‘WE’RE AT WAR’: Trans Suspect Threatens to Shoot Up Schools, Bomb Churches, Rape Daughters Following Nashville Shooting

Transgender” people pose no threat to girls in girls’ restrooms, they say. Gender ideology is not a threat to Christianity, they say. The rhetoric of “trans genocide” does not inspire hatred or violence, they say.

One grand jury indictment debunks that entire narrative, however, and news about it appears to have gone under the radar.

Jason Lee Willie, a male who says he “identifies” as a female and goes by the name “Alexia Willie,” faces 14 counts of threatening to injure people across state lines. Willie, a resident of Nashville, Illinois, allegedly threatened to rape girls in girls’ restrooms, carry out a mass shooting at schools, and bomb churches. He seems to have taken inspiration from the female who identified as male who slaughtered three adults and three children at Nashville, Tennessee’s Covenant School in March .

A Bentonville, Illinois, grand jury indicted Willie on Nov. 28. In a legal document giving evidence in support of a motion to detain Willie, prosecutors quoted the man who lives with Willie. That document put Willie’s threats into context.

“He said that Willie goes on the internet to find preachers or Republicans or black people and said that Willie talks to people about how he is going to ‘have sex with their kids in the bathroom, and stuff like that,’” prosecutors wrote.

“There’s a lot of transgenders out here that are tired of being picked on, and we’re going to go into the schools and we’re going to kill their f—ing children out here, and that’s the end of it,” Willie allegedly said on a video call in August, according to the prosecution’s charging document. “We’re at war.”

A person in Tennessee walked into one of your schools and shot up a bunch of your Christian daughters,” Willie said in another video call in August, referring to the Nashville shooter. “That’s not the last of them if you don’t shut your f—ing mouth. Shut the f— up out here, you understand me, [name redacted]?”

“There is nothing you can do about me, motherf—er. Okay?” he added.

“They’re trash, they’re Christian trash ,” Willie said in another video call, apparently referring to black Christians. “They’re transphobic, they’re homophobic. They’re no different than the f—ing white supremacists.”

He compared black Christians to comedian Dave Chappelle, who had a show canceled after he joked about transgender issues.

“That’s exactly who the f— they are. Listen, Dave Chappelle and all the blacks out here, all the black people out here talking about trannies and sh-t, they ain’t no different than the white supremacists either,” Willie said.

“You all bow to the same cross,” he added, extending his middle finger.

When a woman on the video call told him that if she saw him in a church, she would not want to hurt him but to hug him, he responded with a threat. “We’re gonna bomb them. We’re gonna bomb them,” he replied. “We’re gonna bomb the churches. We’re gonna bomb them. You know it. We’re going to kill you motherf—ers.”

He threatened to target women in the women’s restroom , using a syringe to give them HIV: “[If] I catch you bitches out here with a cross around your neck in that restroom, you better know we’re going to hit you with a f—ing syringe.” He repeatedly condemned men on the call using a slur for black people, but the document does not clarify whether those on the call were black.

“I’m coming for them in the bathrooms and I’m not f—ing joking. I’m dead f—ing serious,” he said on one video call. “You can tell the FBI, [the Department of] Homeland Security, you can go tell all your n—ers out here.”

Willie also threatened to rape women so roughly that they would die.

“But I promise you, [if] I catch your daughters in them bathrooms alone , I am gonna f— them,” he said. “I mean I am gonna f—ing f— them until they’re dead.”

“I mean I’m gonna ravage them,” he added. “I’m gonna reach inside their coochies and I’m gonna pull their intestines out, motherf—er. I am not f—ing joking. Do not leave your f—ing kids alone anymore.”

Willie rightly faces criminal charges for his horrific threats, and these threats do not implicate the transgender movement. Men and women who struggle with gender dysphoria (the persistent and painful identification with a gender contrary to one’s biological sex) do not ipso facto pose a threat to others. These people need understanding and help—help to resolve their underlying psychological issues and become comfortable with their sexed bodies.

However, Willie does give the lie to the transgender movement’s rhetoric.

Activists claim that pro-transgender rules that define private spaces by “gender identity” rather than sex will not allow men to enter women’s restrooms, changing rooms, prisons, or intimate spaces to abuse them. Yet Willie threatened to do just that, and far worse.

Activists claim that gender ideology does not conflict with the Christian doctrine that God created humans male and female and that gender ideology does not threaten Christian churches. Yet Willie identified Christianity as his enemy and pledged to bomb churches.

Activists smear their opponents as advocates of a “trans genocide” who aim to “erase the existence” of transgender people, but they insist that this rhetoric will not lead to violence . Willie explicitly said, “We’re at war” and pledged to massacre innocent people.

Transgender activists need to condemn this man and urge their movement to avoid such demonization and violence. They also need to acknowledge that disagreement with gender ideology is not itself a form of hatred. The transgender movement’s decision to demonize anyone who raises concerns about its radical agenda inspires its own kind of hatred.

It is high time the legacy media and those on the Left stop abetting this extremism by pretending that there is no legitimate criticism of this radical movement.

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California Mom Urges Supreme Court Review After Child Lost to Suicide

A California mother who lost her daughter to suicide after transitioning and was removed from her custody for not supporting her gender identity filed an amicus brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a case from another mother in Indiana facing the loss of custody for not supporting her daughter’s gender transition.

Abigail Martinez is a Salvadoran immigrant who raised four children in California, one of whom began questioning her sexuality amid a struggle with depression in high school.

School staff told her daughter to join the school’s LGBTQ club, where the mother claims in her amicus brief the school club “persuaded that the only way to be happy was to change her gender,” and that the school psychologist encouraged her daughter to do the same.

With a new policy at the school requiring staff to use students’ pronouns and preferred names for students without parental notification or permission, Martinez was not informed of her daughter’s new identity, and feels “the school staff should have helped me, but they became my worst enemy.”

After Martinez’ daughter was hospitalized for attempting suicide, Martinez says the school psychologist told her daughter to accuse her mother of abuse so “she would lose custody and the state would pay for gender-transition treatments without parental consent.”

As a result, the California Department of Child and Family Services took her daughter and placed her in a group home, after which a judge ordered Martinez’ daughter be allowed to receive cross-sex hormones to further her transition.

While Martinez fought against the allegations of abuse and ultimately was exonerated and removed from the child abuse registry, soon after the court found her to be a fit parent her daughter committed suicide by lying down on tracks in front of an oncoming train.

Martinez had sought that her daughter be treated for her underlying depression instead of receiving cross-sex hormones, a lack of treatment that she blames for her daughter’s suicide.

In Indiana, the case of M.C. and J.C. v. Indiana Department of Child Services follows a similar contour: A child was removed from custody of parents nonetheless found “fit” by the state for the parents’ religious beliefs about gender identity and decision not to support the child’s transition.

In their case, the parents allege Indiana failed to follow the free exercise clause of the First Amendment by preventing them from raising their child according to their faith, and that the Indiana Department of Child Services censored the parents’ First Amendment speech rights by limiting what they were allowed to speak about with their child during their limited visitations.

“When governments usurp the essential role of parents in the lives of their children, tragedy ensues,” said Kayla Toney, associate counsel for First Liberty Institute, who is representing Martinez and filed the amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to take the Indiana case.

“The Constitution ensures that states cannot target parents because of their religious beliefs, interfere with the religious upbringing of their children, or impose prior restraints on speech in their own homes. We hope the Supreme Court will act to prevent state officials from committing any more violations of parental constitutional rights with impunity.”

With Indiana courts upholding the Department of Child Services’ decisions, the writ of certiorari filed by the parents seeks review by the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court hears the case and rules against Indiana, the result would be to overturn state laws in California, Washington, and Oregon, and court decisions in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois that lead to parents losing custody if they do not seek or affirm gender-transition treatments for their child.

Originally published by The Center Square

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Lockheed Martin Flew Transgender Flag in HQ Lobby

FIRST ON DAILY SIGNAL: One of the leading global security and aerospace companies in the United States featured a prominent transgender flag in the lobby of its headquarters, according to a photo obtained by The Daily Signal.

That photo, taken in mid-November during National Transgender Awareness Week, shows the lobby of Lockheed Martin’s corporate headquarters, based in Bethesda, Maryland. An American flag is visible close to the front desk in the lobby, while a transgender flag of seemingly matching proportions is also seen prominently displayed.

“When you plant a flag, you send a message,” a Lockheed Martin employee, who asked to remain anonymous to protect their privacy, told The Daily Signal. “To have this representation in the lobby of our corporate headquarters suggests we’ve chosen a point of view on a socially divisive issue that is nowhere near settled.”

“We’re a big company, with lots of points of view across all issues, which is why most employees want company neutrality,” the employee added. “Certainly, this is a distraction from our core mission.”

On Monday evening, a Lockheed Martin spokeswoman told The Daily Signal that the transgender flag is not currently in the lobby. But she emphasized the aerospace company is firmly committed to “diversity and inclusion.”

“At Lockheed Martin, we believe that our commitment to diversity and inclusion is a business imperative, helping to drive our innovation and global leadership,” the Lockheed spokeswoman said in a statement, adding, “To learn more, read our latest Diversity and Inclusion report .”

Lockheed Martin Corp. received a 100% score from the far-left Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index , an initiative thought to be  behind Bud Light’s financially disastrous decision to use a biological male who “identifies” as a transgender woman, Dylan Mulvaney, as its public face.

That 100% score would mean that Lockheed Martin Corp. met all the criteria for the Corporate Equality Index , including having gender transition guidelines ; LGBTQ “internal training elements”; having “either an LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group or an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Diversity Council”; and more.

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