New Poll: Biden numbers falling, Trump numbers rising

A Siena College-conducted poll commissioned by the New York Times finds President Joe Biden’s numbers falling and former President Donald Trump’s rising.

Joe Biden’s disapproval rating reaches new high, according to new poll.

The president has a 47% disapproval rating, but it’s a mixed bag when accounting for ‘double haters’ – those who dislike Trump too

Strong voter disapproval of Joe Biden’s job performance has reached 47% – the highest negative polling number at any point in his presidency, according to a survey published on Saturday.

The Siena College-conducted poll, commissioned by the New York Times, showed that Biden currently lags behind likely Republican candidate Donald Trump 43% to 48% in registered voters nationally.

The survey found that just one in four voters (24%) think the country is moving in the right direction – a key question in the run-up to a national election – and more than twice as many voters said that Biden’s policies had personally hurt them than those who said they had helped.

Of the two-thirds of the country that feels the nation is headed in the wrong direction, the poll found that 63% said they would vote for Trump.

…..Nineteen per cent of voters said they disapproved of both men, but among them Biden is slightly less hated, with a spread of 7% between Biden (38%) and Trump (45%). That spread, according to the Times, is significant: the candidate less disliked by “double haters” has won the last two presidential elections.

Those findings may bolster what Democrat and Republican pollsters drew from recent primary voting.

In South Carolina last week, the number of primary voters who backed Republican contender Nikki Haley but said they would never vote for Trump is perceived to represent the margin that will ensure Trump’s defeat to Biden in November.

Here’s a reminder on polls:

  • Political polls are a snapshot in time. Polls could and do change.
  • Many analysts say individual polls are not as much worth watching as a trend in polling.
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    Projected top 10 NFL Draft pick suffers injury during Combine: reports

    Offensive tackle Olu Fashanu, a projected top 10 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft , bowed out of his NFL Scouting Combine performance on Sunday due to injury. 

    No one ever wants to see a prospect hurt during the Combine, but it’s the unfortunate reality that sometimes happens when draftees try to vault their draft stock. Clemson cornerback Nate Wiggins ran a blazing 40-yard dash earlier this weekend, but suffered a hip injury in the process. 

    Fashanu, a Penn State product, left with a right thigh injury, according to multiple reports. He was seen walking around with that thigh wrapped in ice. 


    Fashanu, though, seemed to be in good spirits, according to the NFL Network. He believes that he will be fine to perform at Penn State’s Pro Day on March 15, and he’s someone many teams will be waiting to see given his status among his peers. 

    Fashanu measures 6-foot-6, 312 pounds with 34-inch arms and an 82 and 5/8th wingspan, along with an 8-and-a-half-inch hand. 


    These are all prototypical measurables for someone who plays his position, and his speed and strength have proven to be something evaluators believe will translate to the next level. 

    Fashanu is the best offensive tackle prospect in the NFL Draft depending on which expert or evaluator you talk to, but there’s no question many NFL teams believe him to be first-round worthy. 

    Notre Dame’s Joe Alt, who plays the same position, is also among those who shouldn’t last long on day one of the NFL Draft, which will be held in Detroit. 

    Fashanu was a team captain last season for the Nittany Lions, starting 12 games at left tackle. He has 21 career starts at the position, and was named the 2023 Big Ten Offensive Lineman of the Year as well as first-team All-Big Ten. 

    Fashanu did have an undisclosed injury that he suffered in 2022, which forced him to start just eight games. 

    Penn State’s Pro Day will show if this was a small tweak at the Combine for Fashanu, or if it needs more attention moving forward. 

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    NFL legend Emmitt Smith rips University of Florida for eliminating DEI positions

    Emmitt Smith, a three-time Super Bowl champion with the Dallas Cowboys and former star running back with the Florida Gators , ripped his alma mater after the school fired all Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) positions and administrative appointments.

    The university made its decision to comply with Florida law

    The Florida Board of Governors passed a regulation in January that limited public funding for DEI, defining them as “any program, campus activity, or policy that classifies individuals on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, gender identity, or sexual orientation and promotes differential or preferential treatment of individuals on the basis of such classification.”

    The Independent Florida Alligator , a campus newspaper, said 13 full-time diversity, equity and inclusion positions were dismissed and 15 administrative appointments were eliminated.


    Smith, on Sunday, slammed the university in a lengthy statement.

    “I’m utterly disgusted by UF’s decision and the precedent that it sets,” Smith said. “Without the DEI department, the job falls to the Office of the Provost, who already has their hands full, to raise money for the university and continue to advance the academic studies in athletic programs.

    “We cannot continue to believe and trust that a team of leaders all made up of the same background will make the right decision when it comes to equality and diversity. History has already proven that is not the case.”

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis , who has made halting DEI a cornerstone of his efforts to overhaul education in the state, wrote on X, “Florida is where DEI goes to die.”


    DEI campus proponents argue they help correct systemic inequities and address increasingly diverse student populations, while its foes like DeSantis have said they are a form of leftist discrimination. 

    “We need diverse thinking and backgrounds to enhance our University and the DEI department is necessary to accomplish those goals,” Smith continued.

    “Instead of showing courage and leadership, we continue to fail based on systemic issues with this decision, UF has conformed to the political pressures of today’s time.

    “To the MANY minority athletes at UF, please be aware and vocal about this decision by the University who is now closing the doors on other minorities without any oversight.

    “And to those who think it’s not your problem and stay on the side lines and say nothing, you are complicit in supporting systemic issues.”

    Fox News’ David Rutz contributed to this report.

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    Outkick’s Tomi Lahren Admits Biden Impeachment Probe is a Loser: ‘This Has Failed Optically for Republicans’

    Outkick’s Tomi Lahren admitted Sunday that the House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden that includes an investigation into son Hunter Biden,”is falling flat” with Americans watching the saga play out on television.

    Lahren, a conservative pundit, appeared along with former Obama official Philippe Reines on Fox News’ MediaBuzz with Howard Kurtz.

    During the discussion, Lahren found herself agreeing with Reines’ assessment of why Republicans wanted to question Hunter Biden behind closed doors .

    “Republicans don’t want for us, the voters, to turn on our television and to see the dynamic of beating up on the president’s son. It’s not going to look good,” Reines said.

    “I gotta say, as somebody who does believe there’s plenty of evidence here, I think that this has failed optically for Republicans,” Lahren agreed. She continued:

    They’ve done good work. Obviously, Jim Jordan, [James] Comer, have done great work on this, but optically it does make it seem as though they’re beating up on someone with addiction issues. That’s exactly how the media wanted it, that’s how they framed it, and, unfortunately, that’s what’s coming to fruition. So, I would encourage Republicans — I know you want to get to the bottom of this — but let’s focus on the election, let’s focus on the failed policies of Joe Biden. This impeachment inquiry, unfortunately, is falling flat with a lot of viewers and voters.

    “Tomi and I found common ground,” Reines said. “Failed optics.”

    Kurtz added, “What Comer said after the news broke that the star witness, the former FBI informant that the committee was relying on, told that he was reliable, that he was indicted for lying about his Biden family corruption allegations. What Comer said was, he might not even ask the House to vote on impeachment, wants to wind this up. Is this a sign that this balloon is deflating?” Kurtz asked.

    “Absolutely. The balloon was pretty empty to begin with because, as you said, it’s relying on a witness that has been discredited, arrested, the whole nine yards,” Reines said. He continued:

    Congress has looked into something, they’re not finding it , but they won’t let it go. And Mike Johnson, back to the earlier point, is not equipped, is not authorized to let it go because you have people in that caucus that are not going to stop. The Republican if conference are going to keep going until they find someone that says something that lets them beat it to death.

    Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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    The Person of the Year by Gatis Sluka, Latvijas Avize, Latvia

    by Jase Graves

    Having raised three daughters, I’ve gained, in the words of Liam Neeson, “a very particular set of skills.” Unfortunately, none of these skills would be useful in the event of an international kidnapping.

    Because two of our daughters (and some of our credit cards) are now in college and one is deep in the bowels of high school, I feel like an abandoned appliance that seemed pretty nifty at first, but the novelty quickly wore off. (Think – the Baby Yoda waffle iron.)

    Below are a few girl-dad skills I no longer use much, but I think they deserve some recognition, maybe in my obituary.

    1. I can style girl hair in various complex arrangements – especially the gymnastics-class high ponytail and the ballet-class bun.

    2. I can efficiently wash and fold sports bras and women’s/girls’ underwear. (I still have trouble re-inserting the bra pad thingies.)

    3. Speaking of underwear, I know that Victoria’s Secret/PINK stores have additional inventory in the “secret drawers” (see what I did there?) under the display tables.

    4. I can navigate the feminine product aisle at Target with confidence and expertise.

    5. I no longer have to ask for directions in Ulta.

    6. I’m aware that “simpin” is bad and “rizz” is good – I think.

    7. I can spot a fake Stanley cup a mile away.

    8. I know the locations and prices of most reputable nail salons in the area.

    9. I know how to make a teenage boy nervous just by looking him in the eye, shaking his hand and smiling.

    10. I know how much a Squishmallow or reversible plushie (usually gifted by a simpin teenage boy) will bring at a garage sale.

    11. I know the difference between ombre, highlights and balayage – and that all of them will put me in debt.

    12. I can order an iced caramel macchiato, a vanilla chai latte and a double shot espresso with steamed oat milk without having any idea what they are, exactly.

    13. I can discreetly use a toilet plunger during a multi-girl sleepover without anyone identifying the guilty party.

    14. I can invoke a teenage eye roll faster than you can say, “Hi, Hungry! I’m Dad!”

    15. I can name most of Taylor Swift’s albums – probably in order. Yes, I’m a shameless Swiftie Dad. My favorite songs are “Style (Taylor’s Version),” “All Too Well (10-minute Taylor’s Version)” and “Delicate” (still waiting for Taylor’s Version) – even though I don’t understand most of the lyrics.

    In case you’re wondering, I don’t look to Taylor Swift for my politics, my worldview or my NFL preferences. I just think her songs are catchy, and listening to them makes me feel a little less like I’m ready to pick out my embalming fluid.

    Although I, sadly, no longer use most of these skills, I’m going to try to stay sharp because I may have granddaughters someday (hopefully far, far in the future).

    Until then, I’ll be keeping it rizzy! (I’m not sure that’s a word.)

    Copyright 2024 Jase Graves distributed exclusively by Cagle Cartoons newspaper syndicate. Graves is an award-winning humor columnist from East Texas. His columns have been featured in Texas Escapes magazine, The Shreveport Times, The Longview News Journal, and The Kilgore News Herald. Contact Graves at

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