Young and old, leavers, remainers: Britain’s voters are volatile and divided – and it’s not just down to Brexit | Anand Menon

The days of predictable voting patterns are gone. But this started long before the 2016 vote

Sky Sports irritates me. Not its coverage, which is great. But its tendency to imply that football only started in 1992, when the Premier League launched. We risk doing something equally misleading when it comes to politics – tracing everything back to Brexit. The reality, as the recent UK in a Changing Europe report underlines , is somewhat more complex.

None of which is to say that Brexit wasn’t hugely significant. It was – in the language of the British Election Study team – an “electoral shock ” that affected politics and public opinion in a number of ways.

Anand Menon is director of the UK in a Changing Europe and professor of European politics and foreign affairs at King’s College London

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