The actual definition of politics is the activities associated with the governance of a country. And yet it seems like the House and Senate are constantly finding new ways NOT to govern. 2018 began and ended with government shutdowns. Day one of 2019 is more of the same.

I personally set goals to be better and do better in 2019 and now I ask the same of our elected officials.

Compromise has been a dirty word in politics for several decades and that concept has become ridiculous. Compromise IS the only way to get things done. I am not talking about compromising your deep held political beliefs. But if you are not willing to compromise for the good of the country then you have no place in politics. Not every decision needs to be a partisan one. Sometimes it can just be the right thing to do.

January 1st President Trump tweeted that Senate Democrats have obstructed more than 350 of his presidential nominations for the past 2 years. Never mind, that his number and facts are wrong. The truth is, the message he is sending is correct. Dems are dragging their heels. And if they do this with every nominee, no one will pay attention when they really want to take issue with someone.

Under the 2013 Senate rule changes, the number of votes to break a filibuster of a presidential nominee-through a process called cloture-was changed form 60 to a simple majority of 51. So, minority parties adopted new tactics to combat this loss of power, which only serve to bog down the process even more.

1200 jobs need to be filled when a new president takes office. Only about 640 have been filled 2 years in. President Trump has not nominated anyone to fill 126 of the jobs. Even without those, there are currently 144 people waiting to be approved. And with an average wait time of 81 days per nominee 2019 may not see those positions filled.

Democrats and Republicans have been so busy waging war on each other that they have lost sight of their real purpose. It’s to the run the government. Perhaps we should give that a try in 2019.

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