‘They’re Ruining Our Country’: Callers Trash Dems, Kamala Harris on Popular Hip-Hop Show

Listeners to “The Breakfast Club” radio show and podcast called in Tuesday to criticize Democrats and Vice President Kamala Harris over policies they said are “destroying” black Americans.

President Joe Biden  dropped out of the presidential race Sunday and endorsed Harris to take his place atop the Democratic ticket after consistently dismal polling and doubts about his mental fitness.

Back-to-back callers to “The Breakfast Club” expressed concern that Democrat policies are harming black Americans , suggesting Harris wouldn’t be a significant improvement over Biden.


“OK, so first let me say I’m so happy to see a woman running for president and I’m grateful for that,” a caller named Iris said. “However, I was on the fence even with Biden running again because everyone talks about, ‘Oh, let’s get the black vote, let’s get the black vote.’ And they get the black vote and nothing changes. When I say nothing, I mean our education system. Our children are suffering in New York City public schools.”

“And let’s talk about services. My brother is a paraplegic; he got hit by a drunk driver. Very hard for him to get services,” Iris continued before touching on illegal immigration . “And I understand that they allow the migrants to come in, but they come in and they just overwhelm them with services, and they forget about the people that are already here. So what’s going to change with that?”

“What are they going to do with the black agenda to help our children that are struggling in New York City public schools?” Iris asked. “They’re not even on the same level as other kids in other countries, and that’s what my concern is. So is something going to change because Kamala is running instead of Biden? Like help me out, we’re confused here.”

The border crisis could worsen under Harris if she becomes president as her past voting record in the Senate, remarks she has made about federal immigration authorities, and moves she has made while vice president indicate a sharp move to the left, border hawks told the Daily Caller News Foundation on Monday.

“I don’t think America is ready for a female president. You know what, I’m a black man and I absolutely do not want another Democratic president in there,” a caller named Cali said. “I think we should give the Republicans another try. There’s a lot of agendas that the Democratic Party has kind of put into place that I don’t support. I think they’re destroying the black man, they’re destroying the black family, I think they’re ruining our country. If you’re living in New York like I am, man, this place is a financial nightmare, not to mention crime.”

“I think if we put Trump back in there, man, it’s going to be amazing. Kamala cannot do what he’s going to do to bring this country back to where it needs to be,” Cali added. “And this is not a race thing because that’s the No. 1 thing they like to say when they talk about Trump and how he’s a criminal and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I don’t think any of that matters. His policy is what we need to focus on, and he’s going to get us back where we need to go. Kamala is not ready.”

Originally published in Daily Caller News Foundation

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