Why Chloe Cole Deserves the Jazz Jennings ‘Trans’ Treatment—and More

Chloe Cole is perhaps the most well-known detransitioner in America. Yet, despite a growing presence in conservative media, her public profile hardly compares to transgender activists such as reality TV personality Jazz Jennings.

Unlike Jennings, you won’t find Chloe and her story featured on the cover of Variety magazine . She’s unlikely ever to be named the face of a multimillion-dollar beauty ad campaign , have a commercial doll modeled after her, or land her own reality TV series. 

Chloe’s story of identifying as a boy at 12 years old and going under the knife at just 15—only to regret it a few months later—doesn’t qualify her for glitzy, lucrative, virtue-signaling endorsements. Her story is so absent from establishment press, in fact, that at least one expert who heads a clinic treating gender-confused youth denies that detransitioners such as Chloe are even a “real thing .” 

Aside from the obvious bias, there’s a deep irony in corporations, liberal media, and Hollywood ignoring Chloe and her harrowing story. 

At its heart, the plotline is one that most humans can empathize with: After failing to fit in with other girls her age, a young girl gets caught up in trying to change herself, only to realize that beauty is skin deep. Chloe Cole didn’t have to change how she looked on the outside to be happy and whole; she simply had to accept herself from within.

But unlike many young teens struggling to fit in with peers, Chloe learned this the hard way. After discovering an ideology that promised an escape from the hardships of being a girl, she pursued puberty blockers and hormones starting at age 13. Two years later, at 15, a surgeon proceeded to remove her breasts, which were not yet fully developed.

“A lot of my family is larger chested than I am,” Chloe, now 18, said. “I ended up with a smaller chest; but I guess I’ll never really know, because I wasn’t really allowed to grow physically.”

Like many other detransitioners who now are speaking out, having a surgeon remove her breasts failed to address Chloe’s underlying struggles with anxiety, depression, and undiagnosed autism. Instead, the surgery acted like a Band-Aid, bringing her superficial satisfaction and joy. That is, until a few weeks after the surgery, when Chloe got her stitches taken out and had to begin changing her own dressings.

“That is when reality started to hit,” Chloe said. “Every single night after every bath, after every shower, I would have to look down at these huge wounds that were on my chest.”

Recovery from a double mastectomy, or “top surgery,” as activists call it, is serious and invasive. Patients aren’t supposed to lift their arms more than 90 degrees away from their body or over their head, nor push, pull, or lift anything greater than 5 pounds for several weeks. Patients often must change their own dressings and empty drains that prevent fluid from collecting in the chest area. 

Compression garments and surgical bras are often necessary to prevent postoperative bleeding and fluid collections. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine , a slew of risks, side effects, and complications can ensue beyond that. 

“No 15-year-old girl should have to go through that,” Chloe said.

As Chloe realized she missed little things about being a girl, her mental health continued to decline. When nobody was home, she remembers trying on girls’ clothes and applying makeup. 

Chloe eventually had to drop out of school and enroll in an alternative program where she could get more support. It was there that she took a psychology class and learned about the ways that both physical touch and breastfeeding support the emotional and cognitive development of a child—and how that child goes on to function later in life.

“During one of the consultations for my surgery, I was told that I would lose my ability to breastfeed,” Chloe said. “But at the time, this didn’t mean anything to me, because I didn’t know anything about that. I wasn’t even thinking about being a parent because I was 15 years old. I had just completed my sophomore year and I only had so much life experience.”

Then, Chloe said, she realized “something beautiful and uniquely female was taken away from me forever.”

“And I was perfectly healthy before that. I was only a kid,” she said.

Two and a half years later, Chloe still struggles to come to terms with what she lost. She feels so deceived and betrayed by medical professionals who encouraged her down this path, she decided to sue the endocrinologist who put her on puberty blockers and opposite-sex hormones, the gender specialist who referred her for a double mastectomy, the surgeon who removed her breasts, and the health care provider in the hospital that went through with the surgery.

“I don’t think the biggest problem with my transition was that I regretted it,” Chloe said, explaining: 

What’s more damaging was that they lied to me and my parents. They coerced my parents into allowing me to do this. And while my parents were required to sign off on everything, they were also putting it on me, because I desired to do this. They withheld a lot of information from us, but even then at the age I was, I just wasn’t capable of giving informed consent. And it’s seriously affected both my mental and physical health. I’m still recovering to this day. I don’t know if I’ll be able to conceive a child or safely carry to term, and I certainly won’t be able to breastfeed.

“The people that did this to me need to be held accountable,” Chloe added.

Despite no longer having breasts and having to cope with ongoing complications from drugs with side effects in children and adults that aren’t well known, Chloe radiates beauty and grace. 

Her willingness to vulnerably share the emotional details of a young, gender-confused girl who finds herself by simply accepting the person she is makes for the perfect character in a Hollywood script. Her contagious smile and imperfect body make for a fitting cover girl for brands wanting to promote natural and authentic beauty. Her advocacy work to protect children from experiencing the same medical harms she went through as a young girl makes for a compelling story for media interested in telling the truth about gender ideology and its impact on our youth. 

And yet, for the most part, Chloe and her story are siloed to the conservative press. 

For Chloe, the elite’s lack of interest in her story doesn’t discourage her. She’d welcome the opportunity to share it on a larger platform to warn other children from making her mistakes, but Chloe has found peace with not fitting in—both with her peers and with the larger narrative surrounding transgenderism and children. 

No longer does Chloe feel the need to change herself to fit ideas she now knows aren’t true. Instead, she is working to change those ideas by using her own story as documented evidence. 

And at 18, her story is far from over. After being fast-tracked to a medical transition by a team of eager doctors, Chloe is working through the process of detransitioning, mostly by herself. 

“I reached out to every physician, every therapist who is involved with this, and I haven’t really gotten any help at all,” she said. 

Left to navigate on her own, Chloe stopped taking testosterone “cold turkey,” and still struggles with urinary complications that doctors have yet to help fix.

Chloe now knows she’s on the autism spectrum, which explains much of her struggle to fit in with other girls her age. She’s also learned that, despite the hardships women often face, there are a lot of amazing things that come with being female.

“I think it takes time and experience in this world to be able to really learn about it and appreciate that,” she said. “I kind of had to learn that for myself.”

After a traumatic and in some ways tragic journey, Chloe Cole has learned that happiness doesn’t come from pretending to be something she’s not. She doesn’t need the fancy accolades, money, or fame that trans-identifying youth often get, although some recognition for the courage it takes to tell her story again and again might be nice. 

But that won’t stop Chloe from continuing to share that story, now that she is determined not to let what happened to her happen to another innocent boy or girl. 

It’s a shame that so few in the corporate, Hollywood, and media world are willing to match Chloe’s bravery, sharing the truth about the irreversible, damaging procedures that changed her life, as only a young girl, forever.

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Find Out Which Companies Promote Leftism 

A new database can help conservative consumers identify which companies actively work to promote leftist ideology and, in some cases, fire conservatives. 

The 1792 Exchange, a nonprofit focused on the dangers of “woke capitalism” that urges companies to be neutral on ideological issues, last month released a database of over 1,000 companies.  

The database assesses the risk that “a company will cancel a contract or client, or boycott, divest, or deny services based on views or beliefs,” the 1792 Exchange says. 

At a time when the culture wars increasingly are being fought, not just in Washington and state capitols but in boardrooms across the country , it’s a welcome development to have a resource to help determine whether your dollars are supporting companies that are neutral or companies that are working against you and your beliefs.  

Scanning the entries for companies, I was surprised at just how politically involved so many well-known corporations have become.  

Sure, I expected tech companies such as Meta (parent company of Facebook and Instagram) and Alphabet (parent company of Google) to be liberal. And I knew that, as delicious as its ice cream might be, Ben & Jerry’s still hadn’t strayed from its leftist roots. 

But I was surprised to see other companies, such as Kohl’s, Ford, Kroger, and Allstate, get slapped with the 1792 Exchange’s “high risk” label. From toy manufacturers to airlines, from drug stores to supermarkets, plenty of companies are busily fighting for leftist causes .  

Here’s just a few examples of companies deemed “high risk” by 1792 Exchange: 

  1. Alaska Airlines. The airline fired two employees after they spoke out against the company’s support for the Equality Act—a bill that likely would require girls sports teams to let biological males play. Alaska Airlines also had “created a new aircraft livery following the death of George Floyd to promote Black Lives Matter” and “issued pro-Black Lives Matter pins and T-shirts for employees.” 
  1. Allstate. The insurance company “suspended PAC donations to members of Congress who objected to the election certification, streamlined funds to Planned Parenthood, and created ads promoting LGBTQ values.” Back in 2005—apparently, Allstate was ahead of the times on wokeness—the company fired an employee after he wrote an article “at home on his own time explaining his religious views against homosexuality and his beliefs that the movement was dangerous.” 
  1. Comcast. Not only will this company’s internet service throw you into despair (or is that just my experience?) but it also promotes leftism. Comcast is “an advocate for the Equality Act and has issued statements opposing the Georgia election security bill,” the 1792 Exchange says. The company also “donated $100 million to various groups affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement” and “announced that it would fund employees’ travel to get an abortion.” 
  1. CVS. The drug store chain famed for its mile-long receipts is apparently woke on everything except wasting paper. It “advocates for the Equality Act and transgender participation in girls’ sports” and “the company signed an open letter opposing a Florida bill that would prevent teaching gender identity and sexual orientation in schools to kids in K-3rd grade.” CVS gives employees abortion travel “benefits” and “fired a Catholic nurse practitioner after she refused to prescribe or administer abortifacients, citing her religious beliefs.” In a somewhat surprising twist, though, CVS does say it protects employees’ differing viewpoints. 
  1. Ford. The American car manufacturer may boast of building trucks “Ford tough,” but it seems to have little spine when it comes to leftist pressure. The company has backed the Equality Act and spoken out against election integrity bills. The company also “fired a Christian employee in 2015 for remarks he made against Ford’s advocacy for LGBTQ rights, which he alleged was religious discrimination.” One bright spot from the company is that leaders refused to stop making police cars, despite some pressure, in 2020. 
  1. Kohl’s. The department store chain has gone full woke internally, having its “recruiters attend an ‘Unconscious Bias, Influencing, Diversity Sourcing, and Diversity 101 training’” and in 2020, making “all employees … attend ‘unconscious bias’ training.” Just in case you want to wear your wokeness on your sleeve, Kohl’s sold a “’racial equity’ line of clothing, with logos similar to those commonly used by Black Lives Matter.” 
  1. Kroger. If you thought your views on gay marriage would be irrelevant in a supermarket, think again: The grocery store chain “fired two Christian employees who requested not to wear the gay pride logo on their work aprons.” Kroger also “enables community donations to Planned Parenthood” and will pay travel costs for employees to get an abortion.  
  1. Marriott. The hotel chain has embraced more leftist causes than a college student in Berkeley. It has supported the Equality Act, spoken out against religious freedom legislation in Arizona and Georgia, and opposed Florida’s bill banning teaching sexual orientation and gender identity to kids in kindergarten through third grade. But apparently China, not known for its wokeness, is A-OK: Marriott “fired a social media manager for using the company’s Twitter to like a tweet thanking Marriott for recognizing Tibet and Taiwan as separate entities from China.” 
  1. Mattel. The toy company behind Barbies, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, and American Girl has decided children’s toys should come with a dollop of wokeness. Mattel has the dubious distinction of making the first gender-neutral doll, back in 2019. Last year, the company made a “trans-Barbie” in honor of notable actor and transgender activist Laverne Cox. Nor is Mattel content to just push propaganda in toys: The company “advocates for the Equality Act and transgender participation in youth sports.” 
  1. Pfizer. The pharmaceutical giant doesn’t hold back from getting involved in issues unrelated to health. Pfizer “has signed open letters supporting the Equality Act and transgenders in youth sports” and “opposed the Florida Parental Rights in Education Act, which prohibits teaching gender identity and sexual orientation in schools to kids in K-3rd grade.” It also matches employees’ donations to Planned Parenthood.  

Alaska Airlines, Allstate, Comcast, CVS, Kohl’s, Kroger, Marriott, Mattel, and Pfizer didn’t respond to emails from The Daily Signal asking them to confirm or deny the statements about them in the 1792 Exchange’s report. The Daily Signal could not reach Ford for comment.  

“The Corporate Bias Ratings contains vital information for shareholders, nonprofits, and small businesses about companies that may cancel them for their views,” says Eric Korsvall, chief operating officer of The Heritage Foundation, in an emailed statement. (The Daily Signal is the news outlet of The Heritage Foundation.) 

“Conservatives cannot afford to ignore these important ratings,” Korsvall adds.  

I agree with my colleague. Whether it’s emailing a company to let them know that you’re disappointed in their political decisions, or boycotting them outright, conservatives need to make clear there are consequences for mixing leftist political activism with business decisions. 

You might also consider whether it’s time to boost some businesses that share your values. New Founding’s Align specifically “showcases businesses that support our shared way of life and vision for America,” urging conservatives: “Don’t buy from people who hate you. Don’t let your money stab you in the back.”  

There also are businesses such as Goya Foods, whose CEO Robert Unanue praised President Donald Trump (and didn’t back down when threatened with boycotts) and Seven Weeks Coffee , which donates part of its proceeds to pregnancy resource centers.  

Someday we might get back to an America where politics stays in Washington and state capitals, and doesn’t infiltrate businesses. But sadly, that’s not today’s America—and if conservatives are serious about winning, they need to reflect on where they put their money. 

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Did China Send Spy Balloons During Trump Presidency? FAA Isn’t Saying

The Federal Aviation Administration , the agency that monitors all air traffic in the United States, didn’t have an answer Monday to the question of whether Chinese spy balloons traversed American airspace during the Trump administration.

The aviation agency said its cooperation with the Defense Department in restricting airspace where the balloon was shot down, however, didn’t create any problems for civilian flights. 

The military shot down a Chinese spy balloon Saturday off the coast of South Carolina after it had flown over much of the continental United States. The balloon was first seen in Montanna. 

In response to numerous Republican lawmakers who criticized the Biden administration’s allowing the balloon to stay aloft for days despite concerns over Chinese espionage , Defense Department officials said that three similar spy balloons had entered U.S. airspace during the Trump administration. 

Former President Donald Trump as well as senior Trump administration officials denied any knowledge of such balloons. 

The Daily Signal asked the FAA whether it tracks these types of balloons, how many such balloons it tracked from January 2017 through January 2021, and whether the agency notified air traffic controllers about the balloons. 

A spokesperson said the agency restricted air space in the area off South Carolina where Reuters reported that an Air Force fighter jet shot down the balloon with a heat-seeking, air-to-air missile.

“The FAA has restricted a small piece of airspace at the request of the Department of Defense since Saturday afternoon,” an FAA spokesperson said in an email response. “There has been no operational impact for civilian operations. Please contact DOD for additional questions.”

The Daily Signal followed up, narrowing questions to the period from 2017 through 2021, but the FAA did not immediately respond. 

The Defense Department referred to comments Thursday by the Pentagon’s press secretary, Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder,  to note that it tracks suspected spy balloons in U.S. airspace. 

“The United States government has detected and is tracking a high-altitude surveillance balloon that is over the continental United States right now,” Ryder said Thursday. “The U.S. government, to include NORAD, continues to track and monitor it closely.”

On Monday, unnamed Biden administration officials told CNN that Trump administration officials wouldn’t know about China’s spy balloons that flew over America during their time because those incidents weren’t discovered until sometime after Biden took office Jan. 20, 2021. 

The unnamed officials didn’t tell CNN when those alleged balloon incidents occurred or were discovered. But the officials said the intelligence community is willing to brief former Trump administration officials. 

A Defense Department official told reporters during a background briefing Saturday that China sent three previous spy balloons to fly over the United States during the Trump administration and one more spy balloon earlier during the Biden administration. He used the initials for the communist regime’s official name, the People’s Republic of China.

“PRC government surveillance balloons transited the continental United States briefly at least three times during the prior administration and once that we know of at the beginning of this administration, but never for this duration of time,” the Defense Department official said . “We spoke directly with Chinese officials through multiple channels, but rather than address their intrusion into our airspace, the PRC put out an explanation that lacked any credibility.”

This seemed to come as a surprise to Trump and former senior officials of his administration, including former Secretary of State and CIA Director Mike Pompeo and former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe

“This never happened. It would have never happened,” Trump told Fox News. 

Beijing “respected us greatly,” the former president said. “It never happened with us under the Trump administration, and if it did, we would have shot it down immediately. It’s disinformation.”

Two other top Trump administration officials who later became Trump critics, also said they had no knowledge of Chinese balloons. 

Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper told CNN : “I don’t ever recall somebody coming into my office or reading anything that the Chinese had a surveillance balloon above the United States.”

Former national security adviser John Bolton, who became a harsh Trump critic after departing the White House, called for the Biden administration to provide “specific examples” of such incursions and said “they need to tell Congress.”

“I don’t know of any [surveillance] balloon flights by any power over the United States during my tenure, and I’d never heard of any of that occurring before I joined in 2018,” Bolton told Fox News . “I haven’t heard of anything that occurred after I left, either.”

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‘Greatest Threat to Our Future Is Our National Debt,’ McCarthy Warns Before State of the Union

One day before President Joe Biden is set to address the nation during his State of the Union speech, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy warned that “the greatest threat to our future is our national debt.”  

McCarthy, R-Calif., told Americans during a speech Monday night that “Our national debt is high, too high. And the problem is getting worse, not better.”   

America is more than $31 trillion in debt and reached its debt ceiling in January. The Treasury Department has warned that lawmakers have until early June to raise the debt ceiling or America will risk defaulting on its debt.  

McCarthy bashed Democrats for the ways they have spent Americans’ “hard-earned tax dollars like the dollars were imaginary.” While McCarthy was clear that he will demand cuts to federal spending, he assured Americans that defaulting on the national debt “is not an option.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre  told reporters in January that raising the debt ceiling is “something that should be done without conditions,” and she added that the White House is “not going to be negotiating over the debt ceiling.” But Republicans say they will not vote to raise the debt ceiling until Democrats agree to federal spending cuts.  

“President [Joe] Biden wants Congress to raise the debt limit yet again without a single sensible change to how government spends your hard earned money. None,” McCarthy said.  

The speaker said the American people elected Republicans as the majority in the House “because we are committed to finding solutions that curb inflation.” Affecting inflation, according to McCarthy, is “wasteful Washington spending.”  

McCarthy spoke directly to Biden during his remarks, challenging the president to “get to work,” and adding that “Surely, we both agree that the national debt is too high. Surely, we both agree that inflation hurts American families. Surely, we can trim waste and streamline programs to make them both stronger and more efficient.”  

While McCarthy told Biden there should be “no blank checks for runaway spending,” he told Americans his three-part plan to move the ball forward regarding debates over the debt celling.  

1. “We will continue to sit down and negotiate.” 

McCarthy met with Biden at the White House last week to discuss the national debt ceiling. No formal agreement on spending and the nation debt was reached, but McCarthy called it a “very good discussion” after the fact.  

2. “Commit to finding common ground on a responsible debt limit increase.”  

Republicans have said they are willing to raise the debt limit, proving Democrats agree to federal spending cuts.  

The Republican “majority in the House will not vote to raise the debt ceiling without significant budget reform,” Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said during a press conference in January. 

3. “We must move towards a balanced budget and insist on genuine accountability for every dollar we spend.”  

McCarthy said balancing the budget should be done with future generations in mind. 

“My colleagues and I in Congress were elected at this moment in time to restore your voice in Washington and to deliver the bright future you want, need and deserve, not only for you before your children and their children,” McCarthy said. “We will not let you down.” 

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COVID-19 National Emergency Is (Nearly) Over. It’s Time for States to Roll Back Overly Generous Benefits.

The official end of the COVID-19 emergency is near.  That’s good news . It’s now up to the states to finish the job.

The House of Representatives voted Feb. 1 on a joint resolution ending the national COVID-19 emergency and a bill to terminate Health and Human Services’ public health emergency declaration.

At the same time, the Biden administration has also announced plans to end both of those emergencies in May.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, policymakers took emergency steps to help mitigate its effects. Then-President Donald Trump in March of 2020 declared a national emergency , which opened up a variety of new authorities across the federal government. The secretary of HHS also declared a public health emergency, which allows the agency to waive certain requirements.

This cascade of emergency steps manifested itself at the state and local level as well.  

Congress also reacted by enacting a stream of temporary legislative changes as well. Notably, lawmakers passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act of 2020, which linked several changes to the duration of the public health emergency. In that bill, Congress provided states with emergency federal Medicaid funding, but in exchange prohibited the states from removing individuals from the Medicaid program, regardless of eligibility changes.

The legislation also allowed states to increase food stamp allocations to beneficiaries and suspended work requirements on able-bodied individuals as a condition for receiving food stamps.

Also attached to the public health emergency, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 included changes to halt work-study requirements on college students as a condition of receiving food stamps.

The Biden administration has used the perpetual extension of these emergencies as a means to advance its radical agenda and undermine the basic design of these welfare programs. It already succeeded in expanding “temporary” Obamacare subsidies until 2024 and attempted, but failed, to extend its “temporary” child tax credit scheme.    

With the official end of the COVID-19 emergency in sight, now the work to restore normalcy falls to the states.  Most urgent are those related to the Medicaid and food stamp programs.

The Omnibus Act of 2023 included a process for dialing back the federal emergency Medicaid match rate and for states to return to normal eligibility reviews and thereby officially delinking it to the end of the public health emergency.  

The unwinding process is set for April, but states can and should start sooner .

Medicaid enrollment skyrocketed during COVID-19. Enrollment is estimated to have increased 28% from February 2020 to September 2022. Some argue that between 5 million and 14 million individuals may lose Medicaid coverage if the freeze is lifted. However, not only will many have access to coverage elsewhere but, by restoring proper eligibility, states will be able to free up resources to ensure the program is serving those who it is intended to serve.  

The Omnibus Act of 2023 also ended the emergency food stamp allocations early. Originally set to stop once the public health emergency came to an end, now states are required to return to normal allocations starting in March. It’s worth noting that 17 states already ended emergency allotments, and South Carolina is scheduled to do so starting this month. The remaining states will need to act soon.

States will also need to be ready to restore work requirements for able-bodied individuals, including college students, as a condition of receiving food stamps.

States should consider other steps to integrate work more fully into welfare programs. With an economywide need for more workers, it’s a win-win: for employers looking for people to fill jobs and for individuals wanting to move out of the welfare state and into the workforce.

Twenty-four states and the District of Columbia either fully or partially exempt work as a condition of benefits for able-bodied individuals. That should be changed.

States must not be passive, but aggressive, in getting back to normal, especially when it comes to rolling back the Biden administration’s radical agenda .

The perpetual extensions of these emergencies have allowed the Biden administration to advance its liberal agenda under the guise of an “emergency” that Americans have long put behind them. It’s time to roll them back.

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