Lauren Boebert on Ilhan Omar and Others Calling for Her to Apologize: ‘They Want Public Humiliation’

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Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) joined Laura Ingraham on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing fallout surrounding controversial remarks she made about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

“Look, Laura, I called to speak with her directly about me reflecting on my comments about her,” Boebert began.

“I made a public statement. But she didn’t want to hear what I had to say,” Boebert said of a call Monday between the two congresswomen. It ended with Omar hanging up and releasing a statement that claimed Boebert did not apologize and doubled down on her rhetoric.

Boebert is facing criticism for anti-Muslim comments she made directed at Omar, who is calling for House leadership to take action against Boebert.

“Omar and the left don’t want an apology. They want public humiliation,” Boebert continued. “They want to cancel me and that is not going to happen.”

Ingraham jumped in, saying, “So you’re young. You just arrived in Washington. But they’re going to come after you because they think you’re a threat. You’re an America-first conservative.”

She added, “They don’t like you. You’ll never win accolades from the elites. They hate you.”

“You can’t give them a bat to hit you over the head,” Ingraham continued, “which you did with those comments. Do you recognize that?”

Boebert responded saying that she understood her mistake and believed that her statement reflected that. The two then discussed Omar revealing death threats she had received in the wake of Boebert’s comments.

“Even Omar brought up a man that was calling with death threats,” Boebert noted.

She continued:

I believe that that man needs to be found by Capitol police and held accountable just like the men that have called with death threats against my family, against my staff, my restaurant, all in the past few days. They need to be found and held accountable. You know how that will happen? By our brave law enforcement officers that I fully support and who Ilhan has disparaged and worked to defund. I certainly do not criticize anyone’s religion or faith. That is exactly why I released my statement.

Watch above via Fox News.

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Will Bunch: Wake up, America! COVID cases are spiking again. Would it kill you to wear a mask?

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As the Vietnam War started to look like a hopeless quagmire in 1966, a Vermont senator named George Aiken famously suggested that America could save its troops by simply declaring victory and coming home — regardless of the actual situation on the ground. Aiken passed away in 1984, but his spirit seems to be guiding America’s COVID-19 policy as the second anniversary of the pandemic looms. From coast to coast, in red and blue states, governors and mayors are sometimes giddy in declaring victory over the coronavirus and racing to remove any remaining mask mandates and restrictions on public gat…

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Scientists have made airplane fuel from sunlight and air

by Sustainability Times

Air travel accounts for around 2% to 3% of global carbon emissions, but scientists are working on ways to reduce the industry’s reliance on fossil fuels. As part of that project researchers in Switzerland have built a plant in Zurich for producing carbon-neutral liquid fuels from — wait for it — sunlight and air.

During the process carbon dioxide and water are extracted from air and split into their constituent molecules by help of energy produced by solar panels. The result is a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, which can then be processed into kerosene, methanol, and other hydrocarbons for fueling airplanes and ships at sea.

The scientists, who have published their findings in a study, are now working on upscaling their technology for their so-called “solar kerosene” to industrial production levels in a cost-effective manner with a liter of fuel costing between €1.20 to €2.

“This plant successfully demonstrates the technical feasibility of the entire thermochemical process for converting sunlight and ambient air into drop-in fuels,” explains Aldo Steinfeld, professor of renewable energy sources at ETH Zurich, whose team built the pilot project on a roof at the university.

“The system operates stably under real-world solar conditions and provides a unique platform for further research and development,” the scientist adds.

The scientists say that deserts bathed in sunshine all year round would be ideal sites for producing their solar-derived fuel.

“Unlike with biofuels, whose potential is limited due to the scarcity of agricultural land, this technology enables us to meet global demand for jet fuel by using less than one percent of the world’s arid land and would not compete with the production of food or livestock feed,” stresses Johan Lilliestam, professor of energy policy at the University of Potsdam who was a leader of the research team.

“If the materials used to build the production facilities, such as glass and steel, are manufactured using renewable energy and carbon-neutral methods, emissions can be further reduced to close to zero,” the scientists note in a statement.

On the downside, initial investment costs would be high, but policymakers within the European Union could enact legislation to support the adoption of solar fuels.

“The European Union’s existing support instruments — emissions trading and offsetting — are not sufficient to stimulate market demand for solar fuels,” Lilliestam says. “In view of this, we propose the adoption of a European technology-specific quota system for aviation fuel. This would require airlines to acquire a specific share of their fuel from solar sources.”

Initially, the airline industry would need to adopt a share of 0.1% of “solar kerosene” when the fuel’s price is still high as a result of low production capacities.

“This would have little impact on the cost of flying, but would promote the construction of production facilities and set in motion a learning curve that could lead to technological enhancements and lower prices,” the scientists explain.

“The quota could then be gradually increased until solar kerosene achieves a market breakthrough without further support measures.”

Image by ThePixelman from Pixabay

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By Jill Serjeant LOS ANGELES (Reuters) -CNN on Tuesday suspended its top news anchor, Chris Cuomo, for his role in defending his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, over sexual harassment allegations. The cable news channel said in a statement the suspension followed the release of new court documents on Monday. “These documents point to a greater level of involvement in his brother’s efforts than we previously knew. As a result, we have suspended Chris indefinitely, pending further evaluation,” CNN said. Andrew Cuomo was forced to step down…

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