Veritas WINS Defamation Case – Videos Accurate and NOT Deceptively Edited

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UPDATE: Project Veritas will RECOVER thousands of dollars from Wentz, and will also obtain more information in additional discovery requests about a coordinated effort to bring multiple lawsuits against Veritas. Stay tuned for updates…


The Federal Courts have once again vindicated Project Veritas and our methods. Today, a Federal Judge in Florida ruled totally in our favor in a case brought by a man named Steve Wentz.

In June of 2016, Project Veritas released a video where Steve Wentz, President of the Wichita Teachers Union made outrageous comments about how he treats students who give him trouble.

Here is one of Wentz’ statements in the video:

Wentz:  You want to kick my ass?  You really think I’m a motherf**ker?  Son, go for it.  I’ll give you the first shot.  But be sure to finish what you start because if you don’t, I guarantee you, I will kick your f**king ass.

In June of 2017, Wentz filed a 66-page lawsuit in a U.S. District Court in Florida.  He said we recorded him illegally and that we defamed him. He told the Wichita Eagle at the time, quote, “It’s a lie and it is something that needs to be addressed,” unquote.  Well, today the Judge in Florida addressed it, throwing Wentz’s case in the garbage.

The order from Judge G. Kendall Sharp was unequivocal.

“Wentz is unable to sufficiently identify a false statement published by defendants that plausibly supports his defamation claims.”

“…the edits do not improperly and illegally alter the meaning of Wentz’s words…”

“Notably, many of the alleged defamatory statements made by Project Veritas and O’Keefe, both in the Wentz Video and the written content, are recitations of Wentz’s own admitted actions and statements.”

“…Defendants did not commit defamatory acts against Wentz and did not illegally record conversations…

The videos were ruled real.

There was no reasonable expectation of privacy.

The videos were not edited out of context.


“Thus, the Court will grant summary judgement in favor of Project Veritas and O’Keefe.”

As hard as it was to spend the roughly $350,000 defending ourselves in this case, it was worth every penny.  We could have settled this case out of court.  But that is not what we do.  We fight, we fight for the 1st Amendment and the truth.  Principles matter.  I can assure you right now; we will never surrender our principles. And we will never settle.

NH Attorney General Arrests Double-Voter Exposed By Project Veritas

Robert Bell, a New Hampshire man who was caught on camera in a Project Veritas undercover investigation admitting to voting twice, has been arrested. New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonald announced that Bell is charged with a class B Felony  “for knowingly checking in at the checklist in Atkinson and casting a New Hampshire ballot, after having already cast a ballot in the same election in Florida.”

Project Veritas WINS Defamation Case – Undercover Journalism Vindicated

 Directed Verdict – Teter v Veritas Thrown Out By Federal Judge
 No “clear and convincing evidence of actual malice”
 Teter suit is based on “thinnest of thin reeds”
 O’Keefe: “Veritas 6 – 0 on lawsuits!”

(Asheville) A federal judge has issued a Directed Verdict in “Teter v. Project Veritas,” ruling that the plaintiff did not have the requisite evidence to support a defamation claim. Plaintiffs must prove deliberate malice on behalf of the defendant in order to prove defamation. The Directed Verdict came on the third day of the trial. Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, who was in Asheville, North Carolina for the trial, released the following statement.

“Let this be a lesson to all those who abuse our legal system to settle petty political disputes. The courts have once again vindicated our undercover methods and journalism. Project Veritas is 6-0 in lawsuits for a reason – the law is on our side.”

United States District Judge Martin Reidinger excused the jury late in the day on May 21 and invited arguments on why O’Keefe and Project Veritas should not be granted a Directed Verdict. The attorneys for Teter struggled to convince the judge, who would not allow the First Amendment to be trampled upon.

On Wednesday, the judge articulated passionate reasoning in his ruling to protect the First Amendment rights of journalists:

“Therefore, if citizens and the media are handcuffed by a fear of liability, that’s detrimental to political discourse, it is detrimental to society as a whole, and it is detrimental, really, to our fundamental freedom.”

The judge also tactfully dismantled each plank of the plaintiff’s argument and called it the “thinnest of thin reeds.”

“Any one of these points [of the plaintiff’s argument], if they are evidence at all of actual malice, would constitute, really, the thinnest of thin reeds.”

You can read the full transcript of this morning’s proceedings below.

Project Veritas successfully defended itself and the first amendment in this case, which lasted nearly two years. “Teter v. Project Veritas” is a landmark ruling that set legal precedent for the first amendment.

See the relevant court filings:

Directed Verdict
Summary Judgement Ruling
Memorandum in Support of Summary Judgement
Defendant’s Reply in Support of Summary Judgement Motion
Plaintiff Response to Defendants’ Summary Judgement Motion
Plaintiff Complaint

NOTICE: Project Veritas to Recruit Insiders in News Organizations

 Project Veritas Seeks Media Insiders to Help Uncover Bias, Dishonesty, Hypocrisy, Political and Financial Agendas in News Media
 Many Insiders Have Already Contacted Veritas, Sent Docs, Video and Audio
 Prove that Russia Hysteria is “greatest failure of American journalism in a generation”
 Project Veritas Launches American Pravda II
Story leads, documents, audio and video files, and other useful information can be sent here.

(New York City) Media insiders (reporters, camera operators, producers, and executives) can help Project Veritas legally expose bias and dishonesty in newsrooms by contacting Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe and his investigative team on their website.

O’Keefe believes that “for introspection and reform to occur in media organizations, the corrupt actors among them must be brought forward to account: undercover journalism with help from insiders is the most effective way to make this happen.”

Project Veritas has hired insiders from various companies that have previously reached out to us with information.  Project Veritas has also published leaked audio from panel interviews conducted by network anchors exposing deceptive editing.

Added O’Keefe:

“We’re going to find you and we’re going to film you. We’re going to expose your secret motives and malice. The media is now an organ of disinformation and has itself to thank for our new initiative. There will be a reckoning. You are on notice.”

Project Veritas intends to launch a follow-up to its popular American Pravda investigative series which sought to expose bias, dishonesty, and hidden agendas by news media companies.

The American Pravda 2 initiative follows the recent findings from Attorney General Barr’s summary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. With two years of false reporting, conspiracy-peddling, and fear-mongering about “Russia Collusion” finally coming to a close, O’Keefe has made the following statement:

“The Russia hysteria is the greatest failure of American journalism in a generation. If you work in the media and have experienced the mistakes and decisions that led to this failure, Project Veritas wants you to come forward and talk with us.”

In 2019, Project Veritas launched a campaign to recruit insiders from media companies, Silicon Valley, government, and other areas in order to promote a more ethical and transparent society. With the initial response to the campaign, Project Veritas has already begun conducting new ground-breaking undercover investigations.

Some media insiders from major news organizations have already reached out to Project Veritas and have pledged to help Project Veritas’ investigations.

New Hampshire Voter Admits Voter Fraud? Cast Second Ballot Out-of-State

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 “He should not be voting here anymore, in Florida”
 New Hampshire Resident May Have Illegally Cast Early Ballot in Florida
 NH Law: Voting in More Than One State is a Class B Felony
 FL Law: Residency Required to Vote

Faces of Voter Fraud #3

UPDATE 1: The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office handed Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe a subpoena after being shown this video report. 

UPDATE 2: Assistant Attorney General Nicholas Chong Yen responded to the video: “We will determine whether or not to commence an investigation and go from there.”

UPDATE 3: Project Veritas has released a response to the New Hampshire AG’s Grand Jury subpoena.

UPDATE 4: Sources tell Project Veritas that an individual in the Attorney General’s office took action on the subpoena without the instruction of the Attorney General. 

(Concord) Project Veritas has released undercover footage (full video below) of a New Hampshire resident admitting to voting twice in the 2018 general election. Robert Bell, an Atkinson, New Hampshire resident, cast an early voting ballot in Florida and voted in person at the polls in New Hampshire. This is the third video in a series Project Veritas has released exposing the faces of voter fraud.

Said Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe,

“Voter fraud is real. The integrity of the American electoral system is being undermined. Election insiders, poll workers, and even voters can help Project Veritas expose double voting, ballot harvesting, and voting by illegal aliens.

Insiders can contact Project Veritas here.

Officials from election offices in both New Hampshire and Florida confirm that Robert Bell voted in the 2018 elections. Bell says he voted for candidates for federal offices in both states.

Bell states that while he is a New Hampshire resident and voted in New Hampshire, he voted in Florida as well when he was visiting the state for a funeral:

JOURNALIST: … I’m also seeing that you voted absentee in Florida in the 2018 election…

BELL: Yeah I was down there for a funeral and so I voted in early voting.

JOURNALIST: So, you early voted in Florida in 2018 and you voted in person in the polls here in New Hampshire?

BELL: Uh, I guess I did.

Bell also states he hasn’t owned a Florida property “for a couple years” and that he is “still on the voter list” as a registered voter. Bell says that he is “definitely” a resident of New Hampshire but still has a Florida driver’s license.

Sharon Bell, Robert Bell’s ex-wife who lives at the address Robert Bell used to vote in Florida says that Mr. Bell hasn’t lived in that Florida home for three years and that “he should not be voting here anymore, in Florida.”

In New Hampshire, voting in more than one state is prohibited as a class B felony. Florida law imposes residency requirements to vote. Federal law punishes double-voting.

Faces Of Voter Fraud

This is the third video in a series of voter fraud investigations conducted by Project Veritas. Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe says that elections insiders and poll-workers can help expose double voting, ballot harvesting, or voting by illegal aliens by visiting

See the first video in this series.

See the second video in this series.


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IMPACT: Public Interest Legal Foundation Alerts Authorities to Veritas Voter Fraud Videos

On April 1, 2019 the Public Interest Legal Foundation sent complaint letters to officials in Florida and New York following the release of double-voting voter fraud stories published by Project Veritas (video 1, video 2.)

Project Veritas will continue to monitor developments resulting from the release of its voter fraud video series, which will continue in the coming weeks and months.

New Hampshire AG Attacks Free Press

UPDATE: Sources tell Project Veritas that an individual in the Attorney General’s office took action on the subpoena without the instruction of the Attorney General.

(Concord) New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonald responded swiftly to Project Veritas’ latest investigation which revealed a voter admitting to voting twice in federal elections – a violation of state and federal laws.

This subpoena was handed to James O’Keefe.

Unfortunately Attorney General MacDonald’s response was not to investigate the crimes committed or their troubled election integrity, but rather to subpoena the free press that is working to promote a more ethical and transparent society.

The Attorney General’s office should pursue voter fraud, not harass the people who legally report voter fraud.

In the past, Veritas investigations in New Hampshire led to voter identification laws and civil penalties paid to the FEC. We believe that investigations that promote the integrity of our elections are necessary to protect our government and our way of life.

Attorney General MacDonald’s cavaliere attitude toward the security of elections creates a welcome environment for voter fraud. This is why Project Veritas exists.

Project Veritas will not cooperate with investigations that seek to criminalize investigative reporting. In fact, such attempts by attorneys general to block first amendment rights for newsgathering and publishing news motivate Veritas to expose more waste, fraud, and abuse in the Granite State.

Now more than ever is the time for insiders in government, at the local, state, and federal level to be brave and do something. Such individuals can contact Project Veritas here:

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Project Veritas Fights for First Amendment in Federal Court

 Lawsuit Filed by Plaintiff Shirley Teter, Who Claimed to be Assaulted at 2016 NC Trump Rally
 O’Keefe: “Video is real, irrefutable, and undeniably clear.”
 Former Democratic Operative Scott Foval Said, “she was one of our activists…”
UPDATE:  Project Veritas has won the case. The judge ruled that the plaintiff did not have the requisite evidence to support her defamation claim.

(Asheville) This week, Project Veritas goes to federal court for a jury trial in Asheville, North Carolina to fight a defamation claim brought by a woman named Shirley Teter. Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, who will be in Asheville for the trial, released the following statement:

“We stand by our reporting in the video that is the subject of this defamation lawsuit in Federal Court in Asheville, North Carolina. We accurately reported what a high-level political operative told us on video tape. We did not alter the meaning of his statements, and we preserved the video recording in its original state. We issued the report because the public has a right to know the issues raised in these videos. This trial is nothing more than an attack on the media by people who are ideologically opposed to what we do. Video is real, irrefutable and undeniably clear.  This has always been our raison d’etre.  Video does not lie.”

Do you work in big tech, government, education, or for a union? We’d love to hear from you.

The plaintiff, Shirley Teter, rose to national prominence during the midst of the 2016 presidential election after claiming to have been assaulted at a Trump rally in North Carolina.

In a 2016 undercover video series, Project Veritas Action Fund reported what Scott Foval, a high-level political operative with links to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, said:

FOVAL: “… She was one of our activists, who had been trained up to birddog.”

Foval, who was fired from Americans United for Change after his remarks were published, explained that his organization trained people to “birddog” at Trump rallies:

JOURNALIST: “was that you in North Carolina?’

FOVAL: “We did have people in North Carolina.”

JOURNALIST: “the lady who got…”

FOVAL: “Yes.”

JOURNALIST: “… cold-cocked, that was you guys? …

FOVAL: “Uh-hm…”

Teter filed suit against Veritas in September 2017, claiming defamation and deceptive trade practices. After Veritas filed a motion in support of summary judgement, the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina ordered that the plaintiff’s claim for deceptive trade practices be dismissed with prejudice.

Project Veritas stands by its reporting. The Project Veritas news team does not alter the words or meaning of the words spoken by individuals captured on undercover video, nor does Project Veritas tell people in these recordings what to say. The case is in trial this week.

See the relevant court filings:

Veritas is moving in a different direction.

After years of releasing hard-hitting investigations that define modern undercover journalism, Veritas is moving in a different direction.

Don’t worry — we’re not throwing in the towel.

We’re putting gas on the fire.

Instead of relying solely on our journalists in the field, Veritas is enlisting YOU. We’re reaching out to brave individuals who are compelled to expose wrongdoing and bias and we are helping them tell their stories.

Already this year, insiders have taken on goliaths like Facebook and Chase Bank. And the power of Veritas has supported those insiders every step of the way.

As we move forward, Project Veritas will amplify the unheard voices who have experienced first-hand the oppression of big business and big government. We will stand beside them and help them tell their stories.

Me and our brave Facebook insider in San Francisco, California.

Are you a victim of bias and abuse like Enrique Tarrio?

Enrique is the face of our latest Project Veritas investigation. His bank account from Chase Bank was suspended without straight reason and from the results of our latest investigation, it appears that he may have been banned for political motivations.

I met Enrique for lunch this year at CPAC in February. A businessman, Enrique was exasperated about his account’s closure and told me and my journalists that he believes he was removed because he is a conservative.

Veritas had already exposed Twitter and Facebook for similar misgivings — could banks be doing the same?

After our meeting, Enrique worked hand-in-hand with one of our undercover journalists who is expertly trained to handle classified information and verify stories like Enrique’s. Our journalist trained Enrique how to use undercover equipment and coached him through the steps to corroborate his own story.

Together, they did it.

Here’s the exchange that they captured that ignited a wave of media coverage:

JOURNALIST: Really? Okay… So I mean on my end I’m talking about people like Trump supporters for instance. The MAGA, whatever — make, whatever the hell they, those types of people, I mean individuals –

CHASE: Right, right. I know what you mean, but like I said the call is being recorded, monitored, so I can’t get too political. And say I don’t support these people, or this, but you know, any kind of business entity, people like that, no moral character or anything like that, the bank usually doesn’t get involved with that.”

With our help, Enrique’s story was heard far and wide. The term “debanking” entered the public lexicon.

In fact, other grassroots individuals have reached out to Veritas to share their similar experiences with banks like Chase.

This is how we change the world and this is how we make an impact.

Enrique is not alone, of course. This year we released an investigation into Facebook which was brought to us by another brave insider. Her documents showed how Facebook deliberately is “deboosting” conservative livestreams and throttling center-right content.

Enrique and our Facebook insider are incredibly brave. They’ve risked it all to show you the truth.

If you are on the inside of any organization and have witnessed fraud, corruption, or abuse please reach out to Project Veritas right away.

Our journalists will work with you, we will train you, and we will help you tell your story. Your story deserves to be heard.

It won’t be easy, but we will stand beside you and together will make a difference.

Be BRAVE: Contact us securely here:

James O’Keefe