Watch the Moment Sarah Fuller Becomes First Woman to Play in Major-Conference Football Game

Hunter Dyke/Mizzou Athletics/Getty Images

Vanderbilt soccer player Sarah Fuller became the first woman to play in a major conference football game Saturday when she kicked off the second half against Mizzou.

Wearing number 32, the college senior and Vanderbilt soccer goalkeeper suited up for Saturday’s game due to COVID-19 absences, and made history with a kick to start the second half against the Mizzou Tigers at Memorial Stadium in Columbia, Missouri.

Fuller spoke about the moment after the game, saying she hopes to inspire others.

“I just want to tell all the girls out there that you can do anything you set your mind to,” she said.

Twitter exploded with reaction over the history that Fuller made with that kick.

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Trump Campaign Officially Loses by 132 More Votes in Milwaukee County After $3 Million Recount

Pollworkers in Election Sites

Photo credit: John Moore, Getty Images.

The Trump campaign’s recount strategy in Wisconsin has not exactly paid off. In fact, its $3 million investment to re-tabulate the votes in two of that state’s most-populous counties has only netted it 132 more votes so far — for President-elect Joe Biden.

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinelthe requested recount in Milwaukee County has now been completed and resulted in 125 additional votes for Donald Trump, but 257 more for Biden. The process of recounting the county’s nearly 460,000 votes took nearly a week.

“Before the recount, Biden had 317,270 votes in Milwaukee County to Trump’s 134,357. The recount boosted the totals to 317,527 for Biden and 134,482 for Trump,” the Journal-Sentinel reported. “The counties must complete the recount by Tuesday, in time for the state Elections Commission to certify the results by a deadline for that day set in state law.”

Rather than challenge the vote in the entire state, which would’ve cost millions more, the Trump campaign paid for a partial recount that targeted  Milwaukee County, home of the state’s largest African-American community, and Dane County, home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Final results from the Dane County recount are not expected until Sunday. But any changes in the net total would be minimal and not come close to changing the final outcome in the state.

In all, Biden won Wisconsin by nearly 21,000 votes, nearly the exact same margin of victory that Trump enjoyed over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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Former Cybersecurity Chief Shoots Down ‘Farcical Claims’ of Election Fraud by Trump Campaign in 60 Minutes Preview

Chris Krebs Shoots Down 'Farcical Claims' of Election Fraud by Trump Campaign

In a preview of 60 Minutes‘ upcoming interview with Chris Krebs, the former DHS cybersecurity chief patiently shot down each of the Trump campaign’s “farcical claims” about 2020 election fraud.

President Donald Trump angrily fired Krebs via Twitter two weeks after the election because the cybersecurity chief had debunked his campaign’s many conspiracy theories and certified the 2020 election as the “most secure” in the nation’s history.

Anchor Scott Pelly ran through a number of the absurd and baseless conspiracy theories that the Trump legal team, led by Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell have publicly pushed to explain away President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

“Let me ask you for your reaction to some of the vote fraud that the president and his team have been alleging,” Pelly asked, as Krebs soberly nodded his head.

The CBS anchor first addressed wild rumors that U.S. votes are being counted in a server in Europe.

“So all votes in the United States of American are counted in the United States of America,” a clearly frustrated Krebs pointed out. “I don’t understand this claim.”

Pelly then asked about the conspiracy that votes had somehow been corrupted by “mysterious actors in Venezuela.”

“So again, there is no evidence that any machine I’m aware of has been manipulated by a foreign power. Period,” Krebs emphasized.

What about Communists in Cuba and China secretly funding some kind of election fraud, Pelly brought up next.

“We can go on and on with all the farcical claims alleging interference in the 2020 election,” a weary Krebs replied. “But the proof is in the ballots. The recounts are consistent with the initial count, and to me, that’s further evidence, that’s confirmation that the systems used in the 2020 election performed as expected and the American people should have 100% confidence in their vote.” the full interview on CBS’ 60 Minutes this upcoming Sunday evening following NFL coverage.

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Fauci Says Christmas Cancelled for His Family: ‘Looking Forward’ to ‘Really Great Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2021’

Anthony Fauci Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Dr. Anthony Fauci said he will not be celebrating Christmas with his family next month, but is “looking forward” to a “really great” holiday season next year.

“If the surge takes a turn of continuing to go up and you have the sustained greater than 100,000 infections a day and 1,300 deaths per day and the count keeps going up and up … I don’t see it being any different during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays than during Thanksgiving,” he told USA TODAY in an interview published Friday.

“For my own family, I’m saying we had a really great Thanksgiving and Christmas last year,” he added. We’re looking forward to a really great Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2021,” he said. “Let’s now make the best of the situation and show our love and affection for people by keeping them safe.”

The remarks come amid Centers for Disease Control forecasts predicting a total of 294,000 to 321,000 American deaths related to the coronavirus by Dec. 19, an increase from just more than 264,000 as of Nov. 27, one day after Thanksgiving. The upper band of that projection would constitute an increase of roughly 22 percent over a span of three weeks. More than 13 million Americans have contracted the coronavirus to date.

Fauci, the 79-year-old chief of the federal government’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, previously called on Americans to avoid gathering for Thanksgiving, in addition to discouraging professional sports and urging Americans to refrain from shaking hands.

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United Airlines Now Reportedly Operating Charter Flights to Pre-Position Doses of Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine

United Airlines

Photo credit: Daniel Slim, AFP/Getty Images.

United Airlines has now begun flying charter flights to pre-position initial doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine all around the country.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the airline has taken this step so that once the FDA issues the expected emergency use authorization for public distribution of the vaccine, it can be pushed out rapidly. Pfizer’s vaccine, it should be noted, requires it to be stored at extremely cold temperatures for it to remain viable up to the point of inoculation.

United plans to fly chartered cargo flights between Brussels International Airport and Chicago O’Hare International Airport to support distribution of the vaccine, according to a Nov. 24 letter from the Federal Aviation Administration viewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The FAA said in a statement Friday that it was supporting the “first mass air shipment of a vaccine,” and that it is working with airlines to safely transport Covid-19 vaccines.

In addition, the Journal reports that the drugmaker has stood up refrigerated storage units at its two vaccine production sites in Michigan and Belgium as well as its main distribution hubs in Wisconsin and Germany.

Pfizer was the first of three — so far — pharmaceutical companies to publicize the results of its vaccine’s phase 3 trial efficacy. It has submitted the trial data to the FDA with the expectation that the vaccine could be officially approved after an agency vote in mid December. The company has already been producing doses for immediate use and expects to produce as many as 50 million doses of its vaccine by the end of the year, although a share of those doses are designated for distribution in the European Union.

The airline reportedly had to request an official exception to be able to carry additional dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) to keep the Pfizer vaccine cold during transport.

“The FAA said it would allow United to carry 15,000 pounds of dry ice per flight—five times more than normally permitted,” the Journal reported. “Regulators restrict the amount of dry ice that can be carried on passenger jets because they typically lack equipment to monitor and mitigate any leaked carbon dioxide.”

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Who Wore It Best, Tiny Presidential Desk Edition: A Photo Essay

Erin Schaff – Pool/Getty Images

President Donald Trump faced cruel online mockery for his use of what has been dubbed the “tiny desk,” but he’s not the first president to employ the diminutive writing surface, and this wasn’t even his first time doing it.

Trump held a Thanksgiving press conference Thursday, and something about CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins’ photo of Trump behind the desk caught the imaginations of Twitter users:

And so it went. There was a lot of mockery, and “tiny desk” was among the trending topics that sent Trump into a Twitter tantrum.

But in fairness to Trump, the tiny desk is not some new thing. It’s possible that the composition of Collins’ photo — Trump isolated in the frame from a high angle — coupled with his general unpopularity with the target audience, enhanced the mockability of the moment. Readers can decide if the same setting from a wider angle looks equally ridiculous.

WASHINGTON, DC – NOVEMBER 26: President Donald Trump speaks in the Diplomatic Room of the White House on Thanksgiving on November 26, 2020 in Washington, DC. Trump had earlier made the traditional call to members of the military stationed abroad through video teleconference. (Photo by Erin Schaff – Pool/Getty Images)

Trump and other presidents have used the smaller desk in the past, to apparently far less comical effect. Here’s a sampling of Trump and his predecessor, President Barack Obama, sitting behind the now-famous “tiny desk” over the years — including the iconic signing of the Affordable Care Act.

Why not long on to Twitter and let us know which are your favorites?

WASHINGTON – MARCH 23: President Barack Obama signs the Affordable Health Care for America Act during a ceremony with fellow Democrats in the East Room of the White House March 23, 2010 in Washington, DC. The historic bill was passed by the House of Representatives Sunday after a 14-month-long political battle that left the legislation without a single Republican vote. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

US President Donald Trump signs an executive order to start the Mexico border wall project at the Department of Homeland Security facility in Washington, DC, on January 25, 2017. / AFP / NICHOLAS KAMM (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images)

WASHINGTON – JANUARY 21: U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden (C) helps to take a signed executive order away from U.S. President Barack Obama (R) during an event at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building of the White House January 21, 2009 in Washington. Five executive orders requiring staffers to comply with strict new rules on governing lobbying, lobbyists and the Freedom of Information Act were signed by Obama and a group of senior staff was sworn in by Biden during the event on their first day in office. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

US President Donald Trump arrives to sign an Executive Order on the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative at the White House in Washington, DC, on July 9, 2020. (Photo by JIM WATSON / AFP) (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

US President Barack Obama signs the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure (CARD) Act on May 22, 2009 in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, DC. The law aims at protecting credit card consumers from shock interest rate increases and fees. It forbids rate increases on existing balances unless consumers are at least 60 days late paying their bill or the initial rate was a promotional rate that has expired, and requires 45 days’ notice to raise rates. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

JUPITER, FLORIDA – SEPTEMBER 08: President Donald Trump holds up an executive order he signed extending the ban on offshore drilling as he speaks about the environment during a stop at the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse on September 08, 2020 in Jupiter, Florida. President Trump announced an expansion of a ban on offshore drilling and highlighted conservation projects in Florida. President Trump faces off against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for the presidency. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

US President Barack Obama, surrounded by lawmakers, US Vice President Joe Biden (L), US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (2nd L) Sen. Barbara Mikulski (C) D-MD, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (C-back) D-MD and Lilly Ledbetter (2nd R) signs the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC, January 29, 2009. The wage discrimination bill, which allows employees more time to file a claim, is named after Lilly Ledbetter, a retired worker at a Goodyear factory in Alabama who discovered she was paid less than her male counterparts. AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 16: Surrounded by members of law enforcement, U.S. President Donald Trump signs an executive order on “Safe Policing for Safe Communities” during an event in the Rose Garden at the White House June 16, 2020 in Washington, DC. President Trump will signed an executive order on police reform amid the growing calls after the death of George Floyd. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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WATCH: Florida Man Explains What Started Outrageous 2AM Pants-Off Viral Video Brawl at Wawa

When two Florida men pantsed each other during a comically absurd 2 a.m. brawl at a Florida Wawa store, Darien Rollins was there to provide hilarious commentary and attempts at mediation. Now he explains the even more absurd reason for the fracas.

Rollins posted the unbelievable video to Twitter on Monday, which featured two men in a desperate and dignity-free struggle to beat each other senseless, while maintaining a minimal level of pantsedness. All the while, Rollins delivers gut-busting commentary and game attempts to quell the disturbance.

Warning: the video features extended partial nudity and graphic shots of one dude whaling on the other due’s naked crotch, to little apparent effect.

The clip has garnered over 4 million views, and tons of reaction from other Twitter users — much of it to Rollins’ contribution.

But even more bizarre is the apparent reason for the fight.

Rollins was interviewed by Orlando’s WPLG Local 10 ABC, and explained the reason for the fight.

“He had held the door open for the other guy, and the other guy didn’t appreciate it, he wasn’t feeling it,” Rollins said. “He told him ‘Ay, don’t ever open the door for me again, I don’t need no help!’”

See, some dudes are weird about other dudes holding the door for them. There was even a study, obviously performed on very secure dudes.

In an experimental field study, passersby were randomly assigned to experience this type of door-holding help or not. Males who had the door held for them in this manner by a male confederate reported lower self-esteem and self-efficacy than males who did not have the door held for them. Females were unaffected by door-holding condition.

WPLG reports that “Lauderhill police say they did respond to the altercation and both men declined to press charges,” and that “As for Wawa, they simply asked that the men not return.”

Watch the clip above via WPLG.

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Kevin Hart Defends Comedy Special by Falsely Claiming: ‘I Didn’t Call My Daughter a Hoe,’ Only Called Out ‘Hoe-Like Activity’

Comedian Kevin Hart defended his appearance in the “Clubhouse” app and previous comedy special remarks in a YouTube video he posted on Friday afternoon, claiming he “didn’t call [his] daughter a hoe,” while making the distinction that he called out his daughter’s “hoe-like activity.”

In fact, he did clearly say “My daughter a hoe” in his comedy bit.

“Stop with the false narrative, its a false narrative that’s being created, if you were in the Clubhouse and a part of the conversation, this wasn’t about Black women,” Hart protested in his response on Friday.

“It wasn’t about me going against Black—stop,” Hart continued.

“The question was asked about the joke about my daughter and me referencing my daughter having hoe-like activity. I gave an answer to it,” he stated. “Here’s what it is, guys: I’m not calling my daughter a hoe, I’m saying what she did was hoe-like activity.”

Hart further claimed to have called “three former hoes” to ask them if his daughter’s behavior was, in fact, “hoe-like.”

The comedian’s rebuttal followed outrage about what he tweeted on Friday afternoon that he “had an amazing conversation in the Clubhouse app today….real talks with real people.”

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