Former Deputy Independent Counsel and current Fox News contributor Sol Wisenberg appeared on America’s Newsroom to provide his insights to how Attorney General William Barr performed during the first two hours of testimony over the Mueller Report before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

While it’s not terribly notable that a Fox News contributor concluded that Barr did remarkably well before the at times challenging questioning, his reference of an Internet meme from many years back merits discussion here on

Co-Host Sandra Smith asked what Mr. Wisenberg what he made of Barr’s testimony thus far, the Fox News contributor offered that was strikes him is that “Bill Barr is the honey badger,” before adding “Dick Durbin, honey badger don’t care. Pat Leahy, honey badger don’t give a [bleep].”

Wisenberg continued to laud Barr by saying “He handled himself very well with one exception. He does very well in these contexts, because he’s smarter than just about anybody in the room.”

Watch above via Fox News.