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Cenk Uygur Makes Case for Elizabeth Warren By Mocking Kamala Harris’ ‘Fake Laugh’, Says Biden May Not Even ‘Like’ Harris

Influential progressive host Cenk Uygur made the case for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate, mocking California Senator Kamala Harris’ “fake laugh” for several minutes and noting Biden “likes” Warren, but may not feel the same about Harris.

In an appearance on HillTV’s Rising, Uygur and co-hosts Ryan Grim and Saagar Enjeti went on en extended riff on Senator Harris’ laugh that went on for north of three minutes. The attacks were pegged to an interview that Harris did with Late Show host Stephen Colbert, in which she discussed her debate dustup with Biden.

Besides the extended mockery of Harris’ laugh, the trio claimed that Harris’ response — “It was a debate!” — amounted to an admission that her confrontation with Biden was mere “theatrics,” rather than an authentic expression of her true feelings.

But Uygur’s case for Warren wasn’t exactly full-throated either. After ticking off names of candidates he’d prefer, like former State Senator Nina Turner and Congresswoman Barbara Lee, he said “there’s just no way that’s going to happen.”

“So that only leaves you Elizabeth Warren. And so Elizabeth Warren is an enigma wrapped in a mystery,” Uygur said, citing her mixed record on endorsing progressive candidates, and concluding “among the realistic choices, she is by far the most progressive, so yes, to me that is the only way to go.”

Grim joked “Does that mean she has no chance?”, to which Uygur replied “No, amazingly she actually does have a chance.”

He explained that “politics also has a personal component,” and gave as an example that “Bernie Sanders would not attack Joe Biden under penalty of law because he was his friend. It was honestly incredibly selfish.”

“And Joe Biden likes Elizabeth Warren, even though they are not ideologically aligned, and I’m not sure he likes Kamala Harris,” he continued. “That’s why Warren is still in the ballgame. Otherwise they would have already picked Harris. I guarantee you that there’s a world of pressure, an unbelievable amount of pressure to pick Kamala Harris. The fact that Biden hasn’t picked her yet shows you that he’s actually considering Warren, and you should give him some credit for that.”

Running mate announcements are typically made within close temporal proximity to a party’s nominating convention, usually days or weeks beforehand. This year’s Democratic National Convention is slated for August 17-20, and will likely occur virtually.

Watch the clip above via HillTV.