Carville presses Biden harder to withdraw: ‘If we lose, we lose the Constitution’

Democratic strategist James Carville again, who has become a vocal critic of President Biden in recent days, again asked him to withdraw from the White House race Friday.

In an interview on this week’s “Press Club” podcast from Mediaite , recorded before Biden’s high-stakes press conference concluded the NATO summit, he signaled there is no way forward for the president to win against former President Trump in November.

“If the people don’t want you to win, you’re not going to win,” said Carville , who served as a senior adviser to former President Bill Clinton. “And they clearly don’t want Biden.”

When asked what would happen if Trump were to win reelection, he suggested it would be “the end of the Constitution.”

“I think that you are going to see a destroyed NATO. We’re going to be expressing the values of authoritarianism and totalitarianism. We’re going to continue down the path of lawlessness. I don’t know, what else can I say?” the political pundit replied to Mediaite’s editor in chief Aidan McLaughlin. “They’re already telling it, this whole thing about Project 25, it’s almost predictable.”

“It would be so tragic and so against who we are as a country that you almost want to laugh at it,” he said of the conservative agenda. “But the catastrophe that awaits, and I literally think this, I think it’d be the end of the Constitution. I really do.”

He added, “If we lose, we’ll lose the Constitution.”

His remarks come as Biden continues to experience intense political headwinds following a rocky presidential debate performance last month. While on stage, the incumbent stumbled over his words and spoke with a raspy voice, leading to rising questions among those in his party about his age, mental fitness and ability to recapture the White House.

Multiple Democratic lawmakers from both the upper and lower chambers of Congress have already called on Biden to step out of the race in the wake of the debate performance.

Carville said earlier this week that it is “inevitable” that Biden will drop out of the 2024 presidential race.

“I don’t predict things, I’m just tellin’ ya, it’s inevitable,” the pundit told NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo Monday. “He will come to the conclusion. People will get the message to him. He will understand, his family will understand. They’ll pray on it and they’ll make the right decision.”

McLaughlin also asked Carville about his recent op-ed in the New York Times, where he first suggested that Biden would withdraw from the race because he is “experiencing old age, and unlike most people” he has “some vague idea of what the job entails.”

Biden and his allies have been insistent that he is not leaving the race. At his Thursday evening press conference, Biden said he is “the most qualified person to run for president.”

“I believe I’m the best qualified to govern,” the president said. “And I think I’m the best qualified to win. But there are other people who could beat Trump, too. But it’s all start from scratch. And you know, we talk about money raised. We’re not doing bad.”

“The fact is, the consideration is, that I think I’m the most qualified person to run for president. I beat him once, and I will beat him again,” he added.

The president reupped his vow to stay in the race during a rally in Detroit Friday evening, arguing that the voters, not press or politicians, made him the nominee .

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Biden campaign: Meta lifting Trump account guardrails ‘greedy, reckless decision’

President Biden’s reelection campaign rallied against Meta Friday for lifting the restrictions on former President Trump’s Facebook and Instagram.

In a statement first provided to The Hill, the campaign called the move “greedy” and “reckless,” arguing that it is an attack on democracy to include the former president on the popular platforms.

“Restoring his access is like handing your car keys to someone you know will drive your car into a crowd and off a cliff,” Charles Lutvak, the Biden campaign’s national spokesperson, said. “It is holding a megaphone for a bonafide racist who will shout his hate and white supremacy from the rooftops and try to take it mainstream. Without question, it is a direct attack on our safety and our democracy.”

“This greedy, reckless decision will allow Trump and his MAGA allies to reach more Americans with their fundamentally undemocratic, un-American misinformation,” he added.

Meta said Friday that it has removed additional guardrails on Trump accounts in the run-up to the 2024 election after he was suspended from its platforms following the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, and then had his accounts reinstated in early 2023 with heightened penalties for repeat offenses. 

“Donald Trump relied on these social media platforms to send a violent mob to the Capitol on January 6, where they tried to overturn an election, he lost fair and square,” Lutvak said. “The lies he spread on this platform stoked the mob that assaulted police officers. Five people died.”

Meta also announced that Trump’s accounts will no longer be subject to the additional penalties and it adjusted its general protocol for restricting accounts of public figures during civil unrest. 

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‘Pod Save America’ fires new salvo at Biden camp: ‘F—ing insane’

The hosts of “Pod Save America” went after individuals surrounding President Biden in their latest episode on Friday, accusing the White House of picking losing battles and spreading false rumors.

The hosts, who worked with Biden in the Obama White House, have been leading calls for the president to step out of the 2024 race against former President Trump, drawing barbed comments from the Biden campaign about “self-important Podcasters.”

Dan Pfeiffer, one of the co-hosts, criticized Biden’s team for what he said were jabs through the media at their podcast, as well as George Clooney, who wrote an op-ed this week calling on Biden to step aside; David Axelrod, a former Obama adviser who has long questioned Biden’s candidacy, and even former President Obama.

“Just as a political operative, just the incompetence of spending your time fighting ‘Pod Save America,’ David Axelrod, George Clooney, and the most popular figure in the Democratic Party, at a time when you’re struggling with Black voters, is f—ing insane.”

Jon Favreau, another co-host, said he heard from reporters that people at the White House were seeking to spread rumors that he wrote Clooney’s op-ed.

“I don’t know who’s doing it in the White House, and like I believe firmly that it’s not the people that we know and are friends with — not just because they wouldn’t do that to us, but because I think they’re smarter than this. Because this is, this is just like really stupid s–t,” he said.

“Why are you spending time on us for?” Favreau added later. “Go f—ing, just beat [President Trump.] Or like, help your candidate be on message and deliver a message.”

Neither the Biden campaign nor the White House has publicly accused Obama of being involved in calls for Biden to step aside, but MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, a Biden favorite, said on his show Thursday that the Biden campaign sees Obama’s hand in the turmoil.

“One thing that we do have to underline here — just so viewers can follow what’s going on behind the scenes — is the Biden campaign and many Democratic officials do believe that Barack Obama is quietly working behind the scenes to orchestrate this,” Scarborough said.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski, who has defended Biden amid calls to quit after his disastrous debate two weeks ago, specifically suggested that Obama was involved in Clooney’s op-ed.

Axelrod and the podcast co-hosts were early members of a growing chorus of Democrats making the case that Biden is likely to lose to Trump following his rocky debate performance last month. More than 20 House members have now called on Biden to quit, and Democratic donors are reportedly panicking as well.

Clooney, in his op-ed in The New York Times Wednesday, said he had seen Biden’s decline during a star-studded fundraiser in Los Angeles earlier this summer.

“It’s devastating to say it, but the Joe Biden I was with three weeks ago at the fund-raiser was not the Joe ‘big F-ing deal’ Biden of 2010. He wasn’t even the Joe Biden of 2020. He was the same man we all witnessed at the debate,” the Hollywood star wrote.

Later that day, New York Times correspondent Annie Karni wrote that Biden’s team was fighting back.

“From a source familiar with event planning: ‘The President stayed for over 3 hours, while Clooney took a photo quickly and left,'” she posted on X .

Biden has repeatedly said he’s not going anywhere, and still believes he’s the party’s best choice to beat Trump.

At a press conference Thursday night, Biden said he is “the most qualified person to run for president.”

“I believe I’m the best qualified to govern,” Biden said. “And I think I’m the best qualified to win. But there are other people who could beat Trump, too. But it’s awful to start…from scratch.”

“So let’s start there, No. 1,” he continued. “The fact is, the consideration is, that I think I’m the most qualified person to run for president. I beat him once, and I will beat him again.”

The Hill has reached out to the Biden campaign and the White House for comment.

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It’s Worst of Both World for Biden’s Enablers

Years ago, a dear friend who worked for former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld invited me to join the two of them at a photography exhibit.

The secretary needed some assistance, having had shoulder surgery. He was loathe to have a lady carry his briefcase. It became my job. We walked through the exhibit of photographs, and he had stories about many of the people whose portraits had been taken.

As we passed the late Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren’s portrait on the wall, Rumsfeld commented to me that his friendship with Gerald Ford, who served on the Warren Commission, and his subsequent tenure as Ford’s chief of staff is what convinced him that government conspiracies were impossible.

He said no one in government can keep a secret. They either spill the beans or get exposed.

All these years later, Democrats are learning the lesson Rumsfeld told me. Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame now admits Democrats have told him for 18 months that Joe Biden is not fit to serve a second term. Former “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd now reveals that two years ago, a Biden Cabinet secretary told him Biden was not fit to serve a second term. George Clooney, in The New York Times, admits that even at the fundraiser for Biden that Clooney hosted a month ago, Biden’s decline was obvious.

What is obvious, too, is how much deceit the American press corps and Democrats have engaged in. A month ago, at the Clooney fundraiser, a video from a Hollywood entertainment reporter went viral. It shows Biden being led offstage by Barack Obama in an awkward manner.

Conservatives highlighted the video. Democrats insisted it was not true. The media largely sided with Democrats. Now, Clooney admits the Biden at that fundraiser was not the Joe Biden of 2010 or even 2020. Jon Favreau, the Obama staffer, now says on CNN he was at the fundraiser and that Biden’s physical decline was obvious.

A month ago, the American press corps insisted that was not so.

Also a month ago, video came out showing Biden apparently freezing at a Juneteenth celebration. Republicans highlighted the video. New York Times reporters insisted it was taken out of context. Just last week, New York Times reporters used that very same video as proof of the president’s decline.

Olivia Nuzzi is a political reporter who wrote a devastating story in New York magazine about Biden last week. She reported close Biden friends were telling her back in January that Biden could not remember them. When I questioned why it took so long for her to report this fact, she replied that these people were speaking off the record and refused to allow her to run with what they said until after Biden took the debate stage in Atlanta with Donald Trump .

In fact, that seems to be a recurring story. Whether the Cabinet secretary with Todd or the friends of Biden with Nuzzi, no one wanted to say anything publicly. But it is remarkable that Democrats attended a Biden fundraiser a month ago with Clooney and doubled down on denying Biden had a problem. The Democrats , and many members of the press, were engaged in the very gaslighting they claim Donald Trump has done.

Competent reporters like Alex Thompson at Axios, Nuzzi at New York Magazine, and numerous reporters at The Wall Street Journal have reported on the president’s cognitive decline only to be attacked by fellow journalists, not just Democrats. Now, they have proved to be correct, and the press corps has turned on Biden.

The situation is not sustainable for the Democrats. But what is most troubling is that Biden and his advisers still think he can not just fight the fight, but win the election. Regardless of his frailty, he and his team have lied to Americans about his condition for quite a while.

Biden has been exposed. Now he is in the worst position possible for an American politician: He is both pitied for his condition and resented for lying about it. That is not something from which one can recover.


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Most Americans point to inflation as biggest issue ahead of election: Survey

Nearly two-thirds of Americans say inflation is a very serious problem heading into the November election, and voters are more likely to trust former President Trump to handle the issue over President Biden, according to a new poll.

The latest YouGov poll, released this week , found that inflation tops the list of issues that voters surveyed identified among their top concerns with 64 percent of respondents saying it is a major problem.

The survey included 25 problems to rank as a serious problem, somewhat serious problem, minor problem or not a problem.

Other issues that ranked among voters’ most serious concerns included corruption (57 percent), drug abuse (56 percent), homelessness (55 percent), weakening of democracy (54 percent) and a shortage of affordable housing (54 percent).

About half said that violent crime (51 percent), gun violence (51 percent), illegal immigration (50 percent), and poverty (49 percent) are very serious problems the country faces.

Religious prejudice (25 percent), sexism (22 percent) and lack of public transportation (17 percent) were the issues that were least likely to be named among the most serious issues on the list.

The poll also found a deep partisan divide on the most pressing issues facing the country. A majority of Democrats surveyed said the most serious problems are gun violence (76 percent) and climate change (70 percent). Republicans, on the other hand, ranked inflation (82 percent) and illegal immigration (79 percent) as their top concerns.

For 23 of the 25 problems polled, more Americans surveyed said they strongly or somewhat approve of Trump’s handling versus Biden’s.

Of people who identified inflation as a very serious problem, 60 percent said they approve of the former president’s plans to address the issue, compared to 15 percent who said the same for Biden’s handling of record-high inflation.

Investors and economists have warned that inflation could rise under the policy proposals that Trump and Republicans have proposed if they manage to sweep the upcoming elections.

The Labor Department this week reported that the consumer price index (CPI) dipped to a 3 percent annual increase in June, down from 3.3 in May, marking the first month of price declines since the pandemic.

“Today’s report shows that we are making significant progress fighting inflation,” Biden boasted of the news.

Prices have remained at least 3 percent higher than a year ago — far from the Federal Reserve’s 2 percent target .

On other concerns, voters were not as optimistic about either candidate’s ability to handle. More than half of respondents (55 percent) in the survey said they consider homelessness a very serious issue, but among them just 25 percent approve of Biden’s handling, while 29 percent approve of Trump’s.

The YouGov poll includes responses from 2,272 adult citizens surveyed July 1-6. It has a margin of error of 2.8 percentage points.

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