For the Jan. 6 Committee to Succeed, This Guy Has to Go

Chip Somodevilla/Getty

On July 22, Chairman Bennie Thompson announced the senior staff for the fledgling 1/6 committee. On paper, the choices were beyond reproach. Until you saw who was named staff director, and just how sketchy his professional past is.

Thompson’s announcement described David Buckley in glowing terms. He was staff director of a congressional intelligence committee, showing that he was not afraid to go up against the most recalcitrant of Executive branch agencies. That kind of experience will be invaluable.

He was even the Inspector General of the Central Intelligence Agency. You can’t ask for a better background than that.

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Meghan McCain Compares Guy Who Confronted Tucker Carlson to Scalise’s Shooter: ‘Incredibly Dangerous’

ABC News

The View’s Meghan McCain on Monday dramatically denounced a Montana man who confronted Fox News star Tucker Carlson at a sporting goods store, describing the local fly-fishing guide’s actions as “incredibly dangerous” and comparing him to the congressional baseball shooter.

In a video that he shared on his Instagram account over the weekend, Dan Bailey can be seen telling Carlson “you are the worst human being known to mankind” as the Fox host was shopping at Dan Bailey’s Outdoor Company. (Oddly enough, Bailey has no affiliation with the shop other than sharing a name with the late founder.)

During the brief conversation, Carlson at one point puts his hand on Bailey’s chest as the man seemingly chastised the conservative media star for his vaccine-skeptical and racially inflammatory commentary. After Carlson realizes someone is filming him, he breaks out into a wide grin before calling Bailey “son” and walking away.

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This Maxi Dress Keeps Me Fashionable, Cool, and Modest

Photo Illustration: Scouted/The Daily Beast/Amazon

Scouting Report: This long-sleeved maxi dress from Amazon is perfect for anyone looking to stay modest, but not overheat during the summer.

As someone who covers herself by observing hijab, literally meaning “the veil” in Arabic, it can get challenging to find clothing that is both comfortable and loose, while also staying cool during the warm weather of the summer months. Dresses are too short, or too see-through, or just plain too tight. Fortunately, I came across the PCEAIIH Long Sleeve Loose Plain Dresses and it’s been my ultimate summer dress.

I loved this maxi dress immediately because of its versatility — it really is not only just for summer but can be worn in the fall and spring too. This dress really is easy to fall in love with the elegance and shaping it provides. Most dresses can be really form-fitted to the body’s shape but this material is breathable and not clingy at all, making it perfect for any occasion. The dress is made of a wonderfully soft material that will allow you to stay comfortable all day long. The buttery soft nature of this dress keeps me cool and still makes me feel divine. One thing to note, however, is that the fabric does stretch a bit; this can have both advantages or disadvantages. On the plus side, you don’t have to worry about wrinkles as much. However, the downside is that if pulled too much, the cloth may not retain its structure. I have found that it can start to pill after too much wear, but that’s nothing a fabric shaver can’t help.

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Futurism Bought by VC-Backed Firm Seeking to Become Next Big Media Power Player

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

A popular but niche technology and science outlet has become the latest website to be scooped up by a venture equity-backed media company quickly becoming a significant player in the digital space.

Recurrent Ventures is set to announce later on Monday that it has finalized a deal to purchase Futurism, the tech and culture-focused news site previously owned by Singularity University, a Google and Deloitte-backed technology business.

The purchase of Futurism marks the latest acquisition for Recurrent Ventures, which has quickly assembled a portfolio of well-liked but small, primarily digital media brands. Over the past several years, the venture equity-backed company has purchased 18 media brands including Popular Science, Saveur, Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, and The Drive, among others.

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Forty Thousand Fans Cram Into Music Festival as England Takes Huge, but Very Fun, Gamble


HENHAM PARK, England—Some 40,000 unmasked music fans descended on farmland here in rural Suffolk this weekend, for a four-day music festival that represents the country’s biggest real-world experiment so far in living alongside coronavirus, as the country shrugged off all remaining restrictions after 16 months of constraints.

The Latitude festival required all attendees to show proof that they were either fully vaccinated or in possession of a negative COVID test as a condition of entry, but there was no requirement for social distancing.

Screaming music fans responded by cramming around open-air stages and inside covered tents to see a lineup of acts like The Chemical Brothers, Wolf Alice, and ’80s pop legend Rick Astley, who of course performed his 1988 No. 1 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up,” which has since become famous as an internet prank, at the event’s Obelisk and Trailer Park stages.

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