Our Tips on Where to Eat in Mumbai, India

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Mumbai has long been an entrepot, a cosmos stamped with the influences of communities from within India and around the world. Immigrants have seeped through the city, imprinting their culinary cultures into its kitchens; stalls selling the city’s iconic vada pao sit cheek-by-jowl with rarefied colonial-era clubs, Indian-style Chinese is corralled onto a menu with Chicken a la Kiev, and chicken tikka as popular as pizza. This extremely abbreviated list of restaurants is a personal shoehorn into its past and its future.


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In ‘Taurus,’ Machine Gun Kelly Embodies a Lost Generation of Rap

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For fans of Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), the opening scenes of Taurus are frustrating. We already know we are about to see his portrayal of a rising star rapper struggling with addiction, women, and the never-ending conflation of the two. We are somewhat expecting the feel of a rock biopic, despite the film centering on the fictional Cole Taurus. We are looking for little nods and asides to our MGK-and-associated-acts fan club/movement, known as EST (“Everyone Stands Together”). And we expect to hear music, a lot of it, and at a high volume.

But director/writer Tim Sutton gives us little of that in this tone poem about illness, success, family, and the music industry. Instead, excruciating seconds go by as the film opens on a violent, MGK-free scene that pays off much later in the film, followed by only obscured glimpses of MGK’s famous face. Shaggy blond hair hides his expression, or intoxicated lack thereof, as he bends over a piano, then, the camera follows him from behind at a music festival, walking hand-in-hand with real-life fiancée Megan Fox . Of note, the latter footage was clearly taken from one of his summer tours (to give you an idea of the probable budget for Taurus, hair and makeup did not attempt to cover any of his extensive and well-known tattoos, even the “MGK” and “EST” ones).

Equally unsettling is the silence. Cole, high, bends over the piano with a singer (Naomi Wild) by his side, and uncertainty hangs in the air. He’s grasping at snippets of a song he needs to finish. Is this what songwriter’s block sounds like? What the slowdown of a galloping creative brain on drugs sounds like?

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Why Actors Like Rita Moreno and Kelsey Grammer Want to Make Lifetime’s Holiday Movies

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Year after year, Lifetime continues to churn out around a bajillion Christmas movies every holiday season. With those festive flicks, the network nabs big names—this year, for example, its roster includes folks like Kelsey Grammer , Rita Moreno , and Mario Lopez . What does the channel do to attract so many big names every time the clock strikes November, and how do they keep these folks around for years to come?

At a recent press event teasing the upcoming Lifetime holiday calendar, stars from six of the channel’s feature slate—Steppin’ Into the Holiday, A Christmas Spark, The 12 Days of Christmas Eve, A New Orleans Noel, A Country Christmas Harmony, and Santa Bootcamp—joined a big Zoom to chat about their experiences.

Country music singer and Dancing With the Stars alum Jana Kramer has starred in a handful of different Lifetime films, including her upcoming yuletide dance movie Steppin’ Into the Holiday alongside Mario Lopez. There’s just something about Lifetime, she explained, that makes her feel at home every time she participates in one of their films.

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How Will Balenciaga Survive Its Child Abuse Moral Panic Scandal?

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There are flash-in-the-pan scandals , and then there are moral panic pile-ons like the firestorm edgy Spanish fashion house Balenciaga is currently experiencing; the ones that have the potential to change a brand forever.

Balenciaga is currently weathering intense backlash aimed at a series of recently-released ad campaigns: one features Balenciaga-clad children posed next to teddy bears dressed in what some have interpreted to be BDSM gear, another shows celebrities with paperwork in the background detailing a 2008 Supreme Court ruling on child pornography laws while a third image from the Spring 2023 campaign, which just started drawing ire this week, features a book of work by artist Michael Borremans, who has in the past produced images of blood-soaked children .

“For a heritage luxury brand, ‘look at me’ edginess is a lame substitute for authentic creativity,” Orit, the founder and CEO of luxury marketing agency O Group, told The Daily Beast on Tuesday.

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Lawsuit Details Walmart Shooter’s Creepy and ‘Cruel’ Behavior Before Massacre

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An employee who survived the mass shooting at a Chesapeake, Virginia, Walmart claims she submitted a complaint about her manager, Andre Bing, months before he allegedly killed six staff members and himself .

Donya Prioleau, who is suing the company for $50 million in damages, alleges the location was negligent in hiring and continuing to employ Bing, despite him having a “mean” and “cruel” reputation as a supervisor to “watch out for.”

According to her lawsuit, Bing kept a “kill list” of potential targets and held personal vendettas against staff. Former employees said that Bing would repeatedly ask them if they had received their active shooter training, then smile and walk away, the lawsuit says.

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‘That ’90s Show’ Looks Just Like ‘That ’70s Show,’ But With Flannels

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The 70s and 90s may have more in common than we think, if the first trailer for Netflix’s sequel to That ’70s Show has anything to say about it.

A first-look teaser for That ’90s Show released Tuesday shows a younger, more diverse generation wreaking havoc in the fictional town of Point Place, Wisconsin—or more specifically, inside Kitty and Red Forman’s house. It’s the year 1995, and Kitty’s (Debra Jo Rupp) voice is as cheery as ever while a grungy take on the original Fox sitcom’s theme song plays. Meanwhile, Red (Kurtwood Smith) snarls at his visiting granddaughter Leia’s new friends and, once again, threatens to put his foot in every ass in sight.

Kitty and Red’s wallpapered kitchen is immediately recognizable to anyone who spent their formative years watching marathons of the original, save for a couple new appliances (hello two-door fridge!) and re-painted cabinets that reflect the new decade.

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Bats Use Screamo Growls to Talk to Each Other

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Turns out the death metal band BAT may have been on to something. Danish scientists have determined that bats communicate with each other by vibrating a pair of thick folds above their vocal chords—the same process that death metal singers use to produce their characteristic growls.

This vocal trick can help explain how it is that bats’ range can span seven octaves—multiple octaves more than a professional singer and the most out of any mammal. The Danish team’s research into bat vocal prowess was published on Tuesday in the journal PLOS Biology .

Bats’ range is “remarkable,” Coen Elemans, a biologist at the University of Southern Denmark and a co-author of the paper, said in a press release . “Some human singers can reach a range of 4-5 [octaves], but they are only very few. Well-known examples are Mariah Carey, Axl Rose, and Prince. It turns out that bats surpass this range by using different structures in their larynx,” he added.

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San Francisco Cops Propose Using Killer Robots to Fight Crime

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Want a bleak example of our cyberpunk dystopia? Well, look no further than San Francisco, where the city is set to consider allowing cops to use robots to kill people.

On Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors plans to vote on a proposal for the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) to be able to kill suspects with robots—applying the same policy that allows human cops to use deadly force against a person. If approved, the SFPD will be able to choose from seven different robots to potentially do the bloody deed.

“Robots will only be used as a deadly force option when risk of loss of life to members of the public or officers is imminent and outweighs any other force option available to SFPD,” the proposal reads .

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Furious Russian Officials Accuse Pope Francis of ‘Race-Baiting’ and ‘Perversion’

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ROME—Russia is calling Pope Francis a race-baiting liar over comments he made during an interview with the leading Jesuit magazine America . Francis—who drew scorn early on in the Russian invasion of Ukraine for not naming Russia as the invader—has lately amped up his criticism over the war.

Francis told the magazine, “Generally, the cruelest are perhaps those who are of Russia but are not of the Russian tradition, such as the Chechens, the Buryati and so on.”

Konstantin Kosachev, the deputy speaker of Russia’s Federation Council said the pope calling certain ethnic groups within Russia’s fighting core “cruel,” were “completely false.”

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Michelle Williams’ ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Speech Will Move You to Tears

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Last night, at the opulent Cipriani Wall Street, Michelle Williams began what will likely be a long awards season for her work playing Mitzi Fabelman, a stand-in for Steven Spielberg’s mother in The Fabelmans . But accepting a performer tribute at the Gotham Awards, Williams mostly spoke about her roots in Capeside, Massachusetts. Not a member of Gen X or a millennial? That’s where Dawson’s Creek was set .

In fact, it was an entire night of stars referencing the nostalgia audiences hold for their early work.

Adam Sandler , who was awarded the other performer tribute, killed doing a speech ostensibly written by his teenage daughters in “that goofy Southern accent” he typically trots out for these events. (It’s a voice that’s adjacent to Bobby Boucher, his character in The Waterboy.) Everything Everywhere all at Once star Ke Huy Quan melted hearts with his acceptance speech for Outstanding Supporting Performance, referencing his long overdue comeback from his child-star days in The Goonies and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The A24 film also took home the Best Feature award, setting it on a path to potential Oscar glory.

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