On Saturday, CNN’s Van Jones warned of the danger of jumping on the “digital bandwagon” before all the facts are known.

Jones started off by pointing out that it has been a bad week for both sides of the political aisle and social media divide.

“You can see the danger now of all this overheated rhetoric and people rushing to judgment on both sides,” Jones said referring to the Jussie Smollett story and the Coast Guard lieutenant who stockpiled weapons and had a hit list of media and political targets.

Then after advising President Donald Trump and progressives to be more careful with their words in light of the current political climate, he stressed that this is the time for America to keep its head on straight and “focus on facts, not spin” especially considering what may lie ahead with the end of Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe.

“We’ve got another political firestorm on the way almost two years, 34 people charged, seven guilty pleas, hours of cable TV analysis, 25 million bucks, and 166 tweets from Trump calling it a witch hunt. It looks like we finally have the Mueller probe coming to an end. So please be careful because I predict a whole bunch of confusion, more partisan spin from people who haven’t even read the report, which is exactly what we don’t need. Before you’ve even had a chance to read whatever they release, you’re going to have a thousand posts on your social media feeds either claiming that Trump has been fully cleared or saying lock him up, depending on whatever camp you’re in. Slow down. Be vigilant. Focus on facts, not spin. And think twice before you click that share button because America’s enemies now know how to weaponize information and push your buttons. You can’t just blame Trump or blame Hollywood celebrities or blame Facebook. We are doing the dirty work ourselves when we jump on these digital bandwagons, rush to judgment, and share inflammatory posts without any investigation. The bots are bad enough. Let’s not become bots for the bots.”

Watch above, via CNN