Safeguarding teenagers online is about more than removing self-harm material | Letter

Mia Pitts, 15, writes that some discussions seem warm and safe but can romanticise depression unintentionally

As a 15-year-old girl, I see countless videos and comments on social media that contain suicidal themes (Meta executive apologises over inappropriate content seen by Molly Russell, 26 September ). Most are not directly concerning, but are simply open thoughts and honesties about the trials of teenage life. Scrolling through these can feel like a warm, safe space: people my age expressing the beauty of vulnerability, and coming together against the world, to not be afraid of feeling. However, these spaces can quickly turn cold if one scrolls too far.

Deciding what is safe for people my age isn’t as simple as removing things that “promote or encourage suicide or self-harm”. Discussions of such matters that are still allowed can affect mental health.

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