Hannity Says Trump Being Stuck in Court Might ‘Work to His Advantage’ in the Election

Sean Hannity hypothesized on Tuesday night that former President Donald Trump may politically benefit from being in court on criminal charges.

Jury selection in Trump’s Manhattan criminal trial began on Monday. He is charged with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records to obscure hush money payments intended to cover up extramarital affairs before the 2016 election. The former president has pleaded not guilty.

Trump has railed against the charges and those involved in the case, especially Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Judge Juan Merchan. The ex-president is also under criminal indictment in three other jurisdictions and has pleaded not guilty to all counts while griping that his legal woes hinder his ability to campaign for president as the presumptive Republican nominee.

On Tuesday, however, Hannity suggested to Mike Huckabee that Trump having to appear in court could ultimately help him in November’s general election against President Joe Biden:

I don’t think Donald Trump’s gonna like this, but maybe, just maybe, Governor Huckabee, maybe the fact that Joe is on the campaign trail and Donald Trump has to sit in that courtroom– ’cause some people get upset when actually he talks or speaks his mind – maybe that’ll work to his advantage in the end because Joe makes a fool of himself every day.

“Every time he makes a speech it’s a disaster,” Huckabee responded. “Every time he tries to read from a card that’s carefully printed out with the pause marks in it, that’s a disaster. The only time he’s winning is when he’s on the beach in Delaware or in his basement holed up and out of sight.”

Regarding Biden, Hannity concluded, “The more he talks, the worse he looks.”

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Stephen Miller Gushes Over ‘Style Icon’ Donald Trump: ‘The Most Stylish President… in Our Lifetimes’

Former White House Stephen Miller adviser heaped praise on former boss Donald Trump for allegedly being a fashion trendsetter.

Miller and Sean Hannity host took turns piling on President Joe Biden on Tuesday night over his use of notecards during speeches. Biden, 81, and Trump, 77, will square off against each other in November’s general election for a rematch of the 2020 contest.

“You wrote a lot of speeches,” Hannity noted to Miller. “You helped write speeches with Donald Trump, and I know that he used to take his big marker and pen and cross this out and add this and probably made your life a living hell. Did you ever have to put the word ‘Pause’ in there?”

Miller replied that he did not before taking a detour to discuss a New York Times profile about Biden “dressing younger.”

“Let me also just say, since we’re addressing the subject of style, the most stylish president and first lady in our lifetimes are Donald Trump and Melania Trump,” he insisted. “Donald Trump is a style icon! He changed American fashion on The Apprentice. People spent the next 10 years trying to dress like Donald Trump. So, if anybody deserves a puff piece on their sense of style, it’s Donald Trump and the first lady.

“Joe Biden… looks like a walking corpse! The only style article to be written about Joe Biden is how you have mastered the art of looking embalmed because that is what Joe Biden looks like every single day when they jerk him up and he goes about his schedule.”

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CNN’s Abby Phillip Fact-Checks Several Fox Hosts for Repeating a ‘Trump Lie’

CNN’s Abby Phillip fact-checked several Fox hosts who repeated Donald Trump’s false claim that the judge in his New York criminal trial ruled the former president may not attend his son’s high school graduation.

Jury selection in Trump’s trial began on Monday. He has pleaded not guilty to falsifying business records to cover up hush money payments.

“It looks like the judge will not let me go to the graduation of my son,” Trump after court adjourned for the day. However, Judge Juan Merchan has yet to rule on that matter, stating that it is too early to decide. The ex-president later repeated the claim on Truth Social.

“Almost as those words escaped the former president’s lips, they went straight to the Fox airwaves,” Phillip said on Tuesday’s CNN NewsNight, before airing a montage of Fox hosts repeating what she called the “Trump lie”:

JESSE WATTERS: That means Donald Trump isn’t even allowed to attend his son Barron’s high school graduation. If he tries to go, the judge will throw him in jail for that too… Could you believe this judge might not let Trump go see his son’s graduation?

ELIZABETH MCDONALD: Trump said the judge will not let him attend his son’s graduation.

LAURA INGRAHAM: Former President Trump today said he may have to miss his son Barron’s graduation due to this trial and is currently under a gag order from the judge…

SEAN HANNITY: …Clearly, this is nothing more than a political smear campaign.

“But what Trump and his friends say was already decided has not been decided at all,” Phillip noted. “Merchan said it is too early to say if Trump can go watch his son walk on the stage to pomp and circumstance. Read the transcript. And Merchan sounds like he actually wants to let Trump go if the trial can stick to a schedule. Quote, ‘If everything is gone going according to schedule without unnecessary delays, then I’m sure we will be able to adjourn for one or both of those days. But if we’re running behind schedule, we will not be able to.’”

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Trump Supporter Tells CNN Ex-President Is Unfit for Office – ‘But I’m Voting for Him’

CNN interviewed several residents of Roberts County, Texas for a Tuesday night segment about GOP voters who are displeased with Donald Trump’s moral character, but who still plan to vote for the former president.

Kay and Ron Swart settle in along with us in their living room to watch coverage of the Trump jury selection,” began national correspondent Gary Tuchman.

“They’ve both voted for Trump twice,” Tuchman added, before asking the couple, “What is your feeling today about Donald Trump’s moral character?”

“It’s terrible. I can’t get much lower than it is,” Kay replied.

Tuchman then noted, “They live on a hilltop ranch in Roberts County, in the Texas Panhandle, where 96% of the voters chose Trump over Joe Biden 2020. The highest Trump percentage of any county in America.”

Kay added of Trump, “He continues to make crazy comments about being a dictator’s first day and repercussions against people who he feels have wronged him.”

“We met this couple during a visit to Roberts County last year. They told us then they liked Mike Pence and Ron DeSantis, but with Trump, the only Republican left standing. Things have gotten complicated. If Donald Trump is found guilty of one of these crimes, whether it’s a mistrial happening right now or one of the trial’s future, do you think he’s fit to be president of the United States?” Tuchman followed up.

Kay replied without hesitation, “I don’t think he’s fit, but I’m voting for him.”

Tuchman played some other interviews he conducted with Roberts Country residents who offered similar sentiments. He noted a throughline in all of his interviews, “In Roberts County, the current president is often prominently mentioned when you ask questions about the former president.”

“As wrong as it’s going to be to have him for president, he’s still going to be a lot better president for the United States than what we’ve gotten with Joe Biden and the Democrats,” concluded Ron Swart.

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Jeffrey Toobin Suggests Trump Hurt Himself with Courthouse Rant: ‘That Video Could Be Played Before the Jury’

Former federal prosecutor Jeffrey Toobin said Donald Trump may have implicated himself during a post-court rant on Tuesday.

Jury selection in the ex-president’s criminal trial began on Monday and so far, seven jurors have been seated. Trump has pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of falsifying business records to conceal hush money payments meant to prevent reporting on his extramarital affairs before the 2016 presidential election.

As he did the day before, Trump ranted to reporters on Tuesday after court adjourned.

“I was paying a lawyer and we marked it down as a legal expense — some accountant,” Trump stated , alluding to his former attorney Michael Cohen, who made the payments and was ultimately convicted and imprisoned for his role. “I didn’t know. Mark it down as a legal expense. That’s exactly what it was. And you get indicted over that?”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper aired the clip on AC360 and asked law professor Jessica Roth, “Is that incriminating?”

“That was an interesting statement,” she said. “I don’t think we should overstate how incriminating it was. His name– he signed some of the checks to Michael Cohen reimbursing him for these fees. When he started to say, I marked it down as legal expenses, my ears perked up because it’s been a little bit unclear exactly how the state is going to prove that Trump falsified the records because many of these entries may have been made by the accountants for the Trump Organization.”

Toobin concurred that Trump may claim his accountants were in charge of the bookkeeping and that any irregularities can be ascribed to them.

“That’s gonna be a big issue in the case,” he said. “How is the government gonna prove that Trump knew and initiated or at least supported the idea that these payoffs were recorded as legal fees? He said, ‘Mark them down.’ Now, as Jessica said, he sort of caught himself. But, you know, that that video could be played before the jury, no question.”

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‘I’m Worried About Their Safety’: Ex-Federal Prosecutor Concerned Trump Trial Jurors Are Being ‘Outed’

A former federal prosecutor said he is concerned about the safety of jurors in Donald Trump’s criminal case in Manhattan because of the attention they are receiving in the media.

Jury selection began on Monday. Once impaneled, jurors will hear testimony and view evidence before determining whether the former president falsified business records to conceal hush money payments to cover up extramarital affairs he had before the 2016 election. He has pleaded not guilty to all 34 felony counts.

TV news stations and other media have followed the trial very closely and have been analyzing individual juror profiles. In one jarring instance, a Washington Post reporter provided a little too much information about a potential juror by noting the person’s profession while naming the small, independent business where the person works.

On Tuesday’s edition of CNN’s The Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer asked former federal prosecutor Ankush Khardori about the jurors’ states of mind. Khardori used the opportunity to express concern for the jurors’ well-being:

BLITZER: What’s going through the minds of these jurors right now?”

KHARDORI: I have some thoughts about the jury’s position here. First of all, I imagine it’s somewhat surreal, right? To be selected. I am wondering if some of them are a little unhappy with the amount of information that is being made public about them. Now, this is not the fault of the media. I wanna be very clear about this. Responsibility to guard all of the very specific information that we’re learning resides with the D.A.’s office and with the judge.

I’m a little surprised that we are learning all of this because I do not think this jury is gonna remain anonymous necessarily if they keep this up

BLITZER: You’re worried about their safety?

KHARDORI: Yeah, I’m worried about their safety. I mean, it’s up to them if they want to write a book after all this is said and done, but that’s their option. They shouldn’t be outed this way. They’re not supposed to be outed this way.

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‘Sounds Like They Need a Lot of Money’: CNBC Host Skeptical of Truth Social’s Pivot to Streaming

Shares in Trump Media & Technology Group plummeted again on Tuesday after the company announced it is planning to launch a streaming platform on Truth Social.

The stock fell 14% and closed at $22.84 a share, far below its high of $66.22 last month. Shares have tumbled since Truth Social announced it lost $58 million last year with a measly $4.1 million in revenue. Former President Donald Trump is the company’s majority shareholder and has seen billions of dollars evaporate from his portfolio over the last three weeks.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the company said it “has finished the research and development phase of its new live TV streaming platform and will begin scaling up its own content delivery network.”

Andrew Ross Sorkin broke the news to CNBC viewers on Tuesday’s Squawk Box.

“Real quick… Truth Social out with a statement,” he said. “Sara Fisher from Axios, just putting out, planning to launch a streaming platform.”

“Streaming what?” asked Melissa Lee.

“Uh, according to them, the streaming content expected to focus on live TV, including news networks, religious channels, family-friendly content, including films and documentaries and other content that’s been canceled or is at risk of cancelation or being suppressed on other platforms and services,” Sorkin answered.

“Sounds like they need a lot of money to do that,” Lee said. “We were just talking about how expensive streaming is in general.”

“That it is,” Sorkin replied. But nonetheless, that stock’s now moving a little higher this morning, maybe on the back of that news.”

The rally did not last.

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CNN’s Elie Honig Warns Trump Legal Team That Jury Foreperson Watching Fox News Might Not Be As Helpful As They Hope

CNN’s chief legal analyst, Elie Honig, joined Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday and looked at the seven jurors that have so far been chosen for Donald Trump’s hush money trial in New York City.

“Jury selection, it’s a fascinating exercise, and it’s really more art than science. You’re trying to read human beings, inherently dynamic and unpredictable, but we’ve learned some really important, I think, potentially revealing details about these seven jurors,” Honig began, adding:

These jurors will be on the case. So far we know four males, three females. Let’s take a quick look at what we have for juror number one. Juror number one will be the foreperson.

No magic powers associated with the foreperson. That’s the person who generally communicates on behalf of the jury with the judge, and tends to lead the deliberations in the room. What jumped out at me? This. Nothing remarkable in the bio, but this is a person who said he watches both Fox News and MSNBC. That’s an interesting combination. If I’m Trump and I got anyone who watches any Fox News, I want a chance that that person is going to go on the jury.

Honig then poured a little bit of cold water on the foreperson being potentially favorable to Trump . “But I have to note this. In New York, I picked juries in New York, people sometimes confuse Fox News with the local Fox Five, and the jury form does not separate those two,” Honig added, arguing:

So it could be that he’s actually talking about the local news, which is really not partisan.

Honig then looked at juror numbers two and three and also noted their media habits:

Let’s go to juror number two. Turn number two is a nurse here in New York. You get a lot of medical professionals, a lot of hospitals there. In my experience, medical professionals tend to be technical. They’re capable of separating facts from emotion. And really prosecutors want that. It really depends on how strongly you feel that your case is based when you get down to the technical elements of it. So you’re always going to have nurses, doctors, medical professionals, a native New Yorker watching CNN, that’s good to see.

Juror number three. Okay. Juror number three. Now, this is interesting. Well, this is a lawyer. And typically the rule of thumb is lawyers don’t like lawyers on their juries. At the prosecutor’s office, we almost automatically got rid of any lawyer. But it’s also hard to do because you do have a lot of lawyers in Manhattan. The concern is that a lawyer might just take over the jury. They might say, listen, I’m a lawyer, forget about the judge, I know what’s going to happen here. But it’s hard to see the jury with no lawyers on it. Interestingly, he does read the Wall Street Journal, which has been quite critical of this particular case in its editorial pages. So juror number three, I think, would please me from Trump’s point of view.

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‘You’re Not Gonna Get These Votes’: Fox’s Neil Cavuto Tells Republican Senator That Mayorkas Impeachment Seems Like ‘Political Theater’

Fox News host Neil Cavuto delivered a sobering reality check to Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) regarding the impeachment proceedings against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The House impeached Mayorkas in February over his handling of the southern border with Mexico. He became just the second cabinet official ever impeached and the first since 1876. Given that Democrats control the Senate 51-49, Republicans are nowhere close to securing the two-thirds necessary to convict Mayorkas, thus removing him from his office.

“The president likes his Homeland Security secretary,” Cavuto noted to Barrasso on Your World on Fox News. “He serves at the pleasure of the president. President isn’t gonna do anything about him. You’re not gonna get these votes in the Senate. You don’t even have all your Republican colleagues going along. Six didn’t want any part of this. So, this seems more political theater than anything else.”

“Well, I don’t agree,” Barrasso replied. “The United States House of Representatives has impeached a member of the cabinet for the first time in 140-some years.”

“All Republicans,” Cavuto said, alluding to the party-line vote in the lower chamber.

“There is strong evidence to be presented to the United States people,” Barrasso insisted before addressing the possibility that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) will dismiss the case rather than hold a formal trial.

House Republicans sent the impeachment articles to the Senate on Tuesday. Forty-three Republican senators wrote a letter to Schumer urging him to hold a trial. Six Republicans did not sign it.

“Chuck Schumer is rewriting the laws for impeachment,” the senator continued.

“So, those six Republicans who disagree, are they just out to lunch or what?” Cavuto asked.

“That’s why you have a trial,” he responded. “There is compelling evidence and people are not supposed to make a decision until after the trial has been completed.”

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Alina Habba Says Trump ‘Will Be Like Nelson Mandela’ If He’s Sent to Jail

Attorney Alina Habba said if her client Donald Trump is ordered to jail for violating the gag order in his Manhattan criminal trial, the former president “will be like Nelson Mandela.”

Trump is on trial on 34 counts of falsifying business records to obscure hush money payments to conceal extramarital affairs. He has pleaded not guilty. As he has done in other cases against him, Trump has made comments attacking the prosecution and the judge. However, in this instance Trump has gone a step further by attacking the daughter of Judge Juan Merchan. That prompted Merchan to issue an expanded gag order barring the ex-president from criticizing court staff and their families, though the order does not apply to Merchan or Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Bragg filed a motion on Tuesday seeking to hold Trump in content of court for three social media posts he made regarding two of the witnesses in the case. The district attorney urged Merchan to jail the former president for up to 30 days.

Habba appeared on Tuesday’s episode of The Story with Martha MacCallum on Fox News to discuss the case and whether Trump is concerned about going to jail:

MACCALLUM: Do you think that this threat of 30 days in jail will change the social media actions of the former president in any way? Or will he keep doing this?”

HABBA: I don’t think so. I think that he is respectful, but there has to be boundaries and we should appeal it. It’s currently on appeal. So, there’s also a due process element to this. We have items on appeal in this case that have not yet been heard. So –

MACCALLUM: Is he concerned about the possibility of it being sent to jail as a ramification?


MACCALLUM: He’s not concerned about being sent to jail?

HABBA: I, I don’t, I think like anybody, he’s concerned about going to jail. But if they put him in jail for his First Amendment right, he will be like Nelson Mandela. I mean, that would be just absurd.

Trump has repeatedly likened himself to Mandela.

Watch above via Fox News.

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