The trillions in our pension pots could be key to tackling the climate crisis | Richard Curtis

Ahead of Cop26, the UK could take the lead in diverting investments away from carbon emitters

  • Richard Curtis is a filmmaker and activist

Someone said something so simple yet so shocking to me recently: that weather used to be the last thing on the news, now it’s the first. Fire, floods, drought; it’s impossible to ignore. Well, I can’t help but feel that we should treat our pensions the same. They used to be the last thing on our minds – the worst possible thing to bring up at a party – but in order to tackle the climate crisis, they must now be the first.

With delegates from across the globe descending upon Glasgow in November for Cop26 – the most important climate negotiations for a generation – a new movement now has the power to deliver on the world’s most urgent agenda.

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