John Bolton’s Departure Reportedly Stemmed from Disagreement with Trump on Lifting Iran Sanctions

Former national security adviser John Bolton’s ousting from President Donald Trump’s administration reportedly stemmed from his opposition to lifting sanctions on Iran.

The Washington Post reported that Bolton disagreed with Trump suggesting to lift certain sanctions on Iran as part of a negotiating tactic to get the country back to the table. The president has previously expressed interest in opening negotiations with Iran to replace the deal put in place by then-President Barack Obama that Trump ultimately scrapped.

Both men have publicly disagreed on how Bolton came to leave the White House. Bolton insists he resigned, however Trump said that he fired Bolton.

“There have been some big mistakes made.” Trump said about Bolton at a press event this week. Take a look at North Korea. He wanted to do things not necessarily tougher than me, but had a good relationship but not getting along with people in the administration. I will skip down.”

Bolton and Trump disagreed on a number of fronts in foreign policy and White House officials previously said that no single thing led to Bolton’s departure.

[Image via Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images]