Amid Covid Crisis, Larry Kudlow Says There Is No Covid Crisis ‘Thanks to Trump’

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Fox Business host Larry Kudlow appeared on The Ingraham Angle Friday to break the news that there is no crisis when it comes to Covid-19. As Donald Trump’s head of the National Economic Council in February 2020, Kudlow said of the growing viral outbreak, “We have contained this. I won’t say airtight, but it’s pretty close to airtight.”

Two weeks later, the World Health Organization declared the Covid-19 outbreak a pandemic. More than 580,000 Americans have died of Covid-19 so far.

Kudlow told Laura Ingraham that despite Republican criticism of Friday’s much weaker than expected jobs report, the economy is still in decent shape because it’s still Trump’s economy and that Biden’s policies have yet to fully take effect.

President Trump’s administration – Operation Warp Speed – created the vaccines and got it out with the distribution plan and now businesses [are] opening and we are now recovering strongly. My point is this. Biden can blame whoever he wants to blame. The public sees right through it. It’s phony baloney. There is no crisis. There is no healthcare crisis. Thanks to Trump, there is no Covid crisis. Thanks to Trump, we have low taxes and regulations. There is no house on fire. The economy is not crashing. Global warming is not an existential threat.

As of this writing, over 600 Americans have died of Covid-19 each day over the last seven days.

Clearly dissatisfied with Kudlow’s assessment, Ingraham asked, “But Larry, don’t you agree that if Donald Trump were still president we’d have hundreds of thousands of more Americans employed, or many millions more Americans employed because businesses wouldn’t be anticipating a lot of these taxes that are coming down the pike?”

Kudlow didn’t answer directly and instead noted he liked Trump’s policies and that there’s no crisis that could justify the trillions in spending that the Biden administration has proposed.

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Fox News White House Correspondent Kristin Fisher Leaves Network For CNN

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Fox News White House Reporter Kristin Fisher announced on Friday that she is leaving the network at the end of a live hit on Special Report.

Fisher is joining CNN as a space correspondent, a source familiar with the matter told Mediaite.

After Fisher reported on the new jobs report, anchor Bret Baier cued Fisher, saying she had some news of her own to report as well.

“From the jobs report to my own job, this is my last live shot on my last day at Fox News,” she announced. “I have had an incredible run. I started out six years ago on the early morning weekend shift. I made it all the way to the White House, which is something that has been at the very top of my career bucket list ever since I was a very little girl.”

She then revealed that there are a “few other things on that list that I would like to try to tick off,” before thanking Fox for testing her with the seat. “And, Bret, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you, the entire White House team, and everybody on the Special Report team as well,” she wrapped.

Fisher has provided a strong journalistic perspective covering the White House for years at Fox, and challenged the Trump administration and Rudy Giuliani at the end of 2020 a number of times.

The move to CNN may raise some eyebrows. CEO Jeff Zucker has publicly derided Fox’s news bona fides, once saying he didn’t think the network was a “journalistic operation.” What’s more, CNN media reporters Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy have regularly mocked the rival network’s news operation — now they can call a former Fox reporter a colleague.

Watch above via Fox News.

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CNN Sees Dismal Viewership Numbers in Thursday Ratings

Anderson Cooper

CNN struggled in the ratings Thursday, seeing less than half of Fox News’ total viewership numbers in key dayparts, and losing in total viewers to both Fox and MSNBC in every single hour of programming, according to Nielsen data. In the 25-54 viewer demographic, CNN beat MSNBC in total day numbers but Fox News still came out on top.

The biggest viewership gap happened in the 8 p.m., with Tucker Carlson’s total viewership (2.85 million) nearly doubling that of Anderson Cooper (993,000), and Chris Hayes drawing nearly 50% more total viewers (1.46 million).

CNN drew an average 698,000 viewers in total day on Thursday, and 180,000 in the valuable demographic of viewers age 25-54. MSNBC was second in total viewers, with 1.15 million, and was third in the demo, with 153,000. Fox News averaged 1.43 million total viewers – more than double CNN’s average – and also won the demo, with 253,000.

CNN also suffered in prime time, with 985,000 total viewers, and 263,000 in the demo. That’s less than half of MSNBC’s total primetime viewership, 1.99 million (267,000 in the demo). Fox News had more than twice as many total viewers as CNN in prime time, with 2.48 million, and also won the demo, with 413,000.

Fox and Friends won in the early morning, with 1.2 million total viewers, and 274,000 in the demo. Morning Joe was second, with 976,000 total viewers, and 139,000 in the demo. New Day was third, with 534,000 total viewers, and 132,000 in the demo. Notably, Fox and Friends drew more early morning viewers in the demo than Morning Joe and New Day combined.

Fox News dominated the top five most-watched shows on cable news Thursday, with Tucker Carlson Tonight coming in first in both total viewers, with 2.85 million, and in the demo, with 452,000. The Rachel Maddow Show was second in total viewers, with 2.76 million, and third in the demo, with 370,000. Hannity was third in total viewers, with 2.63 million, and second in the demo, with 446,000. The Five was fourth in total viewers, with 2.47 million, and fifth in the demo, with 329,000. The Ingraham Angle was fifth in total viewers, with 1.95 million, and fourth in the demo, with 340,000.

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