Britain was sick before Brexit. Until the left accepts that, the likes of Liz Truss won’t give up | Nesrine Malik

Brexit was the wrong answer to a perfectly valid question. In order to win now, Keir Starmer must steer clear of the status quo

There is no joy in it for those who always knew Brexit was a con, but it is finally dawning on more and more people that leaving the EU was a colossal mistake. Those who led the project still talk the same old nonsense about the purported benefits of Brexit, but they, like most government assertions these days, sound like echoes of a bygone time.

In reality, Brexit’s arrival has caused supply chain disruptions, staffing shortages, higher food prices and extra red tape for business. Public opinion is shifting towards remorse. Instead of hurtling away from the EU into the swaggering prosperity promised by the Leave campaign, Britain is instead receding into a dark timeline of recession, strikes, and political instability. Last week, it was forecast that Britain will be the only G7 economy to shrink in 2023.

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