Not for the first time, Sunak has been hung out to dry by Johnson – how much more can he take? | Jonathan Freedland

By giving his WhatsApps to the Covid inquiry, the former PM has revealed Sunak’s reticence for what it really is

Boris Johnson will haunt Rishi Sunak till the end. The current prime minister is desperate to put the recent past behind him, to persuade the country that he represents a new government and a fresh start. But every time he steps forward, the last prime minister (but one) sticks out a leg to trip him up.

The latest move came this morning, when just hours after the government had announced it would rather go to court than hand over Johnson’s unredacted WhatsApp messages and notebooks to the Covid inquiry, the former PM himself popped up to say he was “perfectly content” for Lady Heather Hallett and her team to see them, duly sending her a whole lot . Thanks a bunch, Boris.

Jonathan Freedland is a Guardian columnist

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