After years of torture, I broke free of the tyranny of calorie counting | Amelia Tait

Focusing on the calories in your diet is antiquated and destructive. I wish I could have told my anorexic teenage self

When science fiction writers imagine great, grandiose methods of social control – matrixes! Microchips! Really big bros! – they ignore one powerful form that already exists: the humble calorie.

Very little is more distracting, maddening, soul-destroying or totalitarian than the seemingly random number (egg: 155! Freddo: 95!) that is assigned to everything we eat. It is a number that will affect your body and – although it shouldn’t be the case – the way others around you value it. If you have ever counted your calories, and if you ever restricted them, then you have lived under a brutal regime. I’m really, truly sorry. I wish no one had ever told you that calories exist.

Amelia Tait is a writer on tech and internet phenomena

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