It seems like there is no such thing as a down news day anymore is there? So far this morning we had Roger Stone being arrested for lying about his involvement with the Wikileaks investigation and now it was just announced that LaGuardia Airport  just shutdown any incoming flights because of a lack of air traffic controllers due to the government shutdown.

Whew…exhausting isn’t it? Already I have been scanning the comment sections of various right/left news websites and it is almost like a social psychology experiment…only this one isn’t in my textbooks from graduate school but actually happening right now. It seems like we are at a crossroad with our perception of reality and understanding what we are seeing all around us. 

It is called accommodation and assimilation or simply how we incorporate new information into our construction of reality. When everything fits…no problems just make room and come on in. But if the information that we see is vastly different than what we know…then it creates a problem called cognitive dissonance. That dissonance creates a lot of angst and anxiety and we have a few choices. We either accept that what we believe is wrong, sit with that angst, and restructure what we believe. But in many cases we don’t want to change what we believe, the angst and anxiety is too much so we try to either discredit all of the information that we are seeing or we try to change (accommodate & assimilate) the new information into our reality. That is exactly what is going on right now with our political climate and it is scary as hell. Because of the game that politicians and the media is playing with our psychology to get ratings and votes, they have pitted everyone into a black & white reality, using emotion to intensify those beliefs, and down right make us doubt the reality that we see (fake news). So people on the comments sections and the news are making people go in two directions.

The first is that people don’t want to believe that Trump has done anything wrong and that he is actually in the right and there is a deep state working against him, which is being played now as the FBI is a corrupt and illegitimate organization that cannot be trusted and the FAA & Air Traffic Controllers are democratic hacks who are not showing up and politicizing the shutdown and trying to make Trump look bad. The second way people are looking at this is that our President is completely corrupt, a liar, a tool of Putin and all the people around him are getting arrested for lying and obstruction of justice and it is just a matter of time before he himself is charged. Moreover this side is looking at the Laguardia shutdown as evidence that something awful is going to happen and that Trump is trying to create chaos on purpose create an environment that will usher in his master plan in the same manner of the Homeland Security Act after 9/11.

If you think I am lying go read the comments sections and go around the internet. There is literally an article on the Huffingpost with a 2014 Interview with Trump saying that a crisis is needed in order to make America great again. We are in a climate where people think our most sacred institutions and positions are so corrupt that we cannot trust them and are working under the guise of a foreign country. People are so dug in to their beliefs that they are either totally ignoring all the evidence around them or finding some way to make it fit their existing beliefs. Its like a 10 year-old trying to find some way to still believe in Santa…only this isn’t Santa we are talking about…its our very government, our reality, our way of life, and our future. How can it have gotten this bad? What can we do about it? We want to know your thoughts and we will bring it up on the air!

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