied shutting down Farrow’s Weinstein reporting — calling claims to the contrary a “conspiracy theory” — as well as claims it covered up for Lauer, who was fired in 2017. Farrow also reported that NBC paid out multiple settlements to silence accusers of the former Today show host prior to his firing, which the network denies.

“That’s a legal sleight-of-hand,” Kelly said. “You can get paid out as a sexual harassment victim in something other than a settlement. You can get what’s called ‘enhanced severance.’ That’s the situation where the receptionist is suddenly getting a seven-figure goodbye.”

Kelly argued that NBC needs to disclose its payouts. “The number one thing that needs to happen now is they need to release any and all Matt Lauer accusers from their confidentiality agreements,” she said. “NBC says it has nothing to hide. Great. Let’s not hide anything.”

“Show us all of the agreements, the enhanced severance agreements that were reached or at least the numbers, so we can see which ones pop out and which ones were super high. Are they all women? Do they all have a connection with Matt Lauer? And number two, release the women from their confidentiality obligations.”

Carlson also asked Kelly about MSNBC host Chris Hayes, who lauded Farrow’s reporting on his show — while NBC leadership fights back against it.

“He doesn’t trust the management at NBC News,” Carlson said of Hayes. “Given your experience, do you think he’s in jeopardy of being fired?”

“No comment on that,” Kelly said, before calling for an outside investigation of NBC.

“What Ronan is suggesting is they covered up for one sexual predator, Harvey Weinstein, in order to protect another, Matt Lauer. They deny all of it and NBC has put out several statement saying that Ronan is a conspiracy theorist and this is all nonsense and he’s got an ax to grind. But if that’s true and there’s nothing to hide, then get an outside investigator.”

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‘You Went Against the President!’: Lou Dobbs Confronts Steve Scalise Over GOP Voting With Dems on Syria

Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs spoke with House Republican whip Steve Scalise tonight and confronted him on why he (and so many other Republicans) voted with the Democrats to rebuke President Donald Trump‘s Syria withdrawal decision.

Scalise was at the White House meeting this afternoon that top Democrats left after what they described as a “meltdown” from President Donald Trump.

Scalise said Trump laid out his plan to contain ISIS terrorists “because we don’t want them to run loose.”

Dobbs teed off about how Republicans need to do more to back up the president, particularly on the issue of “international police actions,” asking, “Isn’t it time to start following this president? I don’t understand it. The Republicans — I would think you guys would say, ‘You know, Nancy Pelosi is for it, I sure as Hell better be against it!’”

Scalise touted what Republicans have done in supporting the president and opposing Pelosi.

At one point, “Do you think the voters, congressman, are going to ask a congressman running for reelection what did you do for the president at the moment at which he needed the greatest support, that he needed people standing shoulder to shoulder with him instead of voting with the damn Democrats on a resolution…”

He proceeded to tout a poll showing a majority of Republicans approve of the troop withdrawal before directly confronting Scalise about voting with the Democratic majority — along with a majority of Republicans in the House — to condemn Trump’s action.

“You just went against 57 percent of the folks in that poll!” Dobbs said. “You went against the president who’s been right on issue after issue, as you just itemized… How in the world can you comfortably line up with Lindsey Graham? Who was, by the way, remember, he wanted to work for President Obama along with Senator McCain in Cairo to urge President Sisi to put the Muslim Brotherhood, for crying out loud, in the new Egyptian government! This is not a man who has great skill and a great record in foreign policy!”

Scalise said they were at the White House earlier “to talk through some of those issues and frankly to come to agreement on things like imposing tougher sanctions on Turkey, which we’re in agreement on.”

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Ronan Farrow Calls Out NBC During Interview on Fox News: They ‘Didn’t Behave Journalistically’

Ronan Farrow sat down with Fox News’s Bret Baier to talk about the revelations made in his new book Catch and Kill. During the interview that aired on Fox News on Wednesday night, Farrow called out NBC for not behaving journalistically in their handling of his story, which they declined to publish.

“This was a case where a news organization didn’t behave journalistically,” said, speaking of NBC’s decision not to run the story.”They ordered us to stop.”

At one point in the interview, Baier asked Farrow if he felt “demoralized” when NBC “[closed] your story.”

Ronan started off by pointing out that when NBC passed he took it to The New Yorker, where it quickly became “a significant body of reporting.”

He added: “I owe to the bravery of sources and two incredible editors there. I think that it tells an important story about the circles of mutual protection and power in our business and the media and the need to hold ourselves accountable.”

He then praised Fox News and CBS for holding their own accountable and having the tough conversations.

“That’s true of CBS, where I did reporting on allegations of secret settlements there. It’s true of Fox, your own network, which has done a great job of confronting some of the issues here, including the use of secret settlements, and now there’s a tough conversation happening at NBC” Farrow stressed. “Many of them, including ones with Matt Lauer accusers. The journalists there who are excellent journalists, in many cases, are asking tough questions about why.”

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Fox’s Greg Gutfeld: Trump Will Accept Death of the Kurds Before He Accepts the Death of U.S. Troops

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, defending President Donald Trump on Syria, said the president “will accept the death of the Kurds before he accepts the death of American troops.”

The Five tackled the current crisis embroiling the Middle East after Trump abruptly decided to move a small group of troops out of northern Syria to allow for a Turkish invasion of the region. The shocking abandonment of the U.S.-allied Kurds has thrown Syria into a crisis, displaced hundreds of thousands, and ceded the war-torn country to U.S. enemies, including the Iran and Russia-backed Assad regime.

It also earned Trump a rebuke from lawmakers. House Republicans joined Democrats on Wednesday to overwhelmingly pass a resolution condemning the withdrawal of troops from northern Syria.

The Fox News host first dismissed the hysteria over the president’s Syria decision, stating “this is who Trump is.”

After Gutfeld compared Trump (favorably) to a moronic “cab driver”, Juan Williams contended that he personally wants a “leader” as president.

“His simple logic — and I don’t mean simple as stupid, I mean that it’s plain as day — is our men aren’t going to get killed,” Gutfeld said. “You can get mad at him and disagree with him, but he will accept the death of the Kurds before he accepts the death of American troops.”

Fox News anchor Dana Perino compared House Republicans rebuking Trump to Democrats criticizing former President Barack Obama over his Syria policy.

“When President Obama decided not to enforce the red line, and I don’t know what the number was, but I bet it was at least 130 Democrats who said, ‘President Obama, that is a terrible idea,’” Perino said. “So it’s not like this is unprecedented.”

It’s not clear what Perino is talking about. Obama lobbied Congress for approval to launch strikes on Syria in 2013 after the Assad regime used chemical weapons, crossing his “red line.” Aside from a minority of hawkish lawmakers, most Democrats and Republicans in the House opposed authorizing action. Mitch McConnell also voiced opposition to a military strike, as did then-businessman Trump and the majority of Americans.

Obama ultimately decided to pursue diplomacy after Syria — under pressure from Russia — admitted it had chemical weapons and agreed to dismantle its stockpile.

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George Conway Lets Loose: Are We Ready for a ‘Full National Conversation’ on Trump’s ‘Diseased Mental State’?

George Conway Unleashes on Trump in Twitter Thread

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

George Conway has previously teed off on President Donald Trump‘s mental health, and between today’s explosive White House meeting and the letter he sent to the president of Turkey, he raised the issue again.

Conway, husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, said earlier this afternoon the media should be asking if Trump’s “disordered mind [is] spiraling into psychosis.”

After the release of the “Don’t be a fool!” Erdogan letter, Conway went off calling Trump “deranged” and blasting his “diseased mental state.”