Why Americans Mistrust Election Results More Than the Citizens of Any Other Democracy

Last week, 27 European nations voted for their representatives in the European Parliament .

If you were aware of this, did you happen to notice that there were no allegations of cheating in any European country? If you are on the Left, you might respond that there were no such allegations because the Right did better than the Left, and it’s the Right that makes these allegations.

But that response has little merit. For one thing, there were no such allegations, let alone demonstrations, during all the years left-wing parties won European Parliamentary elections or national elections. For another, in America, it is not only the Right that has charged election fraud: Hillary Clinton , for example, still claims the 2016 election was stolen from her.

The fact is that, among democracies, America is essentially alone in having nearly half its population mistrust election results . So, either America is cursed with a paranoid population, or there are valid reasons for Americans to mistrust their elections’ results.

There is no question it is the latter. America is unique among democracies in having half its people mistrust election results because America is unique among democracies in the way it conducts its elections.

America is almost alone among democracies in not demanding that voters provide any identification when they vote. For some reason, the American Left vehemently opposes voter ID. It claims voter ID is racist and that those who favor it are engaged in “voter suppression.” This is prima facie absurd: Are airports racist for demanding passenger identification? Does passenger ID result in “passenger suppression”?

The most plausible reason the Left opposes voter ID is to enable some degree of voter fraud. If that is not the reason, isn’t it enormously irresponsible to cultivate doubts about election integrity among half its country’s citizens—for no valid reason? Moreover, in no other country does its Left oppose voter ID.

America is almost alone among democratic countries in not requiring paper ballots. As of 2023, only Brazil counts all its ballots in national elections through electronic voting. According to Pew Research Center, votes are cast by manually marking paper ballots in 209 of the 227 countries. In France, as reported by the Associated Press, voters “use the same system that’s been used for generations: paper ballots that are cast in person and counted by hand.” In 2009, Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court ruled that voting machines could no longer be used. In 2017, the Dutch government announced that all ballots in the 2017 general election would be counted by hand.

Moreover, among those countries that use electronic voting, only in America are the source codes of the voting machines kept secret. Three companies—Dominion, Election Systems & Software, and Hart InterCivic—control about 90% of the U.S. voting technology market. Each is privately held, and each is committed to keeping its source code from becoming fully public. Wherever else in the world electronic voting is allowed, the source codes are available to all political parties.

America is almost alone among democratic countries in not confining voting to one day. All through American history, Americans voted on Election Day (unless they had previously requested an absentee ballot). The Left has obliterated Election Day ; we now have Election Month.

Various American states are alone among democratic countries in mailing ballots to all their citizens—that is, even to those who never requested a ballot be sent to them.

America is almost alone among democratic countries in the length of time it takes to learn election results. In other countries, people continue to learn the results within hours. Throughout American history, Americans knew the outcome of virtually every election the night of Election Day. No longer.

All too often, tragically, there are valid reasons for Americans to mistrust election results. Add elections to the long list of institutions the Left has ruined.


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‘Really Uncomfortable’: 16-Year-Old Girl Speaks Out About Having to Share School Restrooms, Locker Rooms With Males

A 16-year-old Minnesota girl forced to share private spaces with males under a public school transgender policy says that girls deserve privacy in their restrooms and locker rooms.

“It’s really uncomfortable, because I was in gym class, and I was just about to change, but then I heard this voice, and I was, like, ‘That does not sound right.’ So, I look, and it’s a male,” said the rising junior at Stewartville High School, who asked to remain anonymous to speak freely on the controversial issue.

In 2017, the Minnesota Department of Education issued a toolkit telling school districts to provide transgender students facilities, including bathrooms, locker rooms, and hotel rooms on overnight trips, that are “consistent with their gender identity.”

Many schools in the state have since issued their own policies, including the Minneapolis and Rochester districts , but others, such as the Stewartville Public School system in southern Minnesota, use the state Education Department’s guidelines to justify allowing boys who identify as transgender in girls’ restrooms.

The female high school junior talked to her school principal about feeling uncomfortable about changing in the locker room in the presence of a biological male . She said he told her that students can “be whoever they want to be.”

“They’re more making sure [transgender-identifying students] are comfortable, and not seeing what they are doing to us, and how we feel,” the teenage girl said.

The state transgender toolkit says school leaders must ensure access for all students to locker rooms, classes, sports, and activities, and hotel accommodations “in a manner that is safe, consistent with their gender identity, and does not stigmatize them.”

“Privacy objections raised by a student in interacting with a transgender or gender-nonconforming student may be addressed by segregating the student raising the objection, provided that the action of the school officials does not result in stigmatizing the transgender and gender-nonconforming student,” the Minnesota Department of Education guide reads.

The teenage girl said she is scared about boys pretending to be girls then touching them or taking cellphone photos of girls in restrooms or locker rooms. She said she has talked to her friends who likewise feel unsafe about having to share a restroom or locker room with biological males.

“Anything can happen,” she said. “You’re still technically not a female, even if you did transition. It’s still not right.”

Jeanine Buntrock, a mother of three and local Moms for Liberty chapter president, has two daughters currently in the Stewartville Public School system. She told The Daily Signal she is especially concerned about her youngest daughter, 11, who will grow up hearing about radical gender ideology at school.

“I worry that she will be relentlessly conditioned to accept biological males in female spaces, and to see gender as a choice,” she said. “My two teens know it’s nonsense. This is why activists are trying to push material into younger and younger grades—[it’s as] if they seek to disrupt a child’s sense of gender and sexuality, the younger the better.”

Women have historically fought to have their own spaces, Buntrock said. She described washing her hands next to a 12-year-old boy in a gender-neutral restroom and feeling uncomfortable, even though she is an adult.

“Today’s girls must not be conditioned to believe that they must force themselves to be comfortable with sharing bathrooms and locker rooms with biological males,” she said.

Buntrock’s other objection is that the schools are teaching gender theory as fact, she said.

“If they taught it at an appropriate age, as one theory among several to consider, I’d tolerate that,” she said, “but instead they are teaching wholesale acceptance of gender theory as a sign of being a ‘good person’—of being inclusive. That’s manipulation.”

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Creating Federal Education Department Was ‘a Terrible Idea,’ Heritage Foundation President Says

The Department of Education has given the Left dangerous power over schooling in the U.S., and the next president should aim to abolish the nearly 45-year-old federal agency. 

So says Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts on this week’s edition of his podcast, “The Kevin Roberts Show.”

Roberts, himself a former K-12 and college educator, made the case for abolishing the Cabinet-level department in an interview with podcast co-host Tim Kennedy. Roberts called that policy goal his “life’s work.” 

“The Department of Education got it wrong on the first minute of its existence in 1979,” he contended, “because it is such a terrible idea to centralize or attempt to centralize education policy, education funding, [and] curriculum questions.” 

The department was created near the end of the Carter administration at the behest of the teachers unions.

Roberts said “radical” professors like those he once knew as colleagues became the administrators” of the Education Department. “What happened in the intervening generation or two is that American culture deteriorated,” he added. 

“We’ve spent several trillion dollars as a people on public education ” at the federal level, Roberts added, only to find that “every demographic group in public education has seen their educational attainment decline.” 

Roberts, who taught college-level history in Texas and founded a private, coed Catholic K-12 school in Louisiana, told Kennedy that “education should be as local as it possibly can be” and that funding should follow individual students. 

“If you’re not interested in dismantling the Department of Education, Heritage doesn’t think you should be running for president ,” he said. 

Watch the full episode of “The Kevin Roberts Show” for an inside look at the foundation’s education agenda.

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Local TV Employee Fired for ‘Straight Pride’ Post

An Ohio news station employee was fired for posting a joke about “straight pride” in response to LGBTQ Pride Month in June .

Celebrate straight pride, ” the posts says. “It’s natural, it has worked for thousands of years, and you can make babies!”

Madonna Chism Pinkard posted this joke during Pride Month. (Photo: “The MLO Bros” Facebook page)

Madonna Chism Pinkard had worked as the WFMJ TV station’s community relations director,  in Youngstown, Ohio, since 2004.

The Facebook account of podcast “MLO Bros” posted about the meme she shared, and Chism Pinkard commented “Thanks for getting me fired.” The screenshot posted by the “MLO Bros” appears to show it was posted on Chism Pinkard’s personal Facebook account, although WFMJ said her post was “on a company-linked social media site.”

The TV station affiliated with NBC issued a statement on June 11 confirming that it fired Chism Pinkard. WFMJ declined to comment to The Daily Signal .

“WFMJ has terminated the employment of our Community Relations Director following her unauthorized post on a company-linked social media site last week,” the station said in a Facebook post. “WFMJ is committed to serving our entire community with the respect we believe all people deserve. We recognize we live in a diverse community with differing views on many topics, and we believe discussions of those views and reporting on them should be done in a respectful manner by all. We deeply regret that our Community Relations Director crossed the line.”

“We do not condone such actions and apologize to you, our viewers, for this unauthorized post,” the statement continued.

Chism Pinkard deleted the post and said “I apologize for the post that offended one of our viewers. I have removed it.”

Chism Pinkard did not respond to The Daily Signal’s request for comment by time of publication.

Commenters on MLO Bros’ Facebook post about Chism Pinkard said her termination over the “straight pride” joke violated her First Amendment right to free speech.

“Freedom of speech does not apply to those who disagree with the insane culture that has developed in this country,” a Facebook user named Michael Goterba said.

“I’m gay and find that hilarious,” commenter Joey P. Ritter wrote.

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Secret Alito Recording Reveals Deeper Agenda to Delegitimize SCOTUS, Experts Say

Democratic lawmakers are escalating their attacks on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in the wake of secret recordings that were obtained last week of the justice agreeing that America should return “to a place of godliness.”

Experts say that the legacy media and the Left ’s ongoing campaign to target conservative justices is a concerted effort to delegitimize the country’s highest court ahead of future rulings that could potentially work against the Democratic Party’s political agenda.

On Monday, reports surfaced  of a secret recording produced by left-wing filmmaker Lauren Windsor in which she posed as a conservative while attending a Supreme Court Historical Society dinner on June 3. In an exchange with Alito, Windsor stated, “People in this country who believe in God have got to keep fighting for that—to return our country to a place of godliness.” Alito responded, “I agree with you. I agree with you.”

Democrats on the Hill immediately seized on the exchange to paint Alito as an “extremist.”

“Alito is an extremist who is out of touch with mainstream America,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., remarked . “His rising power on the Supreme Court is a threat to our democracy.” She went on to claim that the recording “undermines whatever last shreds of credibility the Supreme Court might have had.”

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, wrote on X, “Alito is becoming a loose cannon turned on the Court itself. He mocks ethics.”

Conservative commentators were quick to respond that the story was unremarkable. “Media war on Alito continues,” observed  Fox News host Mark Levin on X. “This time his offense, belief in God.”

The episode comes on the heels of another flap that arose in legacy media outlets that seized on flags previously flown  on property belonging to Alito, which purported to link the Supreme Court justice to far-right extremists. It was later revealed that The Washington Post had passed on publishing the episode in 2021 because it had to do with Alito’s wife Martha-Ann and “a dispute with her neighbors.” But that didn’t stop The New York Times from publishing a supposed scoop of the story last month .

The developing pattern of Democratic lawmakers making accusations of corruption against sitting Supreme Court justices, combined with a series of news stories targeting conservatives on the high court, has caused experts to point to a deeper agenda that is occurring.

“I think for believers, it’s important [that when] you see news stories, we need to pause and not just breeze through every series of titles we see, especially when they are all almost virtually the same thing,” Family Research Council Vice President Travis Weber contended  during Tuesday’s “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins.” “It’s almost like you’re being told something happened and it’s made out to be the whole story. That’s also a sign that we need to look deeper.”

Weber, who serves as Family Research Council’s vice president for policy and government affairs, continued, “[W]hy is Justice Alito, Justice Thomas , why are they the subject of so much of this? Well, what’s the state of the federal government with regard to radical progressives being able to accomplish their agenda? What’s standing in their way? [I]t’s not the Senate. … It’s not the presidency. It’s the Supreme Court. That’s a fact.”

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins concurred. “We’ve seen that they’ve been on these campaigns of dark money, and they’ve been campaigning around the courts,” he pointed out. “Remember Chuck Schumer [D-N.Y.], out there in front of the court when [Neil] Gorsuch was nominated, saying that the court was ‘sowing to the wind and they were going to reap the whirlwind.’”

Perkins also highlighted that Alito “is not going to recuse himself ” of future cases because of negative media stories. “But by all this noise, all these allegations, it would be very difficult for the Chief Justice [John Roberts] to turn to him to write an opinion.”

Weber went on to note the seemingly planned nature of the media stories appearing in current news cycles. “These smears are trickling out at certain times. We have to remember [that] the Dobbs decision draft was leaked as well. We don’t know what is making its way out of the court that shouldn’t be right now. We have to remember the context in which this is being placed. There are forces that do not want to see conservative and God honoring policies and principles upheld.”

Perkins agreed, further pointing out that “part of what’s driving this latest round [of stories] is the fact that [former President] Donald Trump may have a case before the Supreme Court.”

“Absolutely,” Weber responded. “The timing of trying to delegitimize Justice Alito or anyone else who would have a hand in that—how can we avoid that conclusion? When you look at what happened to President Trump up in New York, you have to understand these things are … not just happening in a vacuum. It’s happening in the context of forces at work.”

Weber concluded by urging believers to continue working to bring about God’s kingdom on earth despite media stories that disparage that work.

We need to remember that we are God’s representatives to minister the Lord Jesus Christ here on earth. … [L]iving as Christ to those around us means standing for the things God stands for, praying for them, asking the Lord to intercede and work. … [T]hey may write us off, but we’re commanded by the Lord to minister his presence to those around us.

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