Voters tired of out-of-touch politicians: Nevada Senate hopeful

(NewsNation ) — Republican Sam Brown , a retired Army captain who won the Nevada Senate primary in a landslide, has set his sights on defeating incumbent Democrat Jacky Rosen, saying in an interview Wednesday that voters are tired of “out-of-touch politicians.”

While acknowledging Rosen is favored, Brown expressed confidence he can overcome polls showing her with a 74% chance of holding the seat , which is vital for Democrats trying to maintain Senate control .

“I’m still new, we just made it through with a thumping in the primary last night,” Brown said on NewsNation’s “On Balance .” “As we make our case to the voters, to the independents, and even to the Democrats who are sick and tired of out-of-touch politicians, we’re going to close that gap and then overcome it.”

The race between Brown and Rosen is one of the matchups that will help determine which party controls the Senate in the next session of Congress. Democrats are defending far more Senate seats than Republicans this year as they look to maintain their narrow Senate majority.

Rosen, who touts herself as one of the Senate’s most bipartisan and independent Democrats, accused Brown of wanting to restrict abortion rights , which she called crucial for Nevada voters.

But Brown told NewsNation he would “respect the voice of voters” who have twice enshrined abortion rights in state law while Rosen backed federal legislation superseding that.

Brown, a Purple Heart recipient severely burned by an IED blast in Afghanistan, dismissed accusations from a primary opponent that he tried to buy former President Donald Trump’s endorsement as “the rantings of a Democrat.”

A political newcomer from humble means, Brown cited his life experiences and young family as driving his Senate bid at a “crossing point” threatening the American dream.

He lamented issues like student debt, energy costs and failing schools, declaring: “It’s time for me to put my professional life … and my family in a position where I go serve again.”

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