Bill Maher Says Democrats Should Put Barack Obama Back in White House — As ‘First Lady’

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Comic and pundit Bill Maher proposed that Democrats could get their “big dick energy” back by putting former President Barack Obama back in the White House — as President Joe Biden’s “first lady.”

On Friday night’s edition of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, the host devoted part of his New Rules segment to the idea that despite economic conditions being markedly better under Biden than under former President Donald Trump, Biden’s low approval ratings show he is unable to generate the fervor of a Trump.

Maher’s solution? For Biden and Obama to get show divorces so they can “gay marry” each other and Obama could be Biden’s “new first lady”:

Biden and Obama must divorce their wives, not leave them just officially, legally divorce them. Then Biden will gay marry Obama… Thereby putting him back in the White House.

Yes, the law says Obama can’t be president again, but there’s nothing that says he can’t be first lady. And if Obama was back as Biden’s husband, the Democratic Party would get its mojo back and we’d have confidence that the person really running the show was the person we really want running the show.

And Biden, of course, would still have value like that extra pope they keep in Rome. When Obama did something good, joke and stand behind him and say this is a big fucking deal. Historians say that when Woodrow Wilson had a stroke, his wife, Edith, secretly ran the country for a year and a half.

Can Democrats do it again? Say it with me. Yes, we can. Except. Except this time, do it proudly with that smug Mitch McConnell look on your face like, yeah, we know what’s wrong and never been done, but that’s all secondary to fucking you and loving it. Don’t whine that “Oh, but Biden and Obama aren’t really gay.”

Yes, that’s the whole point. Although. Although if the two of them ever did have a slow dance while Beyoncé serenaded them with that blast, I’m sure MSNBC would explode into rainbow Skittles.

President Obama is ineligible to run for a third term, which also disqualifies him from being vice president because the 12th Amendment states that “no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice President of the United States.”

Watch above via HBO.

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