The correct response to a disaster like Covid is to plan for the next one. I don’t see Britain doing it | Lucy Easthope

Think local, listen to the experts and get diverse voices in the room. If we plan effectively, we can avoid another catastrophe

  • Lucy Easthope is an international adviser on disaster response and recovery

It’s hard to know where to start if you are a brand new government taking on a mega-survey of risk and potential emergencies in the UK. Beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, the challenges are many. I am an adviser in UK emergency planning and have worked on almost every disaster involving British citizens since 2001, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the 7 July 2005 London bombings and the Grenfell Tower fire . My inbox is full with questions of how to prepare for prison overspill, plans to prevent any future terrorist attacks, details of the devastating aftermath of constant flooding and updates on several global conflicts. And, of course, there is always the next pandemic to ready ourselves for.

Most inquiry reports that land on our desk suffer from inaccuracies and underresearch. But I was relieved when the Covid inquiry’s findings were released last Thursday. Heather Hallett proved that she gets emergency planning and some of the central tensions within it. She has urged for it be taken seriously at cabinet level – her first recommendation is the need for a ministerial committee for whole-system emergency preparedness chaired by the prime minister. Lady Hallett also recommended a streamlined bureaucracy with fewer jargonistic terms used and a simpler chain of command. She said that an effective response would come best from a disaster agency independent of government. And that a pandemic was no “black swan event”. Ministers need to be comfortable accepting that the reasonable worst-case scenario could happen rather than writing it off as unlikely or as a cynical ploy for more resources.

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It’s scary to be Black and give birth in England. These are the ways the NHS is letting us down | Tinuke Awe

New evidence confirms Black mothers are far more at risk than their white peers. After my own traumatic experience, I’m not surprised

The fact that Black mothers in England are almost twice as likely to have their births investigated for potential NHS safety failings is shocking and unacceptable – but for me, it’s not entirely surprising. As someone who co-founded Five X More after my own distressing birth experience, I find these statistics hit close to home. The higher rates of investigations among Black mothers reflect a grim reality: Black women and their babies in the UK face significantly greater risks during childbirth.

For every 1,000 deliveries by Black women, 2.3 are investigated compared with 1.3 for white women, the Guardian found – figures that highlight the deep-rooted systemic issues in our healthcare system. They are also four times more likely to die in pregnancy and childbirth, and they have severe complications more frequently than their white counterparts. Black babies in England are three times more likely to die than white babies and also more likely to suffer a brain injury. These are not isolated incidents but part of a broader, systemic issue that requires urgent action.

Tinuke Awe is the co-founder of Five X More, an organisation campaigning for Black maternal health outcomes in the UK. This article was co-written by her co-founder, Clotilde Abe

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Feds Were Reportedly Instructed to Clear Scene of Illegal Immigrants During Harris’ Border Trip

DAILY CALLER NEWS FOUNDATION—Federal immigration authorities were instructed to clear the streets of migrants ahead of Vice President Kamala Harris ’ one and only border trip, according to sources that spoke with the New York Post.

Before Harris made her first and only trip to see the U.S.-Mexico border in June 2021 in El Paso, Texas, federal agents were reportedly ordered to clean the area up to disguise the actual level of the border crisis, according  to Border Patrol sources that spoke with the New York Post. Agents were reportedly told to move illegal migrants out of holding facilities in order to put on a “show” for the vice president—and even went as far as to style unaccompanied minors’ hair.

“They rented out a ton of hotels and we spent hours moving out bodies. The kids that remained, we had to braid their hair,” one agent stated to the New York Post, and added that they “made jokes about how the building was more secure than the whole border was.”

“She had zero interest in really seeing anything. It was rushed,” added a former official who was present during Harris’ visit.

President Joe Biden tapped Harris  to lead the administration’s efforts to mitigate the then-fledgling border crisis in early 2021, with specific instruction for her to address the root causes of irregular migration from Central America. However, almost immediately after the announcement, her office began to distance Harris from the job description, according  to CNN.

Following growing pressure to visit the border, Harris finally  did so in June 2021. In the time since Harris was appointed to address the root causes of illegal immigration to the U.S., more than 7 million migrants have tried crossing the U.S. southern borderaccording to  the latest data from Customs and Border Protection.

The El Paso sector was being bombarded  with migrants at the time. There were more than 21,500 Border Patrol encounters in that month alone, according to CBP data.

“We sanitized all the aliens out of there to make it look good,” another agent told the New York Post of the Harris visit.

After Biden announced  he would no longer seek reelection over the weekend, Harris established herself as the presumptive presidential nominee for her party without a primary vote. In that time, numerous media outlets have  attempted to downplay her appointed responsibilities on the border crisis .

The Department of Homeland Security did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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