Biden’s State of the Union must make amends for woke response to China spy threat

President Joe Biden has his work cut out for him ahead of the State of the Union Address on Tuesday. It will be difficult for him to project any confidence about the state of our union after Americans just watched his woke, incompetent, and deeply confused national security team timidly flounder over a single Chinese spy balloon.

Apparently, the American military learned about the balloon when it was still at the edge of Alaska – and long before it got to the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile field in Montana.

The Biden administration tried to keep it hushed up, so it would not ruin Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s planned trip to China. This is the same Blinken who was apparently making $1 million a year at the Penn-Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania (while the university was getting at least $67 million from the Chinese Communists).


We Americans might never have known that there was a Chinese spy balloon drifting across America if a Montana newspaper had not published a picture of it and made it public on a purely amateur civilian basis.

At that point having a Communist Chinese spy balloon drifting across your country became a huge embarrassment for President Joe Biden because it made him look weak – and resurfaced the notion that his son Hunter’s business dealing in China – and his own Penn-Biden Center’s secret finances – might be part of why Biden is so weak on China. 

Furthermore, there is apparently growing fear that the Republicans are mobilizing the American people on the issue of dealing with the Chinese Communist threat. The Biden team is beginning to think about re-election in 2024 and does not want to let the Republicans seem more prepared to defend America than they are.

Suddenly, having apparently known about the Chinese spy balloon drifting across America for a week, we are told President Biden wanted to shoot it down. (It would be useful to ask whether the president was told about the balloon before or after the Montana newspaper story.)

However, according to the media stories, all his senior national security advisers—military and civilian— opposed the idea. We are told they we were afraid the debris might hurt someone.

The idea that for $800 billion a year our defense bureaucrats were incapable of bringing a balloon down in a controlled descent – and also capturing the sophisticated package hanging under it (presumably intelligence gathering devices) – is a tribute to the lack of imagination, woke tunnel vision, timidity, and incompetence of the current generation of senior military leaders.

Now we are told we should be relieved because the balloon was finally shot down once it was over open water.

There are three big things wrong with this Biden version of left wing, woke reality:

First, they waited for the intelligence gathering balloon to get all the way across America before bringing it down. Unless they were secretly jamming the communications (and there has been no indication that was happening) the Chinese Communists have already gotten all the data they needed before we shot down the now irrelevant and useless balloon.


Second, there is no indication they brought the balloon down in a way which let us easily capture the technology package that was hanging under the balloon. 

We had an opportunity to understand Chinese Communist intensions and developmental capabilities. I have seen no reports that the Navy or the Coast Guard had a coordinated plan to be under the balloon when it was brought down. 

Only now, they are looking for it. Presumably, it is now sitting at the bottom of the Atlantic off South Carolina, and we have no idea what it was doing. 


Maybe Congress should offer a reward to any private sector salvage team that can get the package off the ocean floor for study. It seems clear our stunningly expensive bureaucracy can’t do the job.

Third, future balloons may be carrying electromagnetic pulse devices which can eliminate electricity in statewide swaths of territory. The American doctrine should be to have a good enough surveillance system that no balloon can enter American airspace without being immediately shot down.

Ahead of the president’s State of the Union, the world has watched us look slow, dumb, helpless, and ineffective. Our adversaries are studying us and wondering just how hard they can push us.

We have tired, frightened bureaucrats engaged in woke indoctrination and bureaucratic protection who seem incapable of understanding our enemies, evaluating threats, or effectively defending America.

Americans should be worried – and a little bit frightened. We will see on Tuesday if Biden learned anything from his mishandling of the Chinese spy balloon .


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GREG GUTFELD: We should point fingers at China and not at each other

So did you hear what China did? Yeah, they cloned super cows. Chinese scientists say they’ve cloned three calves that once grown will be capable of producing 50% more milk than the average American cow. So they’re putting our cows out to pasture like voters did to Hillary. That is a reach, but I approve. By the way, I believe we have a picture of these new super cows. Off to a good start! Okay, enough of that.

Let’s talk about giant balloons, alright? No, not those. I mean, the Chinese surveillance balloons shot down off the coast of South Carolina. China should have said there was a boy inside. That’s what I would have done. Then I would have shot it down because I’m a bad man. Anyway, there was lots of speculation over the balloon’s sudden appearance. Rumor has it Joe insisted that it was just a full moon. Maybe it came from Hunter’s birthday party from last Saturday. You know, he loves balloons. You know, normally, if they’re full of cocaine and shoved up a drug mule’s ass. But still.

You know, Hunter and the balloon have a lot in common. They’re both paid for by China and high as ****. The Chinese foreign ministry says it was a civilian weather balloon that strayed off course and entered U.S. airspace by accident. And like most illegal border crossers, it just decided to stick around. But that excuse is as believable as Kilmeade’s alibi when Fox’s Christmas tree was torched. Yeah, blame it on the homeless guy. China called our response an overreaction, but then issued a threat of further action in response, possibly in the form of streamers, cake and confetti. Because it was a balloon, audience. There you go. Sometimes you’ve got to goose them.


But what a journey the balloon had, right? It got to see more states than Forrest Gump on a jog. And the public got a good look at it, too. Videos were all over social media of people filming it from their backyards. It was the best thing to happen in Montana since Custer’s last stand. It was the only thing to happen in Montana since Custer’s last stand. Perhaps it was the public who forced this administration to get off their fat, lazy asses and do something about this. If people weren’t documenting it, would the White House have even acted at all? Or would they have let it float to Europe, where it would end up dating a woman with armpit hair? No one deserves that. Not even a balloon filled with explosives.

The White House says Biden was first briefed on Tuesday, three days after it entered the U.S. air defense zone. And worse, the response was softer than Mike Lindell’s Giza Dream sheets. Have you tried them? Have you tried them, really? The Pentagon says the balloon wasn’t a threat, but admitted it could be maneuverable, which is more than we can say about Joe.

So is this really a big deal? Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know. That’s what I hate about these stories. Suddenly, everyone’s an expert on whatever it is we’re talking about. And I don’t know ****, so I’ll refer you to retired Army General John Ferrari. He says the flight might have been to gauge America’s ability to detect incoming threats and to find holes in our air defense warning system. So the balloon was up and I mean really up to no good.


Which brings us back to this. Yeah, the trans teacher with the massive knockers. Here was another case where someone was up to no good, but people were too scared to call it out for fear of being labeled as bigoted. And also popping those breasts would have sent the teacher gusting all the way to China. And with China, we were also too scared to act quickly for fear of offense. And let’s not forget the “kung fu flu,” right? It’s been three years and we still have no answer from China on its origins because questioning such things could be seen as racist and it was. If only it came from Norway or Sweden or perhaps the Ausmin family.

But here’s the bottom line. I linked this balloon story to the Ontario trans teacher with giant boobs. So for those playing the “Gutfeld!” drinking game at home, you have to take two shots now and from two giant cups. Thank God Emily’s here or no one would laugh. So from fentanyl to TikTok, we’ve got major issues with China. And now just let a spy balloon casually cruise right over us like it was bringing Dorothy back to Kansas. If it were me, I would have steered the damn thing into the Space Needle. Because what’s the point of having a Space Needle except to poke holes in space balloons? I mean, I bet the needle was just sitting there the whole time thinking, “Guys, I’m right here. Never going to get this opportunity again.”

In the meantime, I guess we can just take comfort in the fact that it took a balloon to remind us that we all share something in common: we hate when strangers get into our ****. And that the bigger problem for us is this conflict as sport. China unleashes a spy balloon and it should unite every one of us across the country, all pointing upward. We should be pointing fingers at China and not at each other. But with immediate “who can blame the other party first?” But you know who I blame for that? Joe Biden. Yeah, I’m a hypocrite, but I know I am. And Joe was elected based on unifying, but instead cleaves us like a head of lettuce on “Iron Chef.” But hopefully the next windbag we get rid of will be him.

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TUCKER CARLSON: The people who owe you the truth on China spy balloon are lying to you

On Saturday, the 21st of January, American intel services watched, maybe slacked off, as a white helium balloon with an enormous payload swinging beneath it, lifted off from central China and began to float east over the North Pacific on the way here to the United States. Within a week, it arrived. On January 28, the balloon entered U.S. airspace over Alaska. From there, it traveled over the Northwest territories of Canada and then it dropped back into the United States over Idaho. 

By last Wednesday, February 1, it was spotted by civilians in the skies over southern Montana. A man staring out of the window of an office building in Billings saw what he thought was a UFO – was too small to be a moon, he said – and so he began to take pictures, which soon appeared on social media and then almost immediately, the airspace over Billings over the entire town was shut down.

Commercial flights were diverted. F-22 Raptors arrived from a nearby Air Force base, along with refueling tankers and an AWACS surveillance plane. It was a big story. So, it was at this point when the existence of an unauthorized Chinese military aircraft over the continental United States became impossible to hide or deny. At that point, officials around Joe Biden finally decided to tell him about it. 

Now, we don’t know Joe Biden’s reaction to this news, but we do know his response. Biden did nothing. He did not order the balloon shot down. He did not call for sanctions or punishment of any kind against the Chinese government that sent it. It was not until this weekend when the aircraft had traversed the entire United States, including at least one classified nuclear weapons installation, that an Air Force jet finally pierced it with a sidewinder missile off the coast of South Carolina. 


Debris was still fluttering toward the ocean when the administration began telling lies, many of them, about what had happened. That balloon posed no threat to American national security, the Biden administration claimed Why? Because the balloon never transmitted data back to China. Now, how could officials know that? They never explained. Nor did they say whether the Chinese military would send one of its aircraft all the way to the U.S. without a satellite uplink. Apparently, the Chinese just forgot. They’re not very good at technology. 

It was a nonsensical claim, but as far as we know, not a single reporter in Washington pressed the administration to explain that claim, and that’s not really surprising. Reporters in Washington no longer dig. They transcribe and what they transcribe next is almost enough to make you cynical about the role of the press in a free society. It turns out, and we learn this from unnamed officials on background, that allowing Chinese military aircraft to surveil your country, including in missile silos, is not the big deal the rest of us thought it was. In fact, it’s routine. It happens all the time. Trump did it, too. Quite a bit of it, actually.

At least three Chinese spy balloons flew over this country while Donald Trump was president and despite the anti-China rhetoric, he just let them pass. You didn’t know that. Now you do. So, settle down. This is normal. In other words, everything Donald Trump did while president is bad except this letting Chinese spy balloons fly over the country. That’s very good, and we’re taking a lesson from him. 

So, virtually every news organization in this country repeated that claim, including some who should know better and of course, as soon as credulous reporters wrote their dishonest stories, the Democratic Party and the television stations it controls repeated those stories as fact, which was the whole point. Watch.

SENATE MAJORITY LEADER CHUCK SCHUMER: They are saying we should have shot down the balloon the minute we saw it. I would use two words in answering these GOP criticisms. They are “premature” and they are “political.” 

KAREN FINNEY: This is why we voted for Joe Biden, because imagine if this had happened under Donald Trump. 

REP. PRAMILA JAYAPAL: The way in which the balloon was taken down allows us to retrieve the parts of the balloon to see what was actually in there.

PETE BUTTIGIEG: I’m just glad that there was no damage or threat to U.S. aviation operations and that this operation took place was done in a very effective, excellent way. 


JOE SCARBOROUGH: Some of the statements from the Republicans, especially in the Senate, have just been asinine and these jackasses going out again, ‘I’ve got my shotgun. I’m going to shoot down the balloon.’ Seriously, again, they just they make clowns of themselves. 

So, the balloon shut down the airspace over Billings, Montana, including the airport and as it moved east, commercial pilots said they were afraid of it. They’re afraid of hitting it. So, it’s funny to see the transportation secretary who’s in charge of all of this, tell us to pose no threat, no threat to transportation. But the best is the dismissal of anyone who has concerns. It’s those Republicans, again, with their moonshine in their shotguns, their extra chromosomes, thinking it’s OK to shoot down Chinese spy balloons when every sophisticated person knows, Donald Trump himself knew, the best way to handle Chinese spy balloons, let them pass again. Just like Trump did. Trump, Trump, he’s good all of a sudden.

So, the question is, did Donald Trump let Chinese military aircraft float over the United States unmolested while he was president? Well, someone asked him. He says he didn’t. In fact, in the interview yesterday, Trump said he had no idea there were any Chinese spy balloons over the United States when he was president, and he seemed to mean it.

But it wasn’t just Trump. Trump’s former national security adviser said the same thing. He said he never heard anything about Chinese spy balloons over the country and you would think that he would have heard.


Then the general in charge of NORAD, Glen VanHerck, had the very same reaction. “It’s my responsibility to detect threats to North America. I will tell you that we did not detect those threats.” So, somehow NORAD, the most sophisticated supposedly monitoring system in the world, missed those Chinese spy balloons—two or three of them—and by the way, so did the director of national intelligence, the man whose job it is to know America’s secrets. He said he’d never heard of Chinese spy balloons over the country during the Trump administration. Here’s former DNI John Ratcliffe. 

JOHN RATCLIFFE: Do you remember during the Trump administration, when photographers on the ground and commercial airline pilots were talking about spy balloon over the United States that people could look up and see, even with it with the naked eye and that a media that hated Donald Trump wasn’t reporting? I don’t remember that either, because it didn’t happen. 

“It didn’t happen,” said a former director of national intelligence. You can see why he thinks that. 

So again, according to media accounts, at least one of these three Trump-era Chinese spy balloons floated all the way to Texas in the center of the country and yet inside the U.S. government, at the very highest levels, no one seemed to know that it happened. Well, how could that have occurred, really? 

Well, the Biden administration had an answer. Speaking on background to its shills in the media, unnamed officials explained that these Chinese spy flights were actually never reported to President Trump or the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff or even to the secretary of defense. 


Why weren’t they reported? Because they weren’t important enough. They were, “relatively minor territorial incursions.” 

OK, so a Chinese military aircraft hovering over Texas more than a thousand miles from the Pacific Ocean is a minor territorial incursion? It’s what they said. It’s pure absurdity. But once again, no reporter in Washington pushed back.

They just repeated the lie and then, without warning, the White House changed its talking point, undermining the first lie. Actually, they explained today, nobody knew the Chinese spy balloons were floating over America during the Trump administration. We didn’t know. We just found out pretty recently. Watch the smarter, but more dishonest White House spokesman spin that tale. 

JOHN KIRBY: I can tell you that is, that we discovered these flights after we came into office and I’m not going to get into the specifics of how we did the forensics. I think you can understand that we’re going to be careful about that. 


They’re not going to get to the specifics of the forensics (Oh the forensics!). But the one thing they’re really shocked by when they took control of the U.S. government was how soft on China Trump was. They had no idea. He was letting these Chinese spy flights go over. They were shocked, as shocked as anyone would be. That’s what they’re saying. Of course, once again, they can’t say more because it’s classified. Wish we could, sorry. 

So, what is the real story here? Honestly, we don’t know. The Pentagon ignored our many questions. Of course, they did, because we’re not going to transcribe them. So, once again, the people who owe you the truth are lying to you. So, all tonight we know with certainty is that the Chinese military just flew an aircraft that reportedly contained explosives over the entire length of the United States and got away with it. That seems like a bad precedent.  

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Florida State University has been seized by the DEI bureaucracy

Editor’s note: The following essay was first published in City Journal.

Florida State University has adopted a series of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” programs that divides Americans along a “matrix of oppression,” castigates Christians for their “Christian privilege,” and offers a racially segregated scholarship that deliberately bars White students from applying.

Officially, Florida State officials have claimed in a recent report to Gov. Ron DeSantis that they support 23 separate DEI programs and initiatives. But beneath the surface, the ideology has embedded itself everywhere in the university.

I have obtained documents  through public searches and Sunshine Law requests that reveal a sprawling bureaucracy, dedicated to promoting left-wing racial narratives, including a seemingly endless array of programs, departments, trainings, certificates, committees, statements, grants, groups, clubs, reports, and initiatives.


One representative program is “Social Justice Ally Training,” hosted by Student Equity & Inclusion Director Sierra Turner and the Center for Leadership & Social Change. The program provides a basic recapitulation of the critical-race-theory narrative: white, patriarchal Western societies have created a “Cycle of Socialization” that has resulted in “racism, classism, religious oppression, sexism, heterosexism, gender oppression, ableism, ageism & adultism, and xenophobia.”

The trainers make the case that, in the United States, “whites” are the racial group responsible for the “systematic subordination of members of targeted racial groups who have relatively little power.” Whites are also guilty of “cultural racism,” or the creation and maintenance of social structures that “overtly and covertly attribute normality to white people and Whiteness.” By definition, no other group can be racist—”institutional racism” can only “create advantages and benefits for Whites.”

Christians, too, represent an oppressor class. They have created “Christian hegemony,” which “normalizes Christian values as intrinsic to an explicitly American identity,” and have instituted a regime of “religious oppression” and the “systematic subordination of minority religions.” Consequently, Christians must atone for their “Christian privilege,” the training suggests, because of, for example, their “close-minded hatred, fear, or prejudice towards Islam and Muslims.”


The training divides participants into “dominant groups” and “subordinate groups.” Dominant groups—Whites, men, Christians, heterosexuals—are told that they are at the apex of the “matrix of oppression,” but if they submit to social-justice ideology, they can seek redemption through “identity development.” They are told that they begin their journey as “selfish,” unable to “see privilege,” “not interested in the system,” and hoping to “maintain the status quo.” But the oppressor class can eventually overcome its nature and work to “consciously [use] unearned privilege against self” and “destroy the system.”

Beyond training programs, DEI ideology at Florida State has also become pervasive in nearly every academic department. The business school has pledged to create an award for “DEI heroes.” The classics department has released a statement in support of Black Lives Matter. 

The art history department has adopted a “land acknowledgment” that portrays White Europeans as illegal settlers. And the sociology department has created an entire course, “Critical Race Theory ,” that presents left-wing racialism as the gospel truth and assigns readings that traffic in overt racial hostility, such as “Whiteness as Pathological Narcissism,” with no competing opinions anywhere to be found. “Do not let the constraints of the discipline stop you from being the radical you want to be,” the syllabus reads.


At the administrative level, the DEI bureaucracy also serves as a filter to exclude anyone who does not commit to social-justice ideology. Some departments at FSU now require potential faculty to submit “diversity statements”—best understood as loyalty oaths to left-wing racialism—as part of the application process. Likewise, some academic programs also require graduate students to pledge allegiance to DEI in order to gain admission into the department.

The result of all these programs is a racial and ideological spoils system, in which groups are rewarded or punished based on their identity and political orientation, rather than their academic merit. 

Following this system of race-based judgment, Florida State even offers scholarships that explicitly exclude White students. The Delores Auzenne Assistantship for Minorities, for example, is designated solely for “African-American, Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander, and Native-American” graduate students—no European-Americans need apply.

The end goal of DEI ideology is to move everyone in the university’s orbit toward partisan political activism. In the Social Justice Ally Training, the university makes its desire clear: participants are directly encouraged to engage in “structural change activism” and “lobbying for policy change,” including “petition drives, picketing, performance art, teach-ins, vigils, overloading administrative systems, rent withholding, strikes, walk-outs, protests, marches, blacklisting, slow downs, sit downs, dumping, [and] demonstrations.”

Knowledge, it seems, has been displaced as the core mission of this university. At Florida State, the diversity commissars have busied themselves making radical politics—administrated by the bureaucracy and imposed downward on students, faculty, and staff—the highest principle.


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Chinese surveillance missions are not the only time hostile Asian balloons flew over US

There are many questions after last week’s Chinese surveillance balloon drifted for days across the continental United States. Was it a provocation? A probe of America’s defenses? Why would the Chinese try such a low-rent device? A clue to all this may lie in previous American hostilities with an Asian nation. 

In 1944 and 1945, the Japanese Imperial Army had a program known as “Fu-Go” (literally, “balloon bomb”). Launched at the U.S. from Japanese territory, the balloons were about 30 feet across, hydrogen-filled, and constructed to carry up to roughly 50 pounds of explosives. 

The balloons were not so much designed to inflict damage on the continental U.S. as to inspire terror. In that sense, they were an early example of a cheap terrorist tactic deployed against America… (which is why I am aware of all this — in my previous counterterrorism job, we tried to anticipate any possibility). 


The actual objective was for the balloons to start forest fires in the Pacific Northwest (a tactic that certain terror groups have in fact attempted). As such, the bombs were largely made of paper! 

One of the inspirations for the Fu-Go program was the discovery of the jet stream — rapid air currents flowing from west to east at high altitude. The jet stream blows hardest — roughly 200 mph — in winter. Sound familiar? 

About 9,000 Fu-Go balloons were launched, with many reaching America without much effect. One balloon, however, managed to get tangled up in power lines in Washington state , near where the nuclear material for the Manhattan Project was being developed. In an amazing historical twist, the reactors were re-started after three days — and went on to produce the fissile material used in “Fat Man,” aka the nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan in August 1945, effectively ending WW II in the Pacific. 

Most of the Fu-Go were found undetonated in America’s northwest, with some traveling as far south as Texas and Mexico (!). 


In order to limit their propaganda effect, the U.S. initiated a news blackout on their discovery. The balloons are today considered the first intercontinental ballistic device. 

The single fatal Fu-Go incident occurred in May 1945, when six members of an Oregon Sunday school outing found one and somehow detonated it. All were killed. 

After this, the news blackout was lifted for the public’s safety. (The blackout likely explains why the program is so little-known today). 


Remains of undiscovered Fu-Go have continued to be discovered, with one found in British Columbia as recently as 2019. 

Japan’s purpose was terror. What is China’s? 

If history is any indicator (and it generally is), it certainly isn’t benign. And whatever we do now is obviously being watched closely by our adversaries. 

Whatever the motivation, this appears to be the action of a nation contemplating a conflict involving the continental U.S. 


Taken together with recent statements from a U.S. four-star general predicting war with China in 2025 , the conclusions are… discomfiting. 

America handled the Fu-Go program well — there was no panic, and casualties were limited. With the Pentagon apparently aware of the balloon drifting toward America’s western shores for a week now, our handling of this one appears less competent. 

One thing is clear, however: there can be no news blackout. This isn’t 1945. 

We’re all aware of this thing, and we all deserve answers. Because the stakes and temperatures are high — and unlike the balloon, only rising. 


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