The Tories betrayed the Windrush victims – we will stand by them | Yvette Cooper

Re-establishing the Home Office’s Windrush unit would be a real way to give families justice

  • Yvette Cooper is Labour’s shadow home secretary

Windrush Day should be a moment to pay tribute to a generation who arrived in the UK to rebuild our economy and our public services after the second world war – to the nurses, doctors, bus drivers, construction workers, care workers and many others who faced down prejudice and discrimination, and worked hard all their lives to strengthen our communities, our culture and our country.

But it also shines a searing spotlight on the terrible Windrush scandal – and the shameful fact that it is enduring because so many Windrush families still haven’t seen the justice or the compensation they deserve. Supporting the Windrush generation isn’t good enough if too many of them are still being let down today.

Yvette Cooper is Labour’s shadow home secretary

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What does Starmer’s ‘changed’ Labour party look like on the ground? In Brighton, I found out | Andy Beckett

A controversial deselection has rocked the local party, and campaigners are divided over the leadership

In many ways, Keir Starmer’s makeover of the Labour party has been a deeply conventional project. Since the 1950s, a decade his buttoned-up style would have suited well, the majority of Labour leaders have moved the party rightwards. It’s what the mainstream media and big business usually advise these leaders to do, arguing that a less leftwing Labour is more politically and economically realistic – while not so readily acknowledging that such a party also offers less of a threat to their interests.

Labour’s rightward shifts don’t always work. Neil Kinnock, Jim Callaghan, Harold Wilson and Hugh Gaitskell all led the party to painful defeats. But on 4 July, Starmer’s orthodox approach looks likely to be vindicated, in electoral terms at least.

Andy Beckett is a Guardian columnist

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