Braves Pitcher Charlie Morton BROKE HIS LEG and Then Got Three More Outs in Game 1 of the World Series

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Atlanta Braves pitcher Charlie Morton is out for the rest of the World Series after taking a come-backer off the leg from former Astros teammate Yuli Gurriel in Atlanta’s 6-2 win over Houston in game one.

Facing his old team with which he won the 2017 World Series, Morton’s start was cut short after 2⅓ scoreless innings. In the bottom of the second as his team had a 3-0 lead, he took a hard grounder off his lower right leg from Gurriel.

Color commentator John Smoltz had just compared Gurriel’s hitting style to former MLB journeyman Julio Franco.

“Similar style hitting,” said Smoltz of the righty. “Can go to right, Julio loved going to right.”

Gurriel then smacked a 96 mile per hour fastball back at Morton on one hop, hitting his lower right leg. The ball redirected conveniently toward first baseman Freddie Freeman, who fielded the grounder and stepped on the bag for the out.

“Or off the pitcher’s leg for the out” said Joe Buck. “And the Braves hope Morton’s ok. Looks to be.”

Morton proceeded to strike out Chas McCormick and then got Martín Maldonado to line out to first to end the inning. The Braves pitcher did indeed seem to be ok, though after the inning he told his catcher Travis d’Arnaud, “That one got me good.”

Trouble manifested in the bottom of the third with the Braves up 5-0. Morton struck out leadoff hitter José Altuve looking on a filthy curveball before coming up hobbled. After a brief visit from the trainer, Morton exited the game and the World Series.

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He had fractured his fibula, presumably on the Gurriel come-backer.

That would mean that Morton threw 16 pitches and got three outs, including two strikeouts after breaking his leg.

The Braves won the game 6-2 to take a 1-0 series lead. Morton’s replacement on the World Series roster has yet to be announced, but his injury almost certainly means Atlanta will need to rely on its bullpen more than it was planning to.

Watch above via Fox Sports.

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‘How Dare You Bring My Family Into This!’ Sparks Fly Between Curtis Sliwa and Eric Adams at NYC Mayoral Debate

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Things got ugly in the final debate between Democrat Eric Adams and Republican Curtis Sliwa on Tuesday night.

Sliwa, who is the founder and head of the Guardian Angels, an crime prevention organization consisting of unarmed civilians, faked a series of crimes in the late 1970s and early 1980s. In once instance, Sliwa claimed he had been kidnapped when he had not. Sliwa admitted the crimes were fake in 1992.

In a question to Adams, one of the debate moderators noted that Adams had called Sliwa a “clown.” The moderator also referenced the false claims and asked, “Why should voters in New York trust you?”

Sliwa responded by saying the “clown” moniker “is so beneath you, Eric Adams.”

He added, “Did I make mistakes early on? Yes, and I’ve apologized for them. But talking about faking, you fake where you live, Eric Adams. We still don’t know where you live.”

Sliwa was referencing the fact that there have been serious questions raised as to whether Adams, a former NYPD officer and currently Brooklyn borough president, actually lives in the city or New Jersey.

“You live in Jersey, most people say,” Sliwa continued. “And then you blame a homeless person for your accounting problems with the IRS.”

The moderator laughed and ask Adams if he wanted to respond and boy did he.

“I think New Yorkers are seeing the example of the clown-like actions. Hey listen, we’re not his circus, New Yorkers. And yes, I praised the Guardian Angels, but it devastated me after protecting their right to patrol the subways to find out that they were faking crimes. New Yorkers, understand this, it is a crime to fake a crime. He faked a kidnap, he faked a robbery. He faked that he found a gun. He hid money so he would not have to pay child support.”

“Oh that is scurrilous that you would say that!” Sliwa shot back. “That is scurrilous that you would say that I hid money. I paid every penny of my child support for my three sons, Anthony, Carter, and Hunter. How dare you bring my family into this! I haven’t at all brought your family into your problems. Please, show some discipline! A modicum of civility. Keep our families out of this! Sheesh!”

In 2013, Sliwa’s ex-wife sued him and alleged he scammed her out of more than $400,000 in child support.

Watch above via ABC 7.

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Newsmax Host Goes After Obama: ‘White People Have Been Very Very Good’ to Him and He Resents It

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Newsmax host Greg Kelly went after former President Barack Obama Tuesday and made the baffling statement that while “white people have been very very good” to him, he “resents” it.

Kelly was set off by Obama and Bruce Springsteen talking about their new book Renegades and issues like race in America. In particular, he was particularly upset at Obama for saying while Springsteen fans loved Clarence Clemons when he was on stage, “if they ran into him a bar, suddenly the n-word comes out.”

The Newsmax host said back in 2004, when Obama famously gave the DNC keynote speech, “a lot of white people actually wanted to be nice to you because… I don’t know actually.”

Kelly claimed Obama is on a “shame on America tour” with Springsteen and even said of the former president, “He doesn’t like people.”

After hitting Obama for living “the life of a billionaire,” Kelly said the following about the former president’s view of white people;

At any moment he throws around the race card, and I’m really surprised, because quite frankly, forgive me, white people have been very very good to Barack Obama, but he seems to resent the hell out of it.

“He doesn’t seem to care too much about race except when he’s being interviewed by the fake news or it somehow serves his interest,” Kelly continued.

During a recent segment on the Jeopardy! controversy, Kelly bemoaned the “woke left” while the chyron said white men are being “canceled.”

You can watch above, via Newsmax.

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Yellin’ Joe Biden Taunts Youngkin at McAuliffe Rally for Shying Away From Trump: ‘Is He Embarrassed?’

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President Joe Biden stumped for Democrat Terry McAuliffe on Tuesday night, one week ahead of Virginia’s gubernatorial election. McAuliffe, who was governor from 2014 to 2018, is facing Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Biden taunted the Republican over the fact that, despite his embrace of Donald Trump during the Republican primary, Youngkin has been largely mum on the whole Trump thing in the general election campaign. Trump endorsed Youngkin, which likely helped the businessman land the GOP nomination. However, in a state that hasn’t elected a Republican governor since 2009, Trump’s backing has complicated matters for the Republican.

“Terry’s opponent has made all his private pledges of loyalty to Donald Trump,” thundered Biden at the rally in Arlington. “But what’s really interesting to me, he won’t stand next to Donald Trump now that the campaign’s on. Think about it. He won’t allow Donald Trump to campaign for him in this state. And he’s willing to pledge his loyalty to Trump in private, why not in public? What’s he trying to hide? Is there a problem with Trump being here? Is he embarrassed?”

Democrats in the state have made Youngkin’s association with Trump a key part of their strategy, as Trump lost the state twice, by five percentage points in 2016, and 10 in 2020.

But the two candidates are in a statistical dead heat as polls tightened in recent weeks. While McAuliffe has led most polls, an aggregate of surveys by FiveThirtyEight shows the Democrat just 1.7 percentage points ahead of Youngkin.

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Tucker Carlson Defends Fox News Contributor Who Boasted She Won’t Get Vaccinated: She’s a ‘Responsible Person’

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Over the weekend, Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe explained to Dan Bongino that she isn’t vaccinated against Covid-19 and has no plans to get the shot. In fact, she partly credited her obstinance to “Joe Biden’s tyranny”:

I, as a 36-year-old woman with no underlying conditions, have a 99.97 percent chance of survival against Covid. So I was on the fence because it didn’t make sense to get vaccinated for a virus that is not a threat to my life, nor one that I fear. But now, I’m doubling down as a giant middle finger to Joe Biden’s tyranny, because now it’s a fight for freedom. Now it’s a fight against tyranny in America and that’s what this is all about. We are literally fighting right now for the future of this country.

On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson defended Boothe.

The Fox News host cited Monday’s protest by unvaccinated New York municipal workers who are refusing to comply with the city’s vaccine mandate. Friday is the deadline.

Carlson accused the “legacy media” of ignoring the protest before launching into a defense of Boothe.

“Just the other day, CNN’s propaganda slandered our friend Lisa Boothe for turning down the shot,” he said. “Now, Boothe is in her thirties, she’s healthy, and more to the point she’s an American citizen. She grew up with the now outdated belief that she was allowed to choose her own medical care. But more than anything – and this is really the point tonight – Lisa Boothe is a responsible person. She cares about others. She would never under any circumstances even consider for example, coughing spittle into her own hands and rubbing it on other people without telling them.”

Earlier in the show, Carlson had criticized President Joe Biden for coughing into his hands.

He concluded, “There’s not a chance Lisa Boothe would do that because Lisa Boothe is better than that. She’s not Joe Biden. She’s not an imminent threat to public health.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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Tucker Carlson Mocks Biden for Coughing and Talks About His ‘Saliva’ and ‘Phlegm’

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Tucker Carlson opened his show Tuesday night by spending several minutes mocking President Joe Biden for coughing into his hand, to argue that “the people who make the rules don’t have to follow them.”

Reacting to Biden recently going sans mask indoors, Carlson snarked that maybe the president is being kept from Americans because “he could infect millions.”

“There he was on film, his gaping maw completely uncovered, spewing hot corona breath, panting like an obscene phone caller on innocent passers-by,” he said. “Would you like some of Biden’s saliva with your entree tonight?”

The sarcasm continued as Carlson showed Biden coughing before shaking hands this week.

He also recalled a moment from the campaign trail last year when he lowered his mask to cough. “What does Joe Biden do as he feels the knot of phlegm rising in his throat? He rips down his mask and proceeds to cough into his own hand, once again coating his palm with infectious filth.”

And after showing the video of the cough, Carlson proceeded to do his own mock cough.

Tucker Carlson Mocks Biden Cough

The Fox News host went on to raise questions about getting kids under 11 vaccinated, suggesting a mandate could be “dangerous” to them and calling the idea “lunacy.”

An FDA advisory board endorsed Pfizer’s vaccine for kids 5 to 11 hours earlier. The vote was 17 in favor, 0 against, and 1 abstention.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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Joy Reid Bashes ‘Grim Reaper’ Mitch McConnell for Opposing Billionaires’ Tax: ‘He Invested Wisely In Marrying a Really Rich Woman’

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Joy Reid laid into opponents of a Democratic-supported minimum tax of 15% on companies that report more than $1 billion in profits.

The ReidOut host noted that the proposal has the backing of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), who has been a thorn in the side of her fellow Democrats as they negotiate among themselves in trying to pass President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

“This proposal represents a commonsense step toward ensuring that highly profitable corporations — which sometimes can avoid the current corporate tax rate — pay a reasonable minimum tax on their profits, just as everyday Arizonans and Arizona small businesses do,” said Sinema in a statement on Tuesday.

Reid also highlighted the Democrats’ proposal to tax billionaires on their assets, including any unrealized gains in the securities they hold, such as stocks. The tax would affect about 700 taxpayers in the country.

The MSNBC host chided Elon Musk and Mitt Romney for opposing the tax, but she saved her most colorful criticism for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

“And then there’s grim reaper Mitch McConnell saying the quiet part out loud: that people who don’t have vast sums of money only have themselves to blame and shouldn’t be helped,” she said. “Did I mention he married into money?”

Reid played a clip of McConnell on the Senate floor, saying, “This harebrained scheme would have the IRS penalizing people who’ve invested wisely and compensating people who have invested poorly.”

“He invested wisely in marrying a really rich woman,” Reid responded.

McConnell’s wife is Elaine Chao, who served in the cabinets of Donald Trump and George W. Bush. She is the daughter of James Chao, a Chinese-American shipping magnate.

In 2004, McConnell’s net worth was relatively low for a U.S. senator at about $3.1 million. But last year one estimate put the figure at $34.1 million thanks to a “gift from a filer’s relative” As it turns out, McConnell inherited a tax-free money market fund valued at up $25 million dollars from Chao’s mother after she died in 2007.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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Trump Endorses Bolsonaro for Reelection Minutes After Brazilian Senators Call for His Prosecution Over Pandemic Response

Donald Trump

Joshua Roberts / Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump put out a statement endorsing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for reelection — minutes after a Brazil senate panel recommended Bolsonaro be criminally charged for his failed pandemic response.

Trump put out a statement Tuesday night touting Bolsonaro as a “great friend.”

“He fights hard for, and loves, the people of Brazil,” Trump said. “Just like I do for the people of the United States. Brazil is lucky to have a man such as Jair Bolsonaro working for them.”

“He is a great President and will never let the people of his great country down!” he added.

Several minutes before his endorsement dropped, news broke that a Brazilian Senate panel voted 7-4 to recommend Bolsonaro be criminally charged for, as the AP reported, “charlatanism and inciting crime… misuse of public funds and crimes against humanity.”

The New York Times recently reported that lawmakers put together a report recommending charges against Bolsonaro for taking more serious action to mitigate covid-19.

The extraordinary accusations appear in a nearly 1,200-page report that effectively blames Mr. Bolsonaro’s policies for the deaths of more than 300,000 Brazilians, half of the nation’s coronavirus death toll, and urges the Brazilian authorities to imprison the president, according to the excerpts from the report and interviews with two of the committee’s senators…

From the outset of the pandemic, Mr. Bolsonaro has gone out of his way to minimize the threat of the virus. As countries around the world locked down, and his own people began filling hospitals, he encouraged mass gatherings and discouraged masks. An avowed vaccine skeptic, he lashed out at any who dared criticize him as irresponsible.

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Elizabeth Warren Says Facebook Poses a ‘Political Risk to the Survival of Democracy’: They’re ‘Playing Footsie With Dictators’

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) reiterated her call for Facebook to be broken up and ripped the company for posing a risk to democracy’s survival.

Appearing on The Beat with Ari Melber on Tuesday, Warren was asked about Big Tech accountability. Melber noted that Facebook rakes in billions in profits while paying just a 13% corporate tax rate.

“We’ve covered that the Biden administration’s agencies are going a little harder [on Big Tech] on that than before,” said the host. “Some of the nominees seem a little stronger, at least more skeptical. But what’s your view of what direction we’re going and what more should Congress and the federal government do, if anything, to hold Big Tech accountable right now?”

Warren responded by saying, “The only way we’re going to hold them accountable is to break them up. And I understand there are people who say, “Well, maybe we could regulate them a little better and we could put more cops on the beat. Look, I’m not opposed to that. It’s just not enough to get the job done.”

She suggested that by breaking Facebook up into multiple companies, those entities would be incentivized to provide users with a less intrusive experience. “The consequence of that is to make the market work better,” she said.

The senate also characterized Facebook as a threat to democracy:

The second consequence is to deprive Facebook of the kind of enormous power that it now has. Think what it means that Facebook is scooping in information from every one of our exchanges, scooping it in and using it for its own benefit, for advertising, for selling to third parties. Shoot, for playing footsie with dictators around the world. We need to break that up. I go back to Teddy Roosevelt who said the reason you break up these big monopolies is partly for economic reasons, create competition. But it’s partly because they pose a real political risk to the survival of a democracy. It is time to break up Facebook.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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Greg Gutfeld and Geraldo Rivera Get in Tense Clash Over Sexual Assault Case After Gutfeld Says ‘If You Vote for Terry McAuliffe You’re Voting for Rape’

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Fox News’ The Five got heated Tuesday over the Virginia governor’s race and a sexual assault case at a Loudon County school.

A teen suspect was found guilty of sexually assaulting another student in the girls’ room at Stone Bridge High School. Per the Washington Post:

The teenager, now 15, is also charged with the sexual assault of another student that occurred months later at a different Loudoun school. Loudoun County juvenile court Chief Judge Pamela L. Brooks said she would wait to sentence the teen until that case is decided in November.

The judge’s finding is the juvenile court equivalent of a guilty verdict in other courts.

Jesse Watters started out the segment Tuesday covering the case and saying, “Students in Loudon County staging a walkout today over an alleged sexual assault that the school board is being accused of covering up, after a judge found a boy who was reportedly wearing a skirt guilty of sexually assaulting a girl in the girl’s bathroom.”

They slammed Terry McAuliffe over his recent comments about schools in the state, and Greg Gutfeld in particular went off and said the lack of coverage of this case is “an indictment of the corporate press”:

Why is nobody talking about this crime? Now we know that it’s true. The rapist has pled guilty. And no one would have known about this if it wasn’t for the dad of the victim being arrested and humiliated and called a domestic terrorist by the school board!… They covered this thing up for the sake of an election!

The other reason it may have been covered up, he added, was that “there was some sympathy towards the suspect and some antipathy towards the victim.”

“But if you vote for Terry McAuliffe, you’re voting for the same corrupt system that condoned a rape because the suspect may have worn a skirt. Who knows? But if you vote for Terry McAuliffe, you’re voting for rape!”

Geraldo Rivera laughed in astonishment and said, “That is the most outrageous thing.”

“That father scared the hell out of me,” he continued.

“What would you do, Geraldo, if it was one of your family members?” Gutfeld asked. “You would kill them!”

“I’m merely telling you as a consumer of news that dad was way over the top,” Rivera responded.

“How can you not be over the top?! Your kid got raped!” Gutfeld cried.

“I agree that it is outrageous the crime that was committed,” Rivera said. “I think it’s horrifying. I also think that it’s way way [an] exception to the rule as these kids struggle with gender identity… A guy wearing a skirt is not the definition of all these kids struggling.”

“I’m the father of a 16-year-old…” he started to say.

“You should be pissed!” Gutfeld exclaimed.

“I see these other children as they go through these various changes. We’re in the midst of something,” Rivera continued.

“You get more angry over people who don’t get the frickin’ vaccine than you are over a rapist!” Gutfeld shot back.

“That’s total bullcrap,” Rivera said.

He even asked Gutfeld, “Would you care about this rape if that guy didn’t have a skirt on? Would you?!”

“I did!” Gutfeld said. “I said that when I started, you didn’t hear me! I said forget about the skirt! I said that!”

You can watch the full segment above, via Fox News.

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